The world may be growing in population, but the space between us—not just physically, but socially—grows smaller every ...
Social media networks banned hundreds of thousands of accounts last month. In NPR's assessment of the data, telling details begin to depict large disinformation campaigns.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Facebook on Sept. 17 after the social network blocked a "chatbot" from his right-wing Likud party's account for violating election day rules.
"I am doing this due to pressure on MIT and me over a series of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations," Richard Stallman wrote on his blog.
The Havasupai Tribe's reservation, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is finally getting broadband access. Tribal members say it will improve education, health care and economic development.
Brad Smith says governments need to step in and set rules for the Internet giants. "Almost no technology has gone so entirely unregulated, for so long, as digital technology," he says.
The number of manned fire lookouts in the U.S. is dwindling, as technology is increasingly used to spot and monitor wildfires. But can technology replace a human watch?
Shareable bikes and electric scooters have continued to create issues for cities, prompting some to implement bans and regulations.
In his memoir, the former NSA contractor says he believes he has been proven right as the U.S. has amended laws regarding government surveillance. But the government still wants to prosecute him.
Video game retailer GameStop said it is planning to shut down 180 to 200 poorly performing stores by ...
More and more schools are investing in technologies that scan social media posts, school assignments and even student emails for potential threats. Privacy experts say the trade-offs aren't worth it.
In an interview with NPR about his memoir, Permanent Record, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden denies any cooperation with Russian intelligence and says he would return if guaranteed a fair trial.
Dozens of women say Lyft drivers sexually assaulted them. They are suing the ride-hailing company to force it to make rides safer.
Apple is entering the video-streaming race, taking on Netflix, Disney and others with a new monthly subscription of $4.99. The company also announced new iPhones, as their sales have been slowing.
Social media sites offer quick and easy ways to share ideas, crack jokes, find old friends. They can make us feel part of something big and wonderful and fast-moving. But the things we post don't go away. And they can come back to haunt us. This week, we explore how one teenager's social media posts destroyed a golden opportunity he'd worked for all his life.
Google’s connections to China have come under scrutiny after U.S. President Donald Trump in late July said his ...
Facebook and Google, in the span of less than a week, have both been hit with antitrust probes ...
The bill, which passed the state Senate and is expected to become law, limits the kinds of workers who can be classified as contractors. It has vast implications for companies such as Lyft and Uber.
The FBI and other intelligence and security agencies say they're combing the active measures playbook run against the 2016 presidential election to defend the next one.
Apple is dangling deals for its new phones and TV streaming service as it seeks to offset slumping device sales with new services.