'The Five' reacts to Pelosi saying Biden's allegations are a 'closed issue'

When asked about Joe Biden allegation, Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her support saying it was a 'closed issue'. #FoxNews #TheFive FOX News operates the ...


Clinton Kilian: Joe Biden is a Rapist...Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist............................ Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist.............................Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist.... Joe Biden is a Rapist.............................. Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist................................. Joe Biden is a Rapist... Joe Biden is a Rapist...Joe Biden is a Rapist................................... Joe Biden is a Rapist.........................

Annie Chou: Juan should go with AOC or CNN not here, otherwise will drop fox viewer. Must stop .

Robert Shipley: Democrats get their ethics from the CCP

Reise Keller: Pelosi is PATHETIC!... and Biden will NEVER see any consequences!

M W: Yeah but trump has to answer the same questions over and over day after day

FastJimmyC: Obviously throwing water on the witch doesn’t make her melt...

Phillip Nguyen: Danm she look like a old broken doll

S O'Leary: Dana you are so cute!. Love πŸ’• it, ha ha.

Father Gabriel Stokes: Why is the victim coming out with the allegation during the election? Pathetic woman

aprilfool1965: Pelosi's message in a nutshell:
We, on the left, are too desperate for gaining control over the American minions. We can't afford the time to even fake empathy or compassion towards Joe's victim(s). So, f-off, and please vote for Joe Biden.

Kentxyz: Remember Juan and everyone, the difference in this case is that Biden did it while in office as a Senator....and yes, I (like most all) think he probably did it.

ArtIntel: Juan forgot to say the word β€œBiased” when he said he viewed this as a POLITICAL ANALYST πŸ˜‚

Veronica Conroy: Bill Clinton set the NEW standards, a meow flavored cigar and a BJ under the oval office desk.

TyteMind 888: Pelosi for β€œShark Bait”

Jacek: Nancy's face looks like Halloween mask lol

Michael Powell: Nasty is all shiny and greasy. Fire Juan!

Michael Martocci: Blowsi and Hellary, Biden had said in the past,Β " YOU GOT TO BELIEVE THE WOMEN THAT COMES UP FRONT AND EXPOSE THESE MEN WHO BAVELY COME FORWARD TO TELL THE TRUTH" They certainly did back off on Kavanaugh.

Chad Sotelo: Juan is a idiot.

Angel True: This issue is not closed & Nancy & the Democrats will know it when Ronan Farrow do a Harvey Weinstein on Joe Biden. I hope Ronan isn't suicided before he can spill the tea.

Steven: "Democrats would rather focus on defeating Trump" - Juan (I.e. the Democrats want to deny the sexual allegations)

Shane Cardot: Hey democrats !!! Remember the Me 2 movement , every woman should be heard , or are you freaks going to attack this woman that needs to be heard ? Your hypocrisy is why we despise the fact and I mean fact a democrap that has audacity to sniff my daughters anything would be dealt with . HEY DEPT. OF JUSTICE BETTER TALK BIDEN'S ACCUSER AS A CONCERNED CITIZEN I'M CALLING YOU OUT ! GET RID OF THE SWAP THEN THE DEEP STATE DIES AND THEN THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE WILL SHOW ITSELF ,THIS CAN'T GO ON. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A " D" IN FRONT OF YOUR NAME DOESN'T MAKE YOU ABOVE THE LAW .󾓧󾓦

Buzz Messinger: To answer Greg, "He's very stupid."

dan pawlowsky: Biden would never lay his hand on a woman, only youngsters for him, as far as I have seen. He wouldnt remember anyways!

L R: Have to mention incase someone from fox reads these blogs. When i search for news in general fox does not show up as an option. Nbc, abc, msnbc all show up including ones i dont recognize. I have to literally request fox to see whats up.

T. D: And that my friends is your leader of the house of Representatives. What a freaking joke of a woman and a disgrace to the house of the people forever in history books.

Timothy Burdette: Leather face supports creepy Joe! ...whatever

Taylor Curtis Braz: The women that work around Joe Biden have to be careful that they don't get sexually assaulted by him.

Amit Lal: I believe if Brett Kavanaugh is not guilty then I also believe Joe Biden is not guilty especially coming from 23 years down the road not guilty should have came up 23 years ago losers

Nash GC: Juanita Williams wouldn't know what a political analyst looks like even if it came and punched him in the nose

Gloria Rider: "Pelosi" has got to be the biggest lier on this planet!!

David DeMarco: How is this despicable, two faced, ice cream guzzling lush still in a position of power and approving of predatory behaviors as well?

Suzanne Higginson: Sweating like a rapist !!!

Greg Lander: Nancy would and does support Satan!

Jenn Faire: Why didn't she believe Brett Michael Kavanaugh?

GoodShepard Film Productions: Democrats new mantra: "All men must be believed"

yukonjeffimagery: The MSM will cover for Joe like they did Hillary.

Kay Richter: Nancy probably has had sexual relationship with a Joe.

The Wuhan Snap: Democrats don’t care if Biden assaulted a woman or women

Tom: Too bad no one believes what Fox News and Trump say. Trump will lie about things that are so easily provable. Fox News is nothing more than a propaganda network, built on fake news, lies, manipulation and crap.. all for money.. the root of all evil. And no one loves money more than Trump.

everett binder: Creepy Jo Jo must have been charged up on Viagra that day sniffing wasn't enough.

Professor Moriarty: Omg how much of my tax dollars went to Botox for her while on extended paid vacation.. Jesus she is scary

D M: No doubt the records have been destroyed.

Dan B: Democrats are Hypocrites. What they did to Kavanaugh over false allegations. But sleep, grabby, alzheimers Joe Biden gets accused and they sweep it under the rug. Allegations about Joe are believable because he is on camera feeling up little girls and older women.

Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics: Evangelicals want to move on??? Is he insane? Biden needs to be investigated! Bella Pelosi is evil. Is he worse than Biden? IDK.

Dwight MacDonald: Pelosi has been glowing since this s*** started.

L R: Move on to cintinue their denials and continued lies.

Carrot Boy: Both sides are hypocrites. Democrats don’t believe all women. Republicans believe women when it’s convenient to them. The thing is unless you are not associated with political parties you fail to see the hypocrisy of both sides. Neither side is clean . Both are corrupted with obvious agendas

C. J.: What energy? Are you talking about the 1500 who tuned in to his online townhall?

go for it. Guzman: Joe Biden can’t remember what happened 5 mins ago, that’s who they want to run the government!! pathetic!! Joe Biden should be at home with a pacifier in his mouth.

Sluga Bunny: Biden : I always give a three fingered salute to the pony soldiers 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎