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A stolen sport utility vehicle struck two pedestrians and injured five other people Wednesday afternoon as it drove on a San Francisco sidewalk and smashed into other cars while fleeing police, authorities said. A person struck in a crosswalk was treated for life-threatening injuries and was listed in stable condition, KPIX-TV reported. Another pedestrian and […]
A Mexican man accused of running a death squad for convicted drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was due in a Texas courtroom on Wednesday to face a raft of charges. U.S. prosecutors announced Tuesday that Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo had been extradited to Texas on 2012 charges of conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, money […]
Alphabet Inc's Google on May 29 banned apps on its app store that facilitate the sale of marijuana or related products, as part of a change to its content policy.
For a 14th straight day, tornado sirens blared in several states as lines of severe storms rolled across the United States.
Special counsel Robert Mueller III brought closure to his team’s two-year inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. He announced the closing of the special counsel as well as his resignation from the Department of Justice “to return to private life.” As this is the first time that Mueller has spoken publicly, we […]
A body believed to be a missing 5-year-old Utah girl was found Wednesday less than a block from her home, bringing a wide-ranging search to a grim close five days after the child was taken from her home and killed by her uncle, police said. The body believed to be Elizabeth “Lizzy” Shelley was found […]
Settlement with El Expreso Bus Co. of Houston is sixth under DOJ's Protecting US Workers Initiative, which investigates and penalizes employers that discriminate against qualified US employees in favor of foreign guest workers
Louisiana lawmakers on Wednesday passed a strict new abortion ban that would prohibit the procedure before some women even know they are pregnant, joining a half-dozen conservative states with similar measures. In a 79-23 vote, the Louisiana House gave final passage to a bill barring abortion once there’s a detectable fetal heartbeat, as early as […]
A federal appeals court is refusing to block Alabama’s bid to execute an inmate convicted of killing a country preacher with a sword. The 11th U.S. Circuit of Appeals on Wednesday refused a stay requested by 46-year-old Christopher Lee Price. He’s set to die by lethal injection Thursday night. The court says an earlier Supreme […]
A family in Indiana had lost their home on Memorial Day tornado but were also surprised to find an unscathed Bible among the rubble.
The Associated Press expressed disappointment that its Yemeni reporter was unable to attend the ceremony to collect his Pulitzer Prize because he was not granted a U.S. visa. Maad al-Zikry, Maggie Michael and Nariman El-Mofty were awarded a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting on Tuesday for their coverage of the war in Yemen. Egyptian nationals […]
California residents working for companies like Lyft and Uber would get the rights of employees entitled to a minimum wage and workers compensation under a law the state Assembly passed on Wednesday. The sweeping bill, which now goes to the Senate, carries new standards defining whether workers are employees or independent contractors, upending how workers […]
A network of charter schools in California stole more than $50 million from the state by creating phantom institutions that enrolled unwitting students it found through other schools and youth programs, prosecutors said Wednesday. A3 Education recruited small public school districts to sponsor the charter schools in exchange for oversight fees. Prosecutors say A3 enrolled […]
By Mark Levin Why did Robert Mueller suddenly appear and go beyond the four corners of his report? Because he didn't want to testify. Becau...
Louisiana has passed a new abortion bill on May 29 that would prohibit abortion one there is a detectable fetal heartbeat, which can occur as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The ban does not include an exception for a pregnancy caused by rape or incest.
Republican legislators on Wednesday reversed actions by Kansas’ Democratic governor to reshape the state budget to her liking, but they couldn’t save a GOP tax relief plan and had their work briefly delayed by a loud protest in favor of expanding Medicaid. The GOP-controlled Legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s vetoes of several items in […]
An emotional debate over balancing the lives of residents and officers led to a key approval Wednesday of California legislation intended to deter deadly police shootings — rules that advocates said would be among the most sweeping in the U.S. when tied to a related measure on officer training. The California Assembly approved the legislation […]
Mayor Lori Lightfoot has begun implementing reform to Chicago’s City Hall. During her first time chairing a City Council meeting, Lightfoot got aldermen to go along with her picks to chair council committees that will vote on key parts of her agenda. The aldermen also approved new operating rules proposed by Lightfoot designed to prevent […]
The killing of a pioneering gangland journalist remains unsolved one year later despite multiple potential witnesses to the drive-by shooting and what led up to it on a Chicago street lined with surveillance cameras. Police have made no arrests in Zachary Stoner’s May 30, 2018, slaying. His case highlights a troubling statistic about Chicago homicides: […]
Facing more wildfires and the lawsuits that come with them, a group of public and private California water systems are campaigning to convince lawmakers to shield them from having to pay damages caused by fires they did not start but failed to help put out. While wildfire lawsuits have typically targeted electric utilities and their […]