Facebook's plans for a new digital currency have sent Chinese monetary officials scrambling. Since 2014, China's central bank has been looking into launching a cryptocurrency too.
The country's seventh-largest bank says the information was taken from a hack of credit card applications submitted over a 14-year period.
Instead of fostering and clearing new paths for musical expression, the Internet has in many ways had the opposite effect. But there's plenty of potential, as two bright minds from MIT explain.
The advent of streaming has changed our relationship to music, but where is it taking us? What's the logical conclusion? The only way to know for sure is to ask the future — so we did.
Regulators missed a chance to find out if deceptive practices at Facebook came from the top when they decided to enter into a settlement with Zuckerberg instead of questioning him, an FTC member says.
Since launching stateside in 2011, the green logo of Spotify has come to be, almost like Kleenex, synonymous with the weird new world of streaming. So, dozens of billions of dollars later, what's up?
A major Chinese nationalist internet troll group has disbanded amid backlash over their planned online attacks directed at ...
FBI Director Christopher Wray and former special counsel Robert Mueller both warned this week about the perils to the 2020 presidential race. What would the candidates do about it?
There's still much research to be done before the device is routinely useful. But one man was able to use it to gently grasp his wife's hand and feel her touch — an emotional moment, he says.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it is imposed a record-breaking $5 billion penalty on Facebook July 24.
Under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the company will pay $5 billion and its co-founder could be subject to penalties if Facebook doesn't comply with the agreement.
We've all seen the eye-catching posts before on our Facebook feeds. A heart-wrenching story of a sick baby ...
The Justice Department says it is launching a wide-ranging antitrust review, without naming the companies. But there have been increasing calls to regulate companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.
Chastened since the turn of the millennium, the streaming revolution has now revivified the recording industry — at least, those at the top of it. What are the alternatives, then?
If Chandrayaan-2 reaches the moon as planned, India would become the fourth country to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface, after the United States, Russia and China.
Spy world veteran Shelby Pierson will attempt to centralize election security efforts across the intelligence community with soon-to-be-designated agency leads.
Former Tesla Employee Admits to Stealing Trade Secrets for Chinese Competitor
If you want to see what that future might look like, David Ewing Duncan's book is a fun place to start; he envisions various bots based on interviews with scientists and engineers, among others.
A popular video gamer is under investigation after she was seen hurling her cat while playing a video ...
The aid group Mercy Corps believes that the new Libra currency could help funnel aid to the poor. But critics wonder why the charity has teamed up with a controversial company.