WASHINGTON—Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg conceded to lawmakers that the company is "not the ideal messenger" for ...
Researchers have found that giving your brain an electrical stimulation while you sleep can lead to quicker learning and improved memory. Future You's episode 6 explores what this will mean in 2050.
CubeSats are only about twice the size of a Rubik's Cube. Once dismissed as tools for students learning the principles of aerospace engineering, they're now being used for more sophisticated missions.
There's a victim-blamey tone in Brittany Kaiser's memoir Targeted, but what it offers over other look-backs is a more in-the-room account of what exactly, she alleges, was in the company's pitch deck.
The social network is fighting foreign efforts to manipulate and mislead its users ahead of the 2020 presidential election. CEO Mark Zuckerberg called election security one of his "top priorities."
Past matches between archrivals Brondby and Copenhagen have resulted in mayhem and arrests. So the Brondby team has begun screening fans to make sure banned spectators aren't allowed in the stadium.
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently became the chairman of an advisory board at the business school under China’s ...
More than 5.5 million people watched the dramatic end of Fortnite's first chapter on Sunday. On Tuesday morning, the game relaunched as Fortnite Chapter 2.
One pilot messaged that the problem was "egregious" and he had "basically lied to the regulators (unknowingly)" when he had told the FAA that the flight control system was safe.
Walgreens is testing out delivery from store to door by drone in Virginia, and UPS won approval to expand air delivery of medical supplies.
The grocery service delivers in Chile, Mexico, Peru and Canada, with plans to expand.
U.S. gaming company Blizzard Entertainment has suspended three more players for expressing support for Hong Kong during an esport competition, a week after it triggered public criticism for punishing a Hong Kong player for similar actions.
Soccer World Cup host Qatar is touting a new cooling system for open-air stadiums as the energy-efficient model ...
Google unveiled a new Pixel smartphone and other hardware devices on Oct 15.
Two of the planes crashed, killing hundreds. The review panel finds that Boeing withheld critical details about a flawed new automated system, and the regulators lacked expertise to find the problem.
The developer of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone said a player known as Blitzchung went over the line when he said, "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times!" has been used by pro-democracy activists to keep track of protests and police activity. Apple says it was removed from the App Store because it was being used to "endanger law enforcement."
Apple removed an app that provides real-time updates about police and protester movements from its App Store on ...
While the president has always spread his insults far and wide, the volume of personal insults and extreme language that he directed at African Americans in Congress stood out.
In the virtual world, cashiers are taught to show greater empathy, mechanics learn to repair planes and retail workers experience how to deal with armed robbery.