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Maintaining your physical health is the key to a healthy mind and body in the long term. However, ...
Pregnant women are less likely to have boys if they experience physical and psychological stress, a new study has revealed.
Taco Bell recalls seasoned beef across U.S. after customer finds metal shaving in food
Mercury is used in skin-lightening creams to remove pigmentation. Most poisoning victims get their spiked products from people they trust.
The human mind has a weakness: It thinks whatever it is thinking about is a really big deal. It rarely is. Learning that simple truth can change your life.
Our own tragedies loom supreme in our mind, but a broader perspective can put these events in a completely different light.
Researchers are finding a connection between diet and mental health, including a connection between a poor diet and depression—especially among women.
Blemishes, puffiness, or a change in skin tone are all potential symptoms of more significant health conditions.
It's hard to tell poisonous from edible mushrooms, but lion's mane is a unique and odd-looking mushroom with a very special gift for humans.
"Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes." This ...
A widely used agricultural pesticide that California environmental officials say has been linked to brain damage in children will be banned after next year.
Between working and relaxing there is something else, something that clears the mind and activates the spirit. They call it "a hobby."
If you can't control a difficult situation, how do you cope with it? Coping involves applying your mental ...
Honey is one of the exceptionally few things we eat that that did not have to be killed. Maybe that's where it gets some of its special qualities from.
When you get right into the nuts and bolts of cancer treatment, it can often be fairly straightforward, but that doesn't make it easy.
Dementia is a complex condition brought about by a myriad of causes that takes many forms. Understanding this is the first step in learning how to treat it.
Viruses are not all created equal. Some of them are helpful. It's a relatively new discovery that could change how we treat many diseases.
Sometimes it's not about how you eat, it's about how you don't eat. Who would have thought that not eating could add so many years to your life?
A mother in the United Kingdom said that she spent three days in a coma after suffering an ...
There are endless benefits to regular exercises, such as building muscle and losing fat. But it’s not just ...