TikTok will exit the Hong Kong market within days, a spokesman told Reuters late on Monday, as other technology companies including Facebook Inc. have suspended processing government requests for user data in the region.
The fungal zombie apocalypse game is relentlessly grim and wrenching — but there are a few bright moments. One of them is Dina, the love interest, and one of video gaming's rare Jewish characters.
The complaint alleges a hostile environment for Black workers, echoing longstanding criticism of the tech company's lack of diversity.
In an exclusive interview with NPR, Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar outlines new measures the popular neighborhood app is taking to address reports of racial profiling and censorship on the platform.
Companies from Ford to Microsoft are part of a growing protest over how the social media giant handles hate speech and other harmful content.
A new study shows that about half of the entire workforce is now remote. The case for why "this portends a much bigger shift in the economy."
Reddit unveiled an update to its hate speech policies on Monday, including shutting down about 2,000 subreddits. It is the latest example of a popular online platform cracking down on hate speech.
And the Canadian economy is back in an international competition to attract investment dollars and talent
The list of major advertisers pulling out of Facebook continues to grow as the company weathers criticism over its handling of racist, violent and other hateful rhetoric on the platform.
How much has Big Tech changed since the 2016 election? Sam is joined by Washington Post tech reporters Elizabeth Dwoskin and Tony Romm. They chat about Facebook and Twitter and how their platforms and views on free speech have evolved since the last presidential election. Sam also chats with Washington Post columnist and satirist Alexandra Petri about her book of essays Nothing Is Wrong and Here Is Why and how she uses humor to uncover bigger truths.
The social network is under pressure from a growing group of its advertisers to do more to curb hate speech and other harmful content.
India banned 59, mostly Chinese, mobile apps including Bytedance's TikTok and Tencent's WeChat in its strongest move targeting China since a border crisis.
Twitter has restricted the account of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's lawyer Sidney Powell in the latest action against ...
Facebook will start to add a label to all "newsworthy" content such as statements from politicians that would otherwise violate the company's policies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Friday.
Australia’s media watchdog is calling on major tech giants, including Facebook, Google and TikTok, to crack down on ...
There's a growing narrative highlighting K-pop fans' political progressiveness. But the reality is far more complicated.
Facebook and Google are money-making machines, given the monopoly they hold over internet advertising and content.
Robert Williams says his driver's license photo was incorrectly matched with a wanted suspect. He was arrested and detained. Though the case was dropped, Williams says its effect is lasting.
More and more countries and telecom companies “are waking up to the danger of the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance state” and allowing only trusted vendors in their 5G networks, excluding Huawei from deals with their telecommunications operators due to the Chinese company's ties with the Chinese military, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.
A group of senators has unveiled a bill this week that would allow law enforcement to legally access encrypted devices after obtaining the necessary court authorizations.