Social media site Pinterest has been accused of blacklisting a pro-life movement's website.
A House Judiciary subcommittee heard from publishers on Tuesday as it looks at ways to curb Big Tech's power.
Google is, in effect, negotiating with the Commerce Department on behalf of the Chinese telecom giant, according to the senior Huawei official.
The decision not to ban a right-wing YouTuber for personal attacks on a gay journalist taps into the debate over hate speech on social media — and whether companies do enough to support LGBTQ users.
The photographs of license plates and people inside vehicles were taken over a six-week period at a single U.S. land-border point, the Customs and Border Protection agency says.
A judge in the anti-discrimination case of ex-Google engineer James Damore said the company has to produce data and answer questions on its hiring practices
A majority of consumers now ignore phone calls, assuming they're mostly spam. Regulators and the wireless industry admit they don't yet have answers about stopping the growing scourge.
The video game has become one of the most popular and best selling of all time. Its creator, Alexey Pajitnov, says that's because it appeals to humanity's "constructive spirit."
The FCC wants phone companies to block robocalls by default. "We think these actions will help consumers ... to get the peace and the quiet that they deserve," said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.
A headset that electrically stimulates your brain while you practice a motor skill claims to help you improve in less time. What might this mean for human abilities by 2050?
BIO International Convention is the largest global annual event for the biotechnology industry. This year Philadelphia is hosting ...
The federal government has agreed to conduct a forensic analysis of election equipment that was provided to Durham County, N.C., by a vendor targeted by Russian hackers in 2016.
Apple announced it will not offer iTunes in its new operating system. Amy Wang of Rolling Stone explains why iTunes "completely changed the way that people buy and listen to music."
A Californian video-sharing website will stop young children from streaming content on its social media network from June 3.
Defense lawyers for decorated Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher accused prosecutors of spying on their emails. The judge ruled the lead prosecutor had a potential conflict of interest.
After 18 years, Apple is killing iTunes — sort of. The software is being broken into separate pieces for separate uses on Mac computers: Music, podcasts and TV will soon have their own apps.
A top Huawei executive accused the U.S. of inappropriate conduct, while also striking a conciliatory tone — a response that reflected the level of exasperation being felt by the Chinese tech giant.
Congress Launches Big Tech Antitrust Probe
Facebook, Google and other tech giants have been hit with problems they didn't anticipate their software creating. An MIT professor is teaching students that ethics is essential to their future work.
NASA astronaut Nick Hague has an office with a view to rival anyone on Earth because he can see all of it.