The Chinese regime has asked the world’s leading software development platform to remove content relating to a spiritual ...
A telemedicine initiative at Meridian Health Services is making it possible to offer psychiatric care to more patients in remote areas. It's also helping recruit doctors in a tight labor market.
The top legal officials of 48 states, led by Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, announced a major investigation into Google's dominance in search and advertising.
Fifty U.S. States and territories, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have launched an anti-trust probe ...
Attorneys general from eight states and the District of Columbia have launched a probe into Facebook and its market dominance. The Justice Department has also launched an antitrust review of Big Tech.
Officials at every level say they're changing their approaches to election security as the presidential race comes into view. One challenge, though, is not knowing exactly how to prepare.
Medical and genetic data from more than a million Americans are now in scientific databases. Some programs hoard the data, while others share widely with scientists, hoping to speed medical discovery.
New Bedford, Mass., was hit by an attack in July. Instead of paying up, the city opened communication with the attacker and bided its time until the data could be restored.
While Apple can pride itself on having introduced the very first smartphone, the iconic iPhone, in 2007, these ...
The California conference with the FBI, as well as U.S. intelligence and security officials, reflected a new consensus about the need to prepare against attacks aimed at the next election.
Change Your Password: 419 Million Facebook Users' Accounts, Phone Numbers Found on Database
Google and its YouTube subsidiary are settling allegations that YouTube collected personal information from children without their parents' consent, the Federal Trade Commission said.
America's elections infrastructure is more secure than it was four years ago, but many lingering weaknesses won't be resolved in time for Election Day next year.
Pennsylvania and other states are working through grants from Congress to upgrade their voting machines and other equipment. Advocates say more work is needed — and billions more dollars.
What's the link between smartphone use and teens' mental health? Experts disagree, with some arguing that the threat is overblown.
A partnership between members of the Passamaquoddy tribe and the Library of Congress to transcribe wax cylinder recordings from 1890 is bringing the tribe's language back to life.
A cyber researcher says he found unsecured databases in China storing billions of conversations and user information from the app. NPR spoke to U.S. citizens who say their messages were blocked.
The ongoing Hong Kong protests have cast a spotlight on how the Chinese regime uses Western social media ...
When your phone buzzes or a notification pops up your screen, do you stop what you're doing to look and respond? That's what many of us are doing. Even though we think we should be less distracted by technology, we haven't admitted the true cost of these interruptions. This week, we revisit our 2017 conversation with computer scientist Cal Newport, and consider ways we can all immerse ourselves in more meaningful work.
Anthony Levandowski, a pioneer in self-driving car technology, was charged on Aug. 27 with stealing trade secrets from his former employer Google.