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The milestone comes a day before the government is set to lift outbound travel restrictions on people in Wuhan, the country's hardest-hit city.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, incidences of kindness have broken out across Canada. Without fanfare or reward, people and organizations have given not only of themselves and but also of their possessions to help others.
EDMONTON—Premier Jason Kenney says while Alberta has the medical capacity to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic ...
Most would agree that measures are necessary to deter those who would exploit others for personal gain in a time of crisis, but one expert says that in the long run, it’s better to simply let the market adapt to the circumstances.
A four-week lockdown will not keep the Easter Bunny from going about its mysterious business, the prime minister says, responding to rampant speculation by New Zealand's youngest citizens.
Drawing on a centuries-old tradition, a Naples couple has begun lowering baskets from their balcony. People are encouraged to take food they need, and others are encouraged to add food to the baskets.
A precision air-strike by the U.S military in Somalia has killed a high-ranking leader of the al-Shabaab terrorist ...
John Bolton has called for World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to resign, accusing WHO of helping China
The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a terrible toll on the world's economy, with lockdown measures now affecting the livelihood of almost 2.7 billion workers, according to a new report.
Scientists who track the growth of pandemics say some figures provided by public health officials tell more about the spread of the novel CCP virus than others.
On April 15, legislative elections will go as planned but with new coronavirus safety features, and the government's handling of the virus is a top issue.
Great Britain has reported 758 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.
France recorded its highest daily death toll from the CCP virus on Monday.
The top medical official in Scotland resigned after not following advice she gave to the country about how ...
Instead of mass layoffs, Germany tries to safeguard employment.
The former Vatican treasurer, who had been the highest-ranking Roman Catholic cleric ever found guilty of sexual abuse, was ordered released from prison, where he was serving a six-year sentence.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was stable in intensive care on Tuesday after receiving oxygen support to help him battle COVID-19.
Deaths from the CCP virus-caused COVID-19 disease in Spain neared 14,000 on Tuesday as the pace of deaths ...
OTTAWA—Coveted N95 respirators will continue to come to Canada from a Minnesota-based company while the country keeps rolling ...
Australia's highest court on Tuesday acquitted former Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell of sexually assaulting two teenaged choirboys in the ...