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Georgia has started the recount in Fulton County—the state's most densely populated county. They have until next week ...
A panel of medical advisors said patients should be warned about the side effects of a COVID-19 vaccine amid concerns that people who may be surprised by an adverse reaction after getting the first shot might not want to go back for the second.
In Gettysburg, Pennsylvanian officials gathered at the Wyndham Hotel to hold a public hearing regarding legal issues in the state's election.
Rudy Giuliani said that the type of election fraud witnesses described in the Keystone State also occurred in other battleground states.
President Donald Trump should pardon Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said Thursday.
Kentucky's governor cannot prevent religious schools from providing in-person instruction to students, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.
After adding up totals in their recount, election officials in Wisconsin realized they were 65 ballots short—later unearthing them in a voting machine.
Attorney Sidney Powell filed a federal lawsuit alleging "massive election fraud" and violations of Georgia's state laws in the 2020 general election.
Attorney Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit late Wednesday seeking to set aside the results of the election in Michigan.
A legal group filed a lawsuit alleging over 100,000 illegal votes were counted in Georgia, while tens of thousands of legal votes weren't counted.
SANTA ANA, Calif. (CNS)—Orange County's shopping malls likely will suffer on Black Friday, traditionally one of the busiest ...
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) sympathized with President Donald Trump this week over purported media bias, claiming that the national press has taken on a “nastier tone” with the president than before, and that reporters should respect the office of the President.
The Supreme Court late Wednesday barred New York from enforcing certain attendance limits at houses of worship in areas designated as coronavirus, or CCP virus, hotspots.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock issued a statement of apology for his travel to visit family just hours after he encouraged residents to avoid travel for Thanksgiving if they can.
An on-demand ride service operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)—but only available in a limited area ...
LOS ANGELES (CNS)—Children whose educations have been disrupted by the pandemic, even for as little as two to ...
By Greg Hunter's (WNW 459 11.26.2020) Voter fraud was on display Thursday at a hearing put on by the Pennsylvania State Legislature. The hearing
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday granted Lin Wood's emergency motion seeking an emergency review of a lower court's decision that had rejected his efforts to delay the vote certification in Georgia.
The family of former national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, issued a statement Wednesday evening thanking President Donald Trump for pardoning him and for “undoing a hideous wrong.”
A federal judge ruled that the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ ban on personalized license plates it deems ...