'The Five' panel gets heated over Roger Stone trial

Barr says he is not influenced by President Trump or the press; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


Steve Trueblue: Are lawyers allowed to serve as jurors? Doctors aren't.

CarmineFragione: That biased Juror, the Foreman , or Forewoman, she had to lie to the Court to be on the Jury, she probably committed felony crimes , doing this to corrupt the trial to convict Roger Stone, if she did lie and ruined the jury , she ought to go to jail for this kind of a crime.

Robert Giffin: Juan needs to get his law right.

Ryan Hanna: Juan is showing more and more of his TDS everyday that goes by.

jamie smith: The only "sad, disappointment" to our country is every democrat in office.

Ryan Hanna: Pelosi is abusing her power as the speaker of the house and Chucky too by threatening impeachment over every little thing now. The radical left is making a serious tool a political sideshow. I don't think I have to remind you but impeachment was threatened as soon as he put his hand on the Bible.

Phinneus Prune: Donald Trump will end up Pardoning Roger Stone. So this whole back and forth between Barr and the Dems will be for not anyway

So bar should just let them sentence Stone so Trump can sign the Pardon and be done with it.

Mark Eaton: Trump should not feel bad for a Stone Pardon. The ones complaining are the lying news. Tell people to look at the facts, and the corrupt bias and treatment. HIS JURY SAYS IT ALL. He would not be doing his job if he did not pardon him, with all this corrupt sludge trapping him for 9 years. No matter what the fake juice left news, wants you to believe. The judge should try a week in jail, for nothing, changing, and then see if 9 years is tooo much.

Thomas Geist: Say Juan, wake up and smell the coffee. Military generals are the professions among all professionals but under our system of government they take orders from the civilian Commander in Chief. Same with the DOJ and State Dept. Sorry, Juan. I know you would much prefer that the leftist bureaucrats run things, but that ain't the way it works, and you now it. And that's why the hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of leftists like you are so disgusting.

Dana Waer: GET RID OF IDIOT little bitty [email protected]@

Chad Michaels: The Democrats have gone STONE COLD CRAZY

Rich K: I love how Jessie smirks over the rediculas words of liberals - leftists

ANOMIC AGE: Do what the Democrat's don't want or agree with and you know your doing the right thing.

Master Chief 00117: It's an automatic mistrial.. No pardon required. As even the judge that allowed her on. Will be removed. As the Judge knew about it....

Jane Young: Every American deserves a fair trial. The jury foreman issue, all by itself, should be enough to ensure a new trial. If any American disagrees with that then they don't deserve to call themselves American, imo.

Faster Quicker: Trump will pardon Stone and all his buddies who didn't flip on him during the Spanish Inquisition of the dims.

D MAN: juan where was all these prosecutor PATRIOTS when Obama broke laws.

Browning School Reputation: Democrats are pure evil.

Ho Chi Minh,: Swallwell; we don't wake and want to impeach him- yeah right scumbag that is exactly what you want to do.

Joe Petri: I’m here for the comments about Jaun. 😂🤣😂

kondomonster: Attorney general Bill Barr should be turn on out-of-office because of his disastrous fast and furious where at least a couple oh wait that wasn't Obama's wingman who did that

CarmineFragione: Bill Clinton came into office and fired all the Federal Prosecutors entirely , claimed he was not being selective, and then hired the ones he wanted . Democrats are hypocrites.

David Renton: interesting way that Warren refers to him "That Guy", imagine if someone had referred to her as "That Women" you would think her constant misandry which hasn't worked for her Campaign so far might be a hindrance in a country where half the electorate are men, and most women have either a Son, Father or Husband in their lives. Is She a bit dim.

The Last Teklord: Bill Barr was always a backstabbing fraud of the President. Why don't Conservatives see this man for the quisling that he is?

///M Technics: Juan Has No Brains , Please Fire Him He Is Delusional & Has Trump Derangement Syndrome & Should Be On CNN !!!

Deborah Zoppa: I hate Juan

Bob leroy: All criminals know to make friends with the Boss because the day will come when you need them to save your AS. DT dictator trump is blocking American law to save Stone

Robert 420: Have to say it one more time. Erica swallows should wash those pecker tracks off her face.

Skip Johnson: FOX is getting a bad reputation, because of Juan Williams and a few other leftist on their programs. I don’t watch or rely on FOX as much anymore, you can trust their content 100% very sad.

Jane Young: Democrats need to be removed. Their bias and outright attacks on our President are never ending... Only proves to me that Democrats seek to remove the one President that is set to expose their lucrative corruption. They can't have that now can they?

MAGA COUNTRY: Democrats lose yet another. Republican 5 Democrats 0

Mr Inbetween: Juan is such a slave to the dnc

Jeremy BrocknBlue: Fox must be doing it on purpose..... every video has Juan babbling his garbage nonstop.... i like everyone on this show but Juan is garbage and its almost pushing me away from being a fan of the show

Toguro 100%: Fast forwarding Juan...

Captain Slaymore: Hope Juan gets stopped and frisked....

Gaspar Ortega: PUERTO RICANS FOR TRUMP !!!!!!!

Mr Inbetween: Talk about a click bait headline

bobkloth57: Why doesn’t Trump just pardon Stone?

Onethirty Eight: Roger Stone laid it on the line, and I would as well for my friend.

Rebecca Gable: These Dems are just DISGUSTING!!!!

John Meador: Stone has tattoo of Nixon (tramp stamp)

tuhanpham: Why don’t you DemoRats all resign are once, you all corrupted liars and steal tax payers

AS Tzfat: I cannot listen to stone speak. However, he has a right to justice.

Alan Burnett: LMAO!

Trenton Coop: Anybody else want to knock Pelosi out every time you hear her talk?

midnightriderart: Impeach Juan. I'm getting sick of him slandering

James LeMay: The Trial Judge will set the sentence not prosecutors or their boss.

Lou Sou: if trump farted in public the DemocRATs will impeach him for that too...😂😂

Nina Baxter: Stop tweeting for a while it is causing part of the Democrats stuff they say about you.We love you we don’t want you to give then crap to come after you .We can’t louse you Sir♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸

Rj S: I think another person that should be pardoned is assange from WikiLeaks I know he is suffering because of Hillary.
But if he supposedly committed these bad crimes with Chelsea Manning why was Chelsea Manning pardoned. The only thing hung I can think of is Obama took a likeing to him/her