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The researchers hope to scale up the study and see whether these results could be generalized to different practices.
Congressmen send a letter from 81 Members of Congress to  the Department of HHS asking them to put an end to the hidden abortion surcharge
Essential oils can be used for a sore throat in three different ways: by inhalation, topical application or internal consumption.
Only a few years ago, Cal Newport's ideas about digital distraction and social media made him an outlier. ...
When I was a young college student trying to feel my way through classes and take assignments seriously, ...
Jessica and Bill came to my office with their daughter, who has entered into a deep depression since ...
Sometimes a lump is an ingrown hair or a harmless cyst but when you want to know for sure and don't want radioactive therapy, what do you do?
As we age, we face a crucial truth of our body: use it or lose it. In the case of stretching, that refers to touching your toes
Demential brings some painful experiences to the patient, like forgetting who the person helping you to the toilet is. Drugs aren't always the answer.
Green tea is both soothing and invigorating. Turns out, it's also empowering—to antibiotics.
Overwhelming loss can leave us vulnerable and unable to cope. That's why taking care of yourself is so critical.
"In such deep darkness, such a sewer… I don’t know what there is to value or to work for." Not exactly cheery stuff, but that could be what makes it liberating.
The word "autism" refers to a bewildering list of symptoms and causes. Treating autism is impossible. Treating the an individuals unique symptoms is not.
In the bleak universe of Darwin, life is a battle between competitors. In reality, living species, even bacteria, network and cooperate to survive.
U.S. biotechnology company Biogen announced on Tuesday that it has created the first treatment to effectively slow down Alzheimer’s disease.
Swimming is not only a great past-time but can also be a fantastic full-body workout. And while you ...
The FDA announced this week it had approved Vertex Pharmaceuticals' three-drug combination which would treat 90 percent of patients with cystic fibrosis.
You know you're doing something innovative when it's drawing envious chatter from people on all sides. This has ...
Many teachers, and parents, have unwittingly taught that talent is based solely on inborn ability. This mindset can sap the motivation to practice and grow.
The phrase "whistle while you work" has profound implications if you consider what it takes to remain cheery, even as you're toiling in the mine.