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The Board of Supervisors of San Francisco proposes to establish a new, softer language to refer to criminals and drug addicts in the city. In the midst of one of the worst crises of crime, drug addiction, and homelessness that plague the city governed by the Democratic mayor London Breed, the Board proposes to replace […]
Court in Denver Colorado Ruled in favor of Electoral College and helps to slow down a trend by states who want go to to using only popular vote in election.
A Texas man accused of licking a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream before placing it back in ...
Overstock CEO Gave Exculpatory Evidence on Maria Butina to FBI, Her Attorney Says
Nico Victorino of Chelsea, New York, said he felt unsafe and frightened as a man who randomly attacked four people on the streets of Manhattan had not been arrested. “He was super bloody… He just looked, like, shocked. It was so scary,” Victorino said. Police said the suspect struck three times on Aug. 14. The […]
Formerly conjoined twins who were separated at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2014 have now started Pre-K. Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata turned five on April 11. They have marked another milestone in their journey when started attending pre-kindergarten in Littlefield, Texas. They were born joined at the abdomen and shared multiple organs, including their […]
"Defendants had no sources to support their outrageously false and defamatory statements..."
It Sure Seems Like AOC Was Being Propped Up By Her Former Chief of Staff
CNN Hall Monitors are in Full Throat with Complaints While Being Journalistic Truants Themselves
Rep. Nadler called out two Democratic lawmakers while criticizing members of both parties for "the growing anti-semitism" in America's "political dialogue."
A group of activists, Native American tribes and local landowners had challenged the controversial pipeline's 2017 approval. But the state Supreme Court unanimously rejected that challenge Friday.
A 2-year-old Tennessee girl, Ariel Salaices, was hit by a stray bullet on March 15 while playing with her brothers, ages 12 and 5, in her family’s backyard in northeastern Tennessee. Ariel fell from the slide and went running to her father. But the bullet was deep and stopped her movement, and before long, she collapsed outside the […]
Puh-retty sure a SCOTUS vacancy next year in the middle of the election would be the end of the country as we know it. Here is the full statement from the
“Speak Up”: WaPo Media Critic Torches CNN and April Ryan for Silence on Her Bodyguard’s Assault of Journalist
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Completes Treatment For Tumor On Pancreas