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Unsolicited Advice: Don’t Let Your Son Be a Moron
Billionaire industrialist David Koch, who turned American politics into conservative movements with his elderly brother, Charles, died at the age of 79. “It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my brother David,” Charles Koch said in a statement Friday. “Anyone who worked with David surely experienced his giant personality and passion for […]
A beachwear company based in Florida featured a 16-year-old model with Down syndrome in its new ad campaign, with the goal of hopefully inspiring other companies and organizations to become more inclusive. Ethan Holt, 16, of St. Petersburg, modeled for a clothing and souvenir retail chain Surf Style, and is featured front and center in […]
A woman was arrested in Florida after video footage showed her shoving a dog into the trunk of ...
“Fraud networks now target individuals and businesses alike.”
After Slamming Fox for Hiring Sarah Sanders, CNN Jumps the Shark and Hires Disgraced FBI Official Andrew McCabe
Pedro Lopez, a 24-year-old born in Mexico, recalls when ICE agents raided the meatpacking plant in Iowa where his parents worked. "It was just shattering," he said.
A Florida serial killer who confessed to killing six people in the 1990s issued a statement before his ...
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) What could better illustrate the floundering chaos of the Democratic Party than a new national poll showing Joe Biden as the clear front-runner? The party's got nothing else besides this fumbling faux pas factory.
(Photo by GREGG NEWTON/AFP/Getty Images) The space race is very much on, and the United States needs to up its game.  
A New York Times Reporter Solicited $30K From Jeffrey Epstein While ABC Killed Stories From His Victims
"In my opinion, you vote for a Democrat, you're being very disloyal to Jewish people, and you're being very disloyal to Israel," Trump told reporters outside the White House Wednesday.
The Truman administration saw huge strategic value in the island as a geographic bulwark against the Soviet Union. Ultimately, the U.S. got access to Greenland without needing to purchase it.
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Billionaire businessman and philanthropist David Koch passed away at age 79, according to reports. The New Yorker and ...
Seven people were taken to the hospital on Thursday, Aug. 22, after smoke filled the cabin of a Hawaiian Airlines flight from California to Hawaii.