The discontent inside Google continues weeks after the company abruptly pushed out renowned Black researcher Timnit Gebru, who studied how technology harms marginalized communities.
Most of the Microsoft customers hit by the hack were in the U.S., but the rest were elsewhere in North America and in Europe and the Middle East.
The computer breach threatens federal, state and local governments as well as private companies and organizations, CISA says. It says the hack is ongoing and will be extremely difficult to remove.
Microsoft said Thursday that it found malicious software in its system, the same day the Department of Energy ...
A bipartisan group of 38 attorneys general say Google abuses its power as the Internet's top search destination.
The tech giant's researchers say the dismissal of renowned researcher Timnit Gebru has "had a demoralizing effect" on one of the most prestigious units in the company.
Canadian astronauts will join the first space mission to the Moon in 2023. “I am proud to announce ...
The social media giant says it will not allow tweets containing "unsubstantiated rumors, disputed claims" or promotion of "out of context information" about the vaccine.
The government just filed one of the largest antitrust cases in history against Facebook. Why now? And what will it mean? | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.
A self-described fact-checking website recently issued a correction after labeling a post by Candace Owens saying Democratic presidential ...
The FBI is investigating the hack of SolarWinds technology, which caused a breach of U.S. government systems, authorities confirmed Wednesday.
Ten state attorneys general accuse the tech giant of abusing its power to manipulate the digital ad market and crush competitors.
Australia’s consumer regulator has taken social media giant Facebook to court for secretly harvesting the data of users ...
A new report has confirmed long-standing concerns that Australia’s Chinese-language media landscape is dominated by outlets “friendly towards ...
Deepfake technology gained notoriety after some celebrities were made to appear to say things they never said. The latest deepfake controversy hit the music business, with far-reaching implications.
The list of affected agencies is growing by the day. The full extent of the damage is still not clear, and U.S. authorities have provided few details.
Texas Attorney General said his office has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google for its monopoly control of the advertising technology market.
In mountains across America, skiers and snowboarders are ditching ski lifts and heading into the backcountry. We talked with a pioneer of backcountry snowboarding about how we got here.
Google said Tuesday evening a large number of Gmail users have reported errors. "We're aware of a problem ...
The Federal Trade Commission gave nine social media and tech companies 45 days to hand over details on how they collect user data. It is the latest move by government actors to regulate Big Tech.