'The Five' panel clashes over Pelosi's challenge to Trump

The show's co-hosts get heated as the impeachment battle in Washington heats up; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News ...


Christine Parrott: Pelosimis an imposter

I will die on my feet , before i live on my knees: You know what she said about President Trump being over his head in the White House could be no further from the truth of any statement that's ever been made about him the truth is just the opposite that applies to her the only way they know how to run a country is scamming and stealing

matthew Dreyer: wow imposter lol if hes a imposter then whats that make Pelosi and schiff

Frank Terroni: 90% of people I know think Juan Williams is a dildo

paul nguyen: Hey juan, do you know what is ABC stand for? Adam(S) Barack(O) Clinton(H&B) channel paid. So they can rate any % on anything they want, open your brain, use common sense. Juan is dem so he attact Trump all the time, go work for ABC or CNN Juan good luck.

knmleaguecity: Dip Sh T Juan

Purple Helm: Pelosi needs to get her dentures refitted before she talks smack.

Harry Shelley: What procedures do we have to unseat congressional violatiors of law? Seems like Pelosi and Schiff and others are guilty of this. Their hearing has witnesses who are NOT UNDER OATH trying to undermine elected president!

Angelo Morte: Oh Please someone one please shut this Cazzo di merda up because this Cornuto makes me want to vomit when I have to listen to this Bocchino..!

Edward Saucedo: Nancy is trying to bait trump. Its not a fair hearing where he can face his accuser..

Jeff Respaldiza: ABC is just BS NEWS. That's the truth.

MakingEndsMeet: 70% fake polls!

James Dean: “Metaphorical 🖕🏻” - my 2nd favorite quote of the week! The first was, “Juan, the only valid pole in your world is the one you’re smokin’ “

Brian Coughlin: The media is keeping the Democrats going for impeachment

Trung Do: Wow Juan still believes in the POLE, I wonder why Hillary's still not the president

47streetcop: Uh Juan, 51% of a poll is not reflective of 51% of Americans unless 100% of Americans were polled.

. Turnock: Yeah Juan. The polls also said that Hillary was going to win in a landslide. So who do you think we believe now?

vincent james: Leta call on all the druggies..homeless and destitute people of California to go and stage a sit in on Nancy Pelosi door step....

Helga Gaines: The STUPID senile PELOSI what an embarrassment.. her vocabulary like a 1. Grader...english is my second language and I'm shocked to see this bafoon as SPEAKER .First she challenges our President TRUMP to testify..he responded in the positive..airhead Pelosi derides him AGAIN. Blaabermouth please get your ducked lined up. Juan ,you're about as confused and loud as nancy.

Mom 1st Always: But Juan that isn't the question. Question is what crimes did Dems do in the 2016 elections. Try getting it right.

William Rochr: Pelosi is so disingenuous. She's been lying so much for so many years that she's starting to believe herself. She is a traitor to the people.

Douglaus Beedles: I can guarantee everybody in jail that is interested heard that

HELENA KRATOCHVIL: You are nuts, Nancd

Brian Coughlin: If president Trump testifies you bet it will be fair

Sherman Clark: Juan is an ignorant hypocritical b... I can't use that word...FEMALE DOG IN HEAT!

Maclain Hunter: If I were trump I would just walk into the house while it was in session, interrupt them and remind them they’re a co-equal branch! This is all unprecedented so why not? I’d love to see the president show up to Capitol Hill to confront congress and demand they respect executive branch authority...he should not testify for those hacks though because he is not beneath them, he is the executive!

Darrell Talbott: Our country of America, being like-minded, Freedom's, speech and press but if you look at what we see on the left yes what you might call a reprobate minded group of Democrats, thank you President Trump for freeing those boys that were military experience, I'm a Vietnam veteran, and helicopters are very painful memory for me. Thank you

Rise Harris: No Pelosick, What You And SCHITTY SCHITT Are Doing Is Way Worse Than Anything Nixon Ever Thought About Doing! Your Time Is Fixing To Expire And The House Of Cards Will Come Tumbling Down😂😂

charles parr: Juan is an idiot, Nancy Pelosi is a senile old lady who should be put out to pasture!


vladviking: That's a dumb idea . Like saying something offhand to an FBI agent,, next thing you know your doing ten years behind bars. Always let your lawyer talk.

yan chang: Remember what is said about opinions and assholes ?

Leo Payne: Nancy Pelosi is very good at 'PROJECTION'!!

Allen Jackson: If that were the case, you Pelosi would have drowned many many years ago

Bob Bobobob: vote out squirt bottle pelosi

Will Stopka: Who are they taking these percentage of people who want to remove trump... I literally only know 1 person who thought he should be impeached and now he gave up on that lolol but the poles also had Hillary winning so...

Troy Lynn: I’m just wondering what the hell I’m gonna watch when they figure out he’s innocent. Yeah I’m sure the Democrats will come up with something.

yan chang: ABC poll=trash

Krista Jenkins: She is scared shitless!

Douglaus Beedles: Stop the press lol

angelsrone: Luv u judge she is the best she tells them like it is

XT3XASMAD3X: Peloton sounds like she’s trying to hold in her dentures lmfao

123 456: Please POTUS, gloves off!

jason kinney: Condemns name-calling with name-calling, like fighting racism with racism.

Richard Nagel: It's all here say none of these "witnesses " actually heard or seen anything

Torrey Panse: I pray to G_d that the democrats get hosed in the 2020 elections, BUT ...
I also believe we are in the early stages of the "End Times" and "what is good will be considered evil and truth shall be considered lies" (a tad paraphrased ;-)

Gregory: PLEASE somebody help Juan pull his head back out of his .............

Just another standard Dumbocrat a non intelligent liar. Fox is slipping.

Estrella Philibosian: Pelosi's irresponsible words shows what a false leader she is. She is really stupid to name a duly elected president "imposter"? She is not living in real world.
The Democrats are engaging in witch hunt. The witch is right there in their house!!!

Cheryl Lawlor: Why don’t you allow any witnesses to appear on Donald Trumps side? This is a kangaroo court. It’s set up to convict like the old witch trials.

Rob Cooke: I'm guessing that metaphorical finger is the middle one !