The president-elect's transition team is pushing back against Twitter's decision, which is a reversal from the last presidential transition.
More than 600 Google workers have joined a union in a move that is a rarity in Silicon Valley. The group says it hopes to change both workplace culture and the company's role in society.
Twitter has permanently blocked the @realDonaldTrump account after President Trump posted messages that violated the company's rules.
Social media platform Gab reported on Saturday a huge increase in traffic as users migrate from Twitter amid ...
Apple has suspended social media platform Parler from its App Store for not take "adequate measures" to address alleged "threats of violence and illegal activity" by its users.
Parler is fending off another attempt to shut down its social media network after Amazon said it is suspending the company from its web hosting service.
Parler founder John Matze told The Epoch Times that his company is "prepared to take full legal action" after being suspended by several big tech companies.
Video games can offer immense, immersive open worlds — but for some players, the small-scale grinding repetition of the games known as "roguelikes" is a better way to pass the time.
Microsoft previously said it was among thousands of companies that discovered malware on its systems. But now it is revealing the attack allowed hackers to access its closely guarded source code.
Over 200 engineers and others joined the Alphabet Workers Union, a big win for labor organizing in largely anti-union Silicon Valley. They are supported by the Communications Workers of America.
Kai Strittmatter says the Chinese state has amassed an astonishing amount of data about its citizens, which it uses to punish people for even minor offenses. His new book is We Have Been Harmonized.
The government had previously said data collected by its widely used app would only be used for contact tracing. The program is seen as a key part of the country's success in managing the coronavirus.
Twitter on Wednesday put President Trump on notice: If he does not stop breaking the platform's rules, he will be permanently banned.
Everyone who's ever played a video game knows Super Mario Brothers — but did you know Nintendo's iconic goofy plumber also taught typing, dealt gin rummy and even helped program sewing machines?
The move is the most severe punishment any social media company has taken in response to Trump, who used online platforms to encourage the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.
The groundwork for the attack on the U.S. Capitol had been laid for weeks, say experts on extremism and social media — but it was a surprise when this time, the rhetoric turned into real violence.
In its most detailed comment so far, the U.S. government says the breach of government and private company computer networks "will require a sustained and dedicated effort to remediate."
The order, which takes effect in 45 days, says the apps use "personal electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers" to "access and capture vast swaths of information from users."
The billionaire founder of the Chinese Internet giant hasn't been seen in public in months after criticizing government regulators.
Hundreds of workers at Google parent company Alphabet have formed a union, the group announced, saying it signed ...