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Black History Month is here, and it's the perfect time to catch up on stories about the hidden heroes and buried history of black America.
The historian Marcia Chatelain's new book, Franchise, outlines a forgotten history of McDonald's as a site of social protest and a mechanism black entrepreneurs hoped might spur black liberation.
Facial recognition systems from large tech companies often misidentify black women as male — including the likes of Michelle Obama and Serena Williams. A new documentary, "Coded Bias" unpacks why.
Born Barbara Elaine Smith, she began her career as a model and went on to gain fame and influence as a restaurateur, celebrity chef, lifestyle doyenne and entertainer.
Southern segregationists resented the Freedom Riders who came by bus to protest Jim Crow laws. So in 1962, they tricked black Southerners into migrating north and transformed families' lives forever.
In matters of race and justice, empathy is often held up as a goal unto itself. But what comes after understanding? In this episode, we're teaming up with Radio Diaries to look at the career of a white writer who put herself in someone else's skin — by disguising herself as a black woman — to find out what she learned, and what she couldn't.
As international health agencies warn that COVID-19 could become a pandemic, fears over the new coronavirus' spread have activated old, racist suspicions toward Asians and Asian Americans. It's part of a longer history in the United States, in which xenophobia has often been camouflaged as a concern for public health and hygiene.
Depression is one of the health problems that has been acquiring greater relevance in society over the last few decades. As indicated in an article in The Guardian, depression is a leading global disability, while unipolar depression (unlike bipolar) is the leading cause of premature death, noting that for every minute, two people in the […]
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ariz.), linked the emergence of the coronavirus to the existence of a “superlaboratory” of the Chinese regime where “the most dangerous pathogens” in the world are investigated, according to Business Insider. The deadly virus, which has already killed more than 500 people and infected more than 24,000, began its tragic visitation in […]
If you often hear ringing, clicking, buzzing, or other sounds that are not externally present, this might be tinnitus. Tinnitus—the perception of noise in the ears—is a common problem, affecting about 1 in 5 people today. It isn’t a condition itself, it’s a symptom of an underlying condition, including hearing loss or ear injury.  Tinnitus […]
A group of Italian medical specialists recently sent a letter to the European community warning of the effects of the coronavirus on people who contract it, as well as on public health systems, revealing that in Italy 10 percent of those infected require intensive care but there is less and less room in hospitals. According […]
A western European nation has ordered the general public to stay off the streets unless they have prior approval to help contain a deadly Asian virus.
Medical establishments will be prohibited from performing sex reassignment services to children in Georgia, if new rules are passed in the state legislature.
About 1,000 New Yorkers were quarantined, in anticipation of having acquired the coronavirus from being around people diagnosed with the disease. Just 48 hours after a family became ill in densely populated Westchester County, the county went into crisis and Jewish schools and synagogues were closed, the Washington Post reported. “People think it’s Armageddon and […]
During a press conference on Saturday, Feb. 29, Vice President Mike Pence, who was appointed to lead the administration’s response to the coronavirus said that there is no need for “average people” in the United States to buy masks for the new coronavirus.  “The president mentioned masks,” Pence said. “This morning we talked a great […]
World Health Organization (WHO) officials are raising concerns about the number of doctors and other health workers who have succumbed to the deadly novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV.) Chinese officials have the number of health care workers suffering from the virus as over 1,700, although the actual figure may be much higher. Around 1,500 of those cases […]
The Australian government has drawn the ire of the Communist Party over its decision to continue the ban on anyone entering the country that has been in China during the past two weeks. As of Friday, Feb. 14, foreign nationals who have been in mainland China will be unable to enter Australia for 14 days […]
The death toll from the novel coronavirus is now at 813, higher than that of SARS in the early 2000s, according to Fox News.  Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak, reported 81 deaths on Saturday, Feb. 8, which pushed the death toll for the virus to 811—past Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which broke […]
Signage should be installed to warn Chinese visitors not to cross the border, one of the most powerful political leaders in one South East Asian country has said.
Scientists in Australia have made a medical breakthrough, which may increase the speed of finding a cure for the deadly coronavirus that has spread from Wuhan, China. The breakthrough came in a laboratory at Melbourne’s Doherty Institute, as researchers were able to replicate the virus on Jan. 24, using a sample from an infected patient. […]