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Music plays an integral role in human cultural expression around the world. It has a unique power to ...
A woman who de-transitioned last year claims hundreds of transgender youths are now looking for help to return to their original sex.
Most of us know the IRS doesn't email us threats and ask for money and our social security number, but some seniors facing cognitive decline may not.
While many physicians would like to see more research on the benefits of inversion therapy, anecdotal evidence may encourage some to try it.
Clinical trials reveal that a certain percentage of people will benefit from a given drug, while a certain percentage will not. So who should take the drug?
There is mounting evidence that turmeric's active compound curcumin is a great help for a wide number of conditions.
Don't smoke. But if you do smoke, and vaping helps you quit, that's a good thing. Comparatively, anyway.
If you want to do something great, something with your deepest heart, you should expect some fear and anxiety. That's the price, and circumstances won't pay it.
Gratitude is a great thing, but in a relationship, it may be better to come in a pair, or not at all.
Chocolate is one of the world’s most unifying delicacies. It’s estimated that over 1 billion people eat chocolate ...
A man paralyzed from the shoulders down has been able to walk using a pioneering four-limb robotic system, or exoskeleton, that is commanded and controlled by signals from his brain.
Identical twin sisters Nina and Randa Nelson survived high school with barely a blemish on their faces. That ...
A vaccine against norovirus is set to move into human testing. Norovirus causes 685 million worldwide outbreaks, kills 50,000 ...
President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Oct. 3 aimed at improving and protecting medicare with a ...
Most people think pull ups are all about the arms, but your core muscles do most of the work, which is what makes this exercise really effective.
Conventional medicine struggles to treat the root causes of many chronic conditions, focusing instead on symptom management. Functional medicine goes deeper.
Michele Goncalves faced advanced cancer with faith in her heart and was rewarded for it over and over again.
Back pain is often best relieved by engaging the muscles involved rather than sitting still in hopes it will go away on its own.
Short-term clinical trials that measure the immediate impact of a drug are poor substitutes for trials that follow patient survival, warns a new study.