Coronavirus - CCP Virus Live Updates

A fake news story pushed forward by ABC, meant to smear President Trump has prompted the Pentagon to rise to the occasion with a very rare public statement of denial. A report that claimed the Pentagon sent a warning to the White House about a coronavirus pandemic as far back as November, has been publicly […]
James Woods Calls out Liberal Commentator for Bizarre Rant Against Employers Forced to Lay off Workers
Andrew Hastie, Liberal MP, is calling for greater protection of Australia’s assets and industries as concerns over foreign takeovers loom.
Harvey Weinstein, who is serving a prison sentence for rape, has no symptoms of the CCP virus, his spokesman said on Thursday, more than two weeks after a union official for corrections officers said the former movie producer had tested positive.
China Restricted Travel on Hubei to Prevent Spread to Rest of China, But Let People Fly to Rest of the World
Antibody tests that could help determine who has had the virus are being developed Dr. Anthony Fauci said. There's hope those people will have some measure of immunity.The CDC issued return-to-work guidelines for critical workers who had contact with someone who had a confirmed or even suspected case of COVID-19.Scientists are trying to figure out whether changing seasons will affect the spread of the coronavirus.Plus, how public health experts create models to help us predict where the outbreak is headed. Wuhan resident Piso Nseke's conversation with Mary Louise Kelly about his first day outside after almost three months of lockdown.Find and support your local public radio stationSign up for 'The New Normal' newsletter
The Wildly Inaccurate Models That Fueled the Wuhan Virus Crisis Must Be Investigated and People Must Be Held Accountable
Coronavirus After-Effects: 5 Habits I Think I’ll Keep
A California man was arrested by police officers on Tuesday, April 7, after he tried selling N95 respirators ...
"expanding the number of sites and opening them to the general public."
Secretary Mnuchin Gives Promising News Amid Skyrocketing Unemployment Numbers Due to COVID-19
China Coast Guard (CCG) ships are currently patrolling nearly all of the ‘hotspots’ disputed between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea.
The Chinese regime is a bigger threat to the U.S. election process than Russia, Attorney General William Barr said on Wednesday.
A group of healthcare workers is seeking to hold the CCP responsible for allegedly hoarding personal protective equipment.
Head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, said her organization views the CCP virus crisis as the worst economic shock since the Great Depression of the 1930s.