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NXIVM collapsed after the group's leader was arrested last year for forcing members of a secret internal society to be branded and be his sexual "slaves."
A decorated 21-year-old U.S. Marine has died after a military training accident at an Australian defence facility in the Northern Territory.
When she was born, the baby girl weighed about the same as an apple. A San Diego hospital on Wednesday revealed the birth of the girl and said she is believed to be the world’s tiniest surviving micro-preemie, who weighed just 8.6 ounces (245 grams) when she was born in December. The girl was born […]
Asian shares were mostly lower Thursday after another round of selling on Wall Street amid investor worries about a trade war. Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 dropped 0.4% to 20,913.68. Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 slipped 0.8% to 6,385.60. South Korea’s Kospi edged up 0.5% to 2,032.49. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng was down 0.5% at 27,092.83, while the […]
New state abortion laws likely to become bogged down in legal challenges face another potential obstacle: prosecutors who refuse to enforce them. The Associated Press reached out to nearly two dozen district attorneys across seven states, and several said they would not file criminal charges against doctors who violate the laws. Even a few who […]
Getting involved with purported self-help sage Keith Raniere meant having no say on whether to get an abortion, being tasked with monitoring a billionaire’s hacked email account and getting banished alone in a bedroom for nearly two years after showing interest in another man. That was the price a government witness against Raniere says she […]
Democratic presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar called for revamping Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules that govern how refineries use ethanol
A star government witness at the New York trial of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is being sentenced in Chicago, where prosecutors are seeking extraordinary leniency for the former cartel lieutenant-turned-U.S. government cooperator. Vicente Zambada would be looking at a sentence of life in prison Thursday if not for his testimony last year […]
An archaeological report will be released Thursday on the discovery of what experts believe is the last ship known to have brought enslaved people from Africa to the United States. The event in the Africatown community of Mobile also will include a community celebration and commemoration event marking the discovery of the schooner Clotilda , […]
A man who was nearly put to death before an execution warrant expired last month amid disagreements between U.S. Supreme Court justices is again set to die by lethal injection in Alabama. Christopher Lee Price’s execution is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at Holman prison. The 46-year-old was convicted of using a sword and knife […]
A Californian frozen seafood importer and supplier asked stores and shoppers to return two different types of frozen fish on May 28.
Pearland police are searching for 2 men who dressed up as Drug Enforcement Administration agents to try to enter a home in the area on May 28, 2019.
A helpless wife watched in horror as her 65-year-old husband, a retired optometrist was killed by a shark during their holiday at Hawaii on early May 25.
From a tiny bottle of nail polish, a luxury fashion empire was born. Designer Christian Louboutin says he was experimenting in his factory one day when he suddenly seized his assistant’s bottle of red polish to blot out the usual black soles and try some bright color. The experiment stuck, obviously. And now Louboutin’s red-soled […]
New Zealand’s government announced Thursday it will spend billions of dollars more on mental health services and combatting child poverty as part of a new approach to its finances. The liberal-led government unveiled the country’s first so-called well-being budget. It aims to measure social outcomes like health and the environment alongside traditional metrics such as […]
The bodies turned up in some of Chicago’s most derelict places: alleys, abandoned buildings, weed-choked lots and garbage containers. The victims were mostly black women who had been strangled or suffocated. Authorities believed many were prostitutes or drug addicts or both. There was evidence of sexual attacks, and some of the dead were naked or […]
It’s the soundtrack of “Chocolate City,” the non-federal Washington that has traditionally been a tent pole of black America. Go-go music, a distinctive D.C.-specific offshoot of funk, has endured for decades through cultural shifts, fluctuations in popularity and law enforcement purges. Now go-go has taken on a new mantle: battle hymn for the fight against […]
A mom was charged with child abuse after she faked her 10-year-old child's illness leading to unnecessary treatments: pacemaker, feeding tube and IV port.
A Ohio high school senior revealed having a baby helped motivate him to finish his studies and achieve top grades on May 28.
A California commission set up to study wildfire issues recommended Wednesday that the state change a liability standard imperiling major utilities, but Democratic leaders immediately said they won’t tackle the hot-button topic for now. Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature’s two leaders said they will push for other changes outlined in the commission report that […]