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President Donald Trump calls polls fake on June 12.
WASHINGTON—Congress imposed a moratorium on earmarks on itself in 2011, but for the seventh consecutive year, an anti-government ...
The Democratic Party Is Slipping Through Nancy Pelosi’s Fingers
John Vandemoer, who guilty to racketeering conspiracy, will be the first to be sentenced in the scandal. Prosecutors are calling for a "meaningful" sentence to rebuild faith in the system.
With jobs unfilled and young people moving away, some rural states are doubling down on efforts to attract new blood by expanding programs that offer incentives to live there. Over the past decade, states including South Dakota, Maine and Vermont have lured new residents with financial incentives in areas that need a boost. Vermont launched […]
Job openings in the United States continued to outnumber unemployed workers by the largest gap in April as the Trump administration’s tax cuts are taking effects. New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (under the Labor Department) showed that job vacancies in April were little changed at 7.45 million, while the number of people […]
A worried family member accused a Pennsylvania elementary school of trying to cover up a bus accident involving a student with Down syndrome on June 5.
A Chicago mother has claimed months of bullying by Chicago Public Schools teachers and staff led to her 11-year-old son’s suicide attempt.
A Massachusetts judge has dismissed one of two murder charges facing a woman after police found three dead babies in a Blackstone home.
A giant and extremely rare fish caught by a fisherman in Minnesota may be unusually bright orange in color because of its old age, according to experts.
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Family and friends are mourning a West Point cadet who was killed in a training accident as an inspiration to all. They gathered Tuesday night in a gymnasium at West Orange High School to remember 22-year-old Christopher Morgan. A single light shined on a wrestling mat, where Morgan’s shoes and headgear were placed. The law […]
A New York Democrat raised eyebrows when she suggested holding a pro life view is like holding racist beliefs.
Wildland firefighters face a growing danger from smoke, as wildfires become more frequent and intense. It's a hazard that scientists and fire agencies are only beginning to understand.
Federal prosecutors plan to ask a judge Wednesday for more than a year in prison for a former Stanford sailing coach who admitted to accepting bribes in the college admissions cheating scheme. John Vandemoer will be the first person sentenced in the case that has ensnared athletic coaches at elite universities across the country as […]
A federal judge will hear arguments Wednesday for the amount of monetary damages a Muslim-American radio host can recover against a neo-Nazi website operator who falsely accused him of terrorism. SiriusXM Radio show host Dean Obeidallah (oh-bee-DAHL’-ah) is seeking more than $1 million in damages against The Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin, who hasn’t responded […]
A South Carolina man who pleaded guilty to trying to join ISIS has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Police have arrested a man in Marietta after he tried to kidnap a 9-year-old from a Walmart bathroom on June 8.
A marine corps veteran who died in May had tested positive for a rare tick-borne illness before his death, according to a diagnosis confirmed on June 10.
California's Santa Clara County argues that if the rule goes into effect in July, the county will suffer irreparable harm in terms of patient care and staffing costs.