'The Five' reacts to Donald Trump Jr.'s viral appearance on 'The View'

Fireworks erupt on 'The View' as Donald Trump Jr. spars with Joy Behar, Whoopi Foldberg; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News ...


Mike j: They asked him questions and when he went to answer, they didn't like answers so they constantly disrupted him screaming and yelling! Through the entire show!

Brett Pulley: Finally something the left and right can come together on, the view is dogshit.

Vision Pro Studios: The only thing "The View" can report on is looking behind their backs at their growing asses, and comparing them to their personalities...Joy needs to go. What a waste of so called Co Host Television reporting.

cryforthemoon: Liberals are now saying they simply darkened their skin when they get caught doing blackface. Even the media was calling it "skin darkening makeup" when the prime minister had several blackface images come out. He still got re-elected smh.

Margaret Kearsey: If I wore a mop hairdo like Whoopi I would be sent home from work. I thought it would be a one day thing- that she would be embarrassed by all of the criticism and would immediately change it. About four years ago, I was working in a call center, and a young woman had a mop like that , except that it was bright blue. It caused so much distraction in the workplace, it didn't last long

John Minogue: You know what’s funny? I have watched Tulsi on Tucker Carlson and Tucker never once made goofy coughing noises behind her back while Tulsi was trying so speak. Over on view we have Joy...cough...moron...Behar.

ponyboy canta: The five is basically the conservative view. You have Megan McCain the only conservative. You have Juan Williams the only democrat on the five.

Bob Powers: The view (abc) did this to distract from Epstein story (Clinton money)

big country: Whoopi what a putzz

Curiosity Connect R Us: Send the Chuawawa Face Juan to the Cartel Lands for a week 😅😂😂🤣

Anita M.: Juan is an idiot.

Kathy F: Juan is just like George Jefferson. What a dope.

Lucy Sunshine: The view makes me sick of my stomach🤢


Michael Robinson: You need a TV show that has a liberal debate a conservative and a papal that can stop them and call Bs.

300zxdriver: Everyone involved in politics writes a book these days.

The Resurrection is coming: if we get Jr to run after his fathers second term we can have 4 terms of Donald trump

Jeremy Lewellen: I wish there was a mute button for guests on those shows to make everyone else shut up and allow themselves to speak their points. It’s impossible to make it fair for anyone who is a guest. Shame.

Hilda Guy: He nailed her!!!!

WWTormentor: I want to know what Juan is smoking and I want some of that stuff. It must be nice to always be in that delusional state of mind.

Inquisitor Of Kek: Can you say “Trump Dynasty”? He’s just like dad, but more pro gun.

jeff: Juan is a typical liberal. Deny everything and blame the other person for what you're doing .These are sick people .

C. A. J.: Two very lovely, lovely ladies on the The Five today

mike needham: The View is misery, absolutely misery to witness.  Horrible.  Disgusting.  Lowers the bar on television even in this day of anything goes.  Joy Behar is deplorable in the true sense of the word.

Redlion Angel: Don Jr is no Donald Trump, but.... gotta give him credit for not taking the View's (aka, Obama/Biden/Clinton's) buddies' CRAP-O-LA.  Wish Meghan would get over her anger about her Dad and FORGIVE.

Angel C. Sudario: You need to cancel this show because it should be called the legal clones not the view.

Sam Lewis: Trump Jr. is a f ing idiot. Plain and simple. Welcome to the STSS, Support the Trump S--- Show. 2020 PATHETIC.

Rusty Bucket: That's Maud Behar . . . As Rush Limbaugh calls her.

Robert Furrow: The view needs to be removed from TV ASAP. Joy and is SCUM.

Kitty Perez: You tell them Tulsi

Jin: i'd like to know the name of the girl sitting on the most left side! Plz if you know, leave the comment! i beg

Ludakritz: man Juan is one stupid SoB she has already said she will not run as a 3rd party, yet he keeps spreading fake info out there its almost like he is working for Russia and Hillary

doliverelliott: Someone tell Joyless that comedians control the audience response. The audience can laugh with you or at you, but if they are always laughing at you you are not the comedian, you are the joke.

Redlion Angel: All I could think when Joy denied wearing 'blackface' was whether the VA Governor Northam and Joy were at a Bar one night in Blackface singing Shaggy's song... "even caught me on the camera (It wasn't me)…"  ;-)

Aida Hinch: As usual anyone that doesn't push the leftist agenda will get over talked by Woopi, Joy and Sunny. That doesn't surprise me as much as why so many support them for doing it.

Frank Elizalde: Hideous, character wise, Ms Behar, flipping of CRANK lips is most nauseous to view on “The View”. Not a sight to look forward to. Only beheld be those that enjoy feeling intense distaste . Cheers !

Shawn Begley: PLAYING WITH SPIDER'S !!!?,,,,🕸🕷💀🗡

Redlion Angel: Really says a lot when THE VIEW doesn't have the Blackface clip from today's show displayed on their youtube page.  Guess those cry baby gals can't handle the heat.

Grafxgrl: Greg - so true! Just google joy behar blackface picture.

Titan12: Juan's TDS thinks Gabbard is a Russian asset and bots are pushing her to run. 🤣

Carol Mosher: What does Joy wearing Black Face have to do with Trump breaking the law?

Shawn Begley: THE RETURN OF THE KING !!!?,,,, 😎💀🗡🕷

doliverelliott: It was like Perseus meeting with the Stygian witches.

Len Ovo: Regarding Joy, it must suck to be that dumb.

New Zoo Guru: Joy Behr backed Michael Avenetti. The scumbag that allegedly stole settlements and tried to shake down Nike. Whoopi backed Roman Polanski during his pedophilia accusation. They both work for ABC who buried a pedophilia scandal story that would have exposed some big names and left more children exposed to these sick people.


Anita M.: They were quick dismiss him when he started talking about the Jeffrey Epstein leak.

iBully Yard: What about impeachment for bribery?

jj d: JoyLESS and her thugs can't handle the truth!

Timmylehin: Juan is a useful idiot by demonrats, meanwhile Don Jr should have ended those bizarre witches career.