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Video: Rashida Tlaib Takes Command of “The Squad” From AOC, Plays WOC Card on Pelosi – Again
Male Powerlifter Mops the Floor with His Female Competitors in Samoa’s Pacific Games – Courtesy of the Woke
Amid Heat Wave, Official Warns Drivers Not to Leave Water Bottles in Cars
Taking a cue from the Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the conviction of ...
A comprehensive analysis looks at the cup, its ability to prevent leaks — and whether it could be a viable alternative to pads and tampons in low-income countries.
"We did notice that he was interfering in the elections and we do not allow that ..."
University Recommends Avoiding Words Like “America”
Video: AOC Says McConnell “Complicit in Advancing Racism,” Ignores Her Complicity in Advancing Anti-Semitism
HuffPo Threatening to Expose Personal Info of Pro-Trump Meme Maker After BuzzFeed Backs Down From It
The Los Angeles Sparks guard was charged months ago with assaulting an ex-girlfriend. She will miss nearly a third of the regular season, and the WNBA players union plans to file a grievance.
This past Monday the Trump administration stated that state-funded clinics should stop recommending abortion services to women. According to CBS News, the Health and Human Services Department issued a notice to clinics not to refer women to entities that perform abortions, along with a requirement that clinics maintain separate finances from these abortion entities. The […]
A Southern California man captured video footage of a rare scene off the coast on July 14. The ...
Eric Trump expressed support for his father's message to several progressive Democrats amid criticism that the president's Twitter posts were "racist."
Heck, just ban everything and go back to living in caves