With traffic down at stores and malls across the nation during the pandemic, the charity's iconic red-kettle campaign might bring in half the donations compared with last year.
Twitter suspended the account of Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano, who called an election oversight hearing that presented evidence of voter fraud.
The CEO of social media website Parler responded to a report about a Facebook algorithm that allegedly reduces ...
The CEO of Parler denied rumors that the platform had been hacked, saying that “all allegations are fake” and that its critics “are just obsessed with us.”
Google shifted a “bare minimum” of six million votes in the Nov. 3 presidential election by pushing its political agenda onto its users, a research psychologist has claimed.
The videoconferencing app banned a Palestinian activist who is a member of a U.S.-designated terrorist group. Now, the company's policies are being questioned.
The social network says hate speech accounts for a tiny fraction of the posts people see. It's relying on automated systems to catch it, but is under pressure to do better.
Several big farm groups, traditionally hostile to environmental regulations, are now working with environmental advocates in support of farmer-friendly actions to reduce carbon emissions.
Social media giant Twitter said it will give the @POTUS handle to Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021, the company confirmed.
Lawmakers in Russia’s parliament presented draft legislation on Thursday that, if passed, would enable the government to restrict ...
A new satellite, scheduled to launch this weekend, is the latest in a parade of missions to measure sea level rise. As climate reporter Rebecca Hersher explains, it's vital data for scientists trying to understand how global warming is affecting the Earth's oceans. For more, you can also read Rebecca's story, "NASA Satellite To Measure Global Sea Level Rise."Email the show at [email protected]
Nintendo has long prioritized interesting gaming experiences over graphical firepower, but the popularity of its consoles means developers are willing to make the effort to rework games for them.
Officials feared the worst on Election Day: foreign-inspired disinformation and hacking. It didn't happen. Here's how government and private cyber sleuths helped keep the system safe.
The social network largely outsources its content review jobs. Workers say they are now under pressure to return to the office despite the pandemic.
The issue reportedly affected phones released between 2014 and 2016. As part of the settlement, Apple also agreed to be more transparent about software updates that affect a phone's battery life.
Scientists have used a NASA probe way out in space, beyond Pluto, to measure visible light that's not connected to any known source such as stars or galaxies.
Corporate jargon endures, even thrives. I'll loop you in. Deep dive. Best practice. Moving forward. The use of such phrases can often be tied to where people stand in a social hierarchy.
The Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey over how they handle false and misleading claims about the election, including from President Donald Trump.
Formerly a producer and songwriter for K-pop's nascent idols, Si-hyuk's own label, Big Hit Entertainment, recently became larger than the other top labels in Seoul combined.
The CEO of Parler, which has been described as an alternative to Twitter, defended free speech in an ...