Russia gets most of the attention when it comes to malicious use of social media by state actors. The protests in Hong Kong have made clear China is using the same playbook.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the decision was made in part to minimize disruption in parts of America that rely heavily on Huawei's equipment to serve remote areas.
The webcam at San Francisco State University has been in operation since 1994. Now, its creators say they plan to sunset the Internet landmark by the end of the month.
The move in Europe to get tough on tech is partly thanks to an awakening that began with the experiences of women in politics.
In June, Apple recalled MacBook Pro laptops sold between September 2015 and February 2017 because their batteries posed a fire risk.
No ordinary pair of shorts, these were designed by Harvard scientists to work with the wearer's own leg muscles when walking or running, and might make a soldier's heavy loads easier to carry.
The legislation by a freshman Republican senator would prohibit features like auto-play and infinite scrolling, used by social media companies to keep users on their platform longer.
A key House committee has subpoenaed the owner of 8chan, an online message board favored by violent white nationalists including the man suspected of killing 22 people in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.
Facebook Inc. has been paying outside contractors to transcribe audio clips from users of its services.
Six years ago, "unicorn" became the name for startup tech companies valued at $1 billion or more. At the time, only 39 companies had earned the title. Since then, the club has grown to 484 members.
Online gaming and other digital activities cause problems in people's health, relationships and studies. Government centers treat teen boys and girls who struggle to cut down on use of tech devices.
Ten years after the financial crisis, it's like we're in another economic dimension. The old rules don't apply. Textbooks are being thrown out the window. It's time to talk about secular stagnation.
It started as a joke, as President Trump riffed on the idea last year. Now, Congress could create the first, new military service in more than 70 years.
There's an undeniable catharsis in seeing such a great writer, The New Yorker's Jia Tolentino, lucidly communicate the conditions of our most ludicrous forms of misery in her essay collection.
A federal court said Facebook users in Illinois can sue the company over face recognition technology. Facebook said users can choose to turn off the feature. It plans to seek a review of the ruling.
U.S. officials say the Pakistani man committed the crimes as part of a business to unlock and resell stolen phones. At least three employees accused in the case are cooperating with authorities.
President Donald Trump cited a former Google engineer who said that the company was working to try to prevent Trump from being reelected.
"At some level firing 8chan as a customer is easy," Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said. Before the Texas shooting, the suspect is believed to have posted a white nationalist, anti-Hispanic screed.
Nobody else has ever tried to cross the body of water by hoverboard, which is powered by a backpack full of fuel. The last time he tried, he plunged into the sea.
Two elected representatives warned violent video games would only fuel more mass shootings in future on August 4.