Behavioral designer Nir Eyal argues tech overuse is the responsibility of the user, not the tech companies. He says we can choose to unplug from our apps and devices if we want to.
New research finds automation widening the gap between urban and rural areas and dramatically affecting people who didn't go to college or didn't finish high school.
French officials have been frustrated that digital companies have been able to avoid taxes by establishing their European headquarters in countries that offer corporations low tax rates.
Amazon plans to invest $700 million to train a third of its U.S. workforce for higher-skilled jobs. The company acknowledged that workers could use their new skills to seek jobs outside Amazon.
Instagram is rolling out a feature that will notify users when their comments may contain harmful or offensive content, then give them the opportunity to undo the posts before other users see them.
Twitter has gone down for many people across the United States and the world. Many people reported getting ...
The Trump administration has invited high-profile, conservative activists and bloggers to the White House for a social media summit. But they did not invite Facebook and Twitter.
Several cities around the country have had their computer networks taken over by hackers and held for ransom. Paying up resolves the problem quickly, but could encourage more of the extortion.
The judges upheld a lower court decision that found Trump used the platform for official purposes, which precludes him from banning users because they disagree with his views.
The move comes as a result of Digital Rights Management, an approach that allows companies to prevent piracy. Every purchased book will disappear this month.
Some of ICE's efforts target undocumented immigrants who have legally obtained driver's licenses, says Alvaro Bedoya of Georgetown Law's privacy and technology center.
Landing a man on the moon captures the public's imagination. But in the decades after the Apollo program, robots have also generated public excitement about space exploration.
The found of Chinese search engine Baidu was embarrassed at his own conference on artificial intelligence development when a man dumped water on his head.
Artificial intelligence becomes hard to ignore when it starts taking over tasks that used to require human judgment — such as winnowing job applications or prioritizing stories in a news feed.
Deloitte’s annual Insight Global Blockchain Survey named China the top believer in blockchain disruption, but surveillance and military seem to be prime initiatives.
Several major U.S.-based technology companies are planning to shift substantial production out of China, spurred by a bitter ...
Impact Centre senior fellow Charles Plant’s research notes that Canada’s innovation ecosystem is caught in a few vicious cycles.
Republicans hope their new online fundraising platform will close the gap between the GOP and Democrats, even though the digital highway is littered with several previous failed attempts.
Twitter won't delete the tweets of politicians that are bullying or derogatory, but it will label them. The service has been criticized for its handling of tweets posted by President Trump and others.
Vimeo has removed the account of Project Veritas, which published a video alleging that Google infuses its politics into its products without telling users.