Rafaela Vasquez was watching the television show The Voice when the car struck a pedestrian walking her bike across a Tempe street at night.
NEW YORK—A looming U.S. ban on the Chinese app WeChat won't target people who use the app to ...
Some of the most prominent users of the social media platforms called for a boycott to protest Facebook's failure to control disinformation and hate speech as part of the campaign #StopHateForProfit.
An investigation into the troubled plane's development and certification finds a "disturbing pattern" of Boeing design flaws, management failures and "grossly insufficient oversight by the FAA."
"My dad's wisdom, generosity, empathy, and humility had a huge influence on people around the world," Gates wrote in a tribute to his father.
Senators pressed the tech giant on the scope and scale of its digital advertising business. Republicans repeated long-running allegations of conservative bias.
The sun can affect people's electronics, the power grid and communications and navigation systems. But scientists predict that for the next decade or so, the sun's activity will not be too disruptive.
Facebook is launching a page focused on climate change facts. Facebook's Nick Clegg talked with NPR about the company's steps to stop misinformation on climate change and other issues.
In his new book No Rules Rules, Reed Hastings argues that in order for a creative workplace to succeed, it needs as few policies and rules as possible. Others say the culture is demoralizing.
In If Then, historian Jill Lepore tells the story of Simulmatics. Founded in 1959, the company's "people machine" used a computer program to predict the impact of various political messages.
Netflix added 26 million subscribers so far this year. Reed Hastings co-founder and CEO of the streaming service credits the company's unorthodox office culture for its meteoric rise.
The United States should reject a proposed partnership between Oracle and TikTok that would allow for continued Chinese ...
The magazine given out at theaters isn't just a program, it's a cherished souvenir. The publication has doubled down on its digital offerings, and to almost everyone's surprise, it's doing quite well.
In If Then, author and New Yorker writer Jill Lepore unearths Simulmatics' story and makes the argument that the company paved the way for our 21st-century obsession with data and prediction.
The 2019 video game presents a world where shiny synth-pop is the key to unbreaking your own heart. One unthinkable year later, its comforts are more welcome than ever.
Oracle says it's ready to be a "trusted technology provider" for the hit video-sharing app. A bid for TikTok's U.S. operations by tech giant Microsoft has been rejected.
The U.S. government will soon review a deal between TikTok and Oracle to decide whether the Chinese-owned video-sharing ...
The company said its new policy would eliminate search predictions that could be seen as favoring a political candidate or as making claims about "the integrity or legitimacy of electoral processes."
The Epic Games CEO tells NPR that the tech titans are abusing their power and exploiting developers by demanding a 30% cut of every app purchase made on a smartphone or tablet.
Twitter will label or remove posts that spread misinformation. Social media companies are under pressure to curb the spread of false claims and prevent interference from foreign and domestic actors.