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The phrase "whistle while you work" has profound implications if you consider what it takes to remain cheery, even as you're toiling in the mine.
We might imagine needing to do endless pushups and jogging for hours on end to make ourselves fit and healthy. Turns out, it's not so dramatic.
Germs make a home on our teeth. Brushing keeps them from accumulating. But for seniors without support, these bacteria present a threat worse than bad breath.
Researchers found that patients taking a common antibiotic face over twice the risk of developing conditions where the blood backflows into the heart.
Every parent wants their child to win, but kids are better off playing for fun. Serious competition comes with a higher potential for injury
C-section rates were significantly lower for women with a midwife, though researchers caution that their results may be affected by a selection bias
Whoever told you that fruit was bad for you because of its sugar was misinformed. Fruit sugar is mixed in with fiber and nutrients your body craves.
The tactic of “disease awareness,” convincing people they are sick or "at risk," is why millions now take statins, GERD meds, and antidepressants.
An emotional Michael Jordan this week unveiled a medical clinic he has funded in Charlotte that will offer care to those who are uninsured and underinsured.
Routines can be hard. Jumping from one new thing to another is comparatively easy. But only one of these routes is likely to get you to somewhere worthwhile.
Juul Stops Sales of Fruit, Dessert Flavors of E-cigarettes, as Number of Lung-Illnesses Rise
The opioid crisis in the United States has cost the economy at least $631 billion in just four ...
An investigation into baby food in the United States found that many of the leading brands contain toxic metals.
For people who suffer from chronic sinus troubles, whether as a result of allergies or a weakened immune ...
Certain ways of looking at the world and ourselves can provide us with insight and a calm heart. An imaginary version of ourselves can help.
Metabolic syndrome is an agent of death responsible for millions lost to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. But there are ways to deny this grim reaper.
Everyone knows cancer treatment is brutal. Fewer people know that in some cases, that treatment leaves profound and permanent changes.
Modern medicine uses the body to deliver drugs that attack the symptoms of disease. Better medicine strengthens the body to heal itself from the disease.
Raw food is sometimes considered the healthiest, but researchers now know that cooking can draw out more of a vegetables nutrition.