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Heading into a fourth day of military attacks on northern Syria, Turkish officials say forces have captured Ras al-Ayn and several surrounding villages. But reports indicate fighting continues.
A baby boy born without eyes is in search of a loving home after being abandoned by his young mother.  Little Alexander K, known as Sasha, was special. He is healthy but a rare disease makes him unable to see. His mother, who was raised in an orphanage, felt it to much of a burden […]
Upon delivering the 12.9-pound infant last Monday, Oct. 7, an Australian mum jokingly likened her newborn daughter to a “mini sumo wrestler.” Wollongong couple Emma and Daniel Millar told Illawarra Mercury, a local news source, that their newborn baby was not even full term. Remi Frances Millar’s weight was almost double the national average at […]
Japan sent tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers on Oct. 13 to save stranded residents and fight floods caused by one of the worst typhoons to hit the country in recent history.
Mexico's military police on Saturday halted and turned back a caravan of up to 2,000 migrants
the death toll from typhoon hagibis climbed to as high as 33 by Oct. 13, 2019, in Japan
The plight of Tibetans in China and those in exile was highlighted during Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s recent ...
Turkey's cross-border attack in northern Syria against Kurdish forces.
Administration officials are defending the president's decisions on the Syria-Turkey crisis, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper saying Turkey was prepared to ...
The typhoon, which has now passed to the northeast of Tokyo, was the largest to hit Japan in 61 years, since the 1958 Kanogawa Typhoon that killed more than 1,200 people.
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirmed the withdrawal of 1,000 troops from northern Syria on Sunday, saying officials ...
Amid claims that Turkey is committing “war crimes” in northern Syria, President Donald Trump on Sunday said that ...
Helicopters, boats and thousands of troops were deployed across Japan Sunday to rescue people stranded in flooded homes Sunday as the death toll from a ferocious typhoon climbed to at least 19 with more than a dozen missing. One woman fell to her death from a rescue helicopter. Public broadcaster NHK said 14 rivers across […]
Accompanied by pacesetters and an electric car, the Kenyan runner set a record Saturday that was long considered not humanly possible. He clocked in at 1:59:40 on crossing the finish line in Austria.
TOKYO—Ten people were killed and 16 were missing after the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in decades paralyzed Tokyo, ...
Protesters, schoolchildren and some of the government's most prominent critics have all been detained in a government clampdown. So was a 22-year-old American college student, accused of spying.
The Syrian Democratic Forces have said that securing prisons holding ISIS suspects is no longer its priority & it's focussed on fighting the Turkish forces.
Poland's ruling Law and Justice Party leads its opposition in opinion polls ahead of Sunday's election. "Christianity is part of our national identity," party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said recently.
One woman turned her home into an ad hoc shelter for Haitians displaced by the storm and facing discrimination.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accompanied Taiwanese authorities in celebrating the country’s National Day on Oct. 10, strengthening U.S. support for this independent democratic nation that had been commemorating this day since 1911. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu was pleased with the Cruz’s visit and thanked him for his support for “freedom and democracy around the […]