'The Five' reacts to Kanye's ambitious 2024 plans

Kanye West says he's eyeing a bid for the White House in 2024. What would his chances be? 'The Five' breaks it down. #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News ...


My eXtreme PC: Ivanka/Kanye 2024

Tim Hosler: Hahaha I hope he does run. Will be hilarious 😂

Victory Morningstar: I'd like to see him win just to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians film from the White House.

W: I’m voting Kanye no matter what. But I think congress should make him release yahndi.

jossandman: Idiocracy for real.

W: I always have loved Kanye way before his bromance with trump. I’m a conservative and my parents didn’t like me listening to Kanye as a boy but even in his anti conservative moments. He was always straight up with his thoughts. He is straight up to this day. Hollywood treated him like trash when he was liberal, they made him strong. I’m not religious but Jesus is king has good songs in it.I love to see ye smiling like he is now. Honest about what he learns every step of the way. My conservative friends say they would not vote for him. But I will vote for him wether as a dem or rep, vote for the individual not the bs party. I admire his journey and he is a music genius, Say what’s on your mind and I will respect that. That’s why I voted trump.also ya and trump aren’t fake. Trump is a businessman and ye is passionate and open minded.

Pepe Powell: I like it. Mr. West 2024

Mary McReynolds: Delusional.

Simple Person: Kanye bro; wait a second!

John John: Did Trump build the wall yet?

John John: There have been worse presidents than Kanye West and that's hilarious!

Pacuso1986: I hope he does! Enough with this lie that all African Americans are Demorats!!!

William Hutchinson: kanye 2024! 🇺🇸

101 Life: Is he for really? Genuinely?

1111stunna1111: Keep on watching Fox so you can turn stupid by the day, just pathetic this people actually entertaining the idea of another mentality unstable lunatic..

Sharon Baab: Not ready in 2024! If he is really serious he should start training, studying, learning and investigating issues for a possible race in 2032. Meanwhile he should start communicating with the (general) public (not just his fans) and profile himself politically. Who knows what Trump can accomplish in four more years (despite continuous obstruction and sabotage by the left), but I think we would still need a very strong, solid, honest person for 2024 to extend and continue the Trump-era! Than, afterward (in 2032), the country, the economy, the political arena and the swamp should be cleaned up so thoroughly that we could perhaps risk experimenting with Kanye.

NO Name: Yo, whatcha laughing at? You Kanye West. Rat's chance in hell you'll be taken serious. Rap yo way to President.

Ryan Wilson: Hey Kanye, you like fish sticks?

champsammy13: "Persuasion is more important than politics!"

Politics is persuasion...

Alan Burnett: Juan, Juan, Juan ... George Washington turned down the presidency TWICE, before accepting. Donald Trump was RECRUITED by high-ranking military IN ORDER TO OVERCOME THE COUP, which they knew was on the horizon! Think before you speak- it'll clear up your confusion.

Nader Alqam: Don’t laugh at him. Trump got laughed at and guess what , he’s the president of the United States

Lou R: I will vote for him 2024

Kampala Twich: Unbias News

Rico Williams: His constant struggles with mental illness are not conducive to being a good leader. Also his ego is WAY too big.

Marky Mark: Kanye should run for governor of California first..make California great again...he stands a far better chance

Lala Lyons: Kanye Went in the WH not a good idea go to Kardashian tattoo trashy you should run for something in California straight out that state

Marion Sloane: if criminals can run the country why not a born again Christian rap artist? l would vote for him.

Cheryl Cooper: Pandering the "christ-crowd" there Kanye?!! Not going to work.. Do yourself a favor and just keep following Jesus!

rich s: Bunch of jackasses talking about Uncle Tom

Craig Bigelow: If only he can con the Christian right! We don't like black people remember!

Slowbro: Top kek

Insert Name Here: Kayne would be just a bit shy of the record for youngest president to assume office, held by Theodore Roosevelt. One step closer to a an American British Parliament. God fires the American democracy and replaces it with the Hollywood music and movie industry.

FUN FACT: Yesterday, I learned the creation story of Adam and Eve, snakes and apples in the trees, the flood, and your false God interpretations.


Hey Now: Black version of trump. Ignorant and low rent with money

g PAUL: Kanye for prez and Dennis Rodman for veep. Peace with NK. Just kidding.

Homeless Pirate: It doesn't matter who is going to be a President, question is what is te reason, goals, agenda behind becoming a President.

Jessie Toney: No Kanye... he is getting full of himself


Debbie Damiano Billirakis: 😂😆😃😂

Teri Butler: Can you run for president with a diagnosed mental illness?

Afro Pharaoh's Medjays: This Guy is Funny he is So Confident tho 😂 it's Funny it's more to it then just saying it 😆 but idk he might be Right you can do any you really put your mind to it

Dawn Witmer: Donald Trump JR. 2024!!!

Stevenado14: Kanye would be the dark horse underdog go Kayne!

Scot Mile: What mr West does not understand is none of us can get along now we have democrats keeping their word before the president was elected they stated

Does not matter we are going to impeach no matter what

There will be war this is a fact I agree this is going to happen but fox will never tell you

They thought we had no plans after the above statement was made we did war the only way to fix this

Rich Blasko: He's got my vote.

Dazzle Daze: Beautiful women

5Minute Major: Trump makes up words FOYSTERED

John Boosh: I like Kanye, but I wouldn’t vote for him lol

Henry Townshed: Good for him I like to believe that anybody can become president if they try. If he can get the internet on his side he will win. All he has to do is be the meme President we want

Mr Comment Man 123: KANYE