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A drug commonly known as Lupron has not been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of gender dysphoria but is being used in the treatment of children, as a hormone blocker—often with catastrophic effects. The drug is prescribed for the child when there is confusion about the child’s gender, so Lupron is prescribed to […]
Forgiveness can lighten the heart and cure the soul, but it is often hardest to do with ourselves. Objectivity and understanding can help.
We all know exercise is good for us, but what difference does it make if you can't sit still, constantly tapping or twitching your foot? Quite a bit, actually.
Cancer takes a toll on the body, but there are things you can do to help get through it, if you have the determination to stick with them.
Fruit juice gets a bad rap, but it shouldn't if it means someone is drinking pure fruit juice rather than some sugar-added beverage.
New research finds that babies born via C-section have fewer helpful bacteria and more harmful bacteria in their microbiome compared to those born vaginally.
This year's Gallup survey about American attitudes toward 25 industries ranked the pharmaceutical industry as the most-loathed industry in the country.
Get out and face the fresh air first thing in the morning. It will get blood pumping to your brain and body and set you on course for an energized day.
Helicopter parents and a burgeoning mental health crisis are leading to rising numbers of students struggling during college.
We all live in the grind of modern life, which makes getting away to something healthy we truly enjoy an essential treatment for the soul.
The number of deaths from in the EEE outbreak has risen to eight, with the death of another victim of the mosquito-borne virus in Massachusetts.
One of the worst things you can learn is helplessness. Unfortunately, nearly everyone does, at least in some regards. Fortunately, you can unlearn it as well.
The parents of a California youngster are on a mission to warn and raise awareness of the dangers ...
You are what you eat, and many people are eating themselves to bowel cancer. Reduce your risk with some easy, common sense diet advice.
Nature has a cure for every disease and many foods have curative abilities. Oil of oregano is among them.
The snacks you eat can make you strong or make you weak. These berries pack chemical compounds formulated by nature to taste great and feel even better.
Sometimes it's your boss. Sometimes it's a contract that is overwhelmingly difficult. Sometimes it's a dead pet. When the tears flow, you need to know why.
How many of you have felt overwhelmed recently by everything you have to do? How many of you ...
It's easy to blow up when your child misbehaves or employees fall short, but doing so can undermine your authority and ability to reach objectives.