'The Five' reacts to Queen Elizabeth breaking her silence on 'Megxit'

Queen agrees Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can exit royal roles; reaction and analysis from 'The Five.' FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), ...


Phyllis Mawhinney: Harry's a basket case, she's waiting to get rid of him. She's a fraud and a lousy liar

E McK: Lol of course she’d play the race card

franimal007: Don't come to the USA please....

joshua raglin: Why the hell should I care.

James Ahern: Meghan isn't stable. It's not politically correct to notice, or to notice that there aren't mixed race stable people.

NelsonClick: When you are Brit royals ever going to learn? DON'T MARRY AMERICANS!!!!!

Shaun Zuber: Gutfield is 100% right on this

Sarah Daniels: The queen is class. These brats are spoiled shits.

ryvr madduck: This is taking the air out of Pelosi's impeachment. The nitwit Markle will fit in well with the phonies in southern California. There is no fox hunting in SoCal, but there is plenty of ghetto rat hunting, dodging human turd piles and used drug needle calisthenics.

big guy: Brexit Megxit I'm confused...🚸

GuyJulius: The true Brexit 🤣😂

TommyC81: Everything is racist. I thought the US was racist?

A. Paul: Get out totally, titles and royalty privileges to be removed. That is how to do it. He will remain a member of the Royal family with a title as a Prince that he was born with only.

Moca 12: No duty no money
Make it on your own losers

Tony: Nobody cares about them

Danny B: The black democrat (Juan) is calling racist.

claudine: @1:57 notice how she sits first, then grabs at Harry's elbow to make him sit? We now who is pulling all the strings in that relationship. My money is on divorce within 3 years. One small point, I haven't seen ANY proof or hint of racism against Meg, only ever do I see 'p.o.c's get a bit ranty over the perceived racism they expect but never prove. I ask who is racist?

Carolyn Barney: I don't believe our President '...Is going anywhere. ❤❤❤👣🕊🌎
You stay in the UK...you have the Queen "
You come to America you have PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP ? 🥰🌞

Crash103179: Nothing says commitment to environmentalism like setting up a lifestyle that has you flying across an ocean on a private plane several times per year.

maximian anderson: MM will be working in Hollywood very soon, she spends too much money they will run out of money very soon.

Danny B: I guess if your grandma is the queen you can do whatever you want.

Terry Russell: Guess Megan is stuck in Canada for 5 more years! Trump 2020!

Glenn Heiselman: Maybe iran can shoot their plane down before this disease comes to America..

Vincent James: Let them give back the family jewels...markel is ghetto she will leave him once he is broke

Paula: I think she is crazy! He will be sorry like his dad.

Bestkeptsecret: Who cares?

HaarpoonWave: Just watch Andrew's interview... That all but sealed this disgusting families fate! Anyone with half of a brain cell cannot stand them!!

Tina Carrasco: Harry and Megan are despicable people. I cannot believe the Queen gave them anything ..to keep their titles is an embarrassment to the Royal family .they cheapen the royals names and everything about it to be a Royal Megan and Harry has made the Royal family look badd in cheap. Shame on Harry to do such a thing to his own family when all his family has done is made them rich and spoiled and nasty narcissist that is Megan and Harry of course shame on them You never ever turn your back on your family

jeff casey: good she wont be back in America for 5 years :)

J NT: Who the hell cares about Meagan

We The People: Klingons of the Royal Family off the Taxpayer Payroll.

Jason Robertson: The Queen is so upset that Harry married a mixed breed. She is beside her self! Meghan is trashing the Monarchy! She is leading Harry around by his wanker.

Story Time: Meghan will be safe in North America because people will be too afraid to criticize her and run the risk of being lampooned by the radical leftist as a racist bigot.

I'm not a real doctor but I play one on YouTube: Now for the dipping of the butterscotch pudding ....such as tradition

Chuck O: 🖕the royals


Bart Swihart: LOL well she will have to wait another 4 years

Ano Man: Pure selfishness and Harry was always a Rebel prince and shes just a hollywood drama queen!!!

Jodene Polston: He is so far back in line thanks to Wil lol. And he will go further back cause I hear she is expecting again.

rayo caballo: Fckin limey chimney punchers

Mona Thomas: I have read articles dating back to 2017 that this would happen so the prediction thing......MHMMMM.  Furthermore, there are pictures of Meghan with the George Soros son so maybe this has more to do with her picking a side that is different then the royal family.  Of course Harry has to follow so he doesn't lose his family and go through what his own parents went through.   That is my prediction!

k g: I was thinking they were moving away to get away from Harry's uncle's connection to pedophilia, even stories of killings and sacrifices of children on that island. But with her stance againts Trump it's clear to see now she is ILLUMINATI. Princess Diana was too heavenly to live that life so she left, but they killed her because she knew too much. She became just another sacrifice or maybe was one from the start. Thats how evil they are.

Story Time: Meghan is correct that no one will dare criticize her here in North America without being at risk of the radical left lampooning her critics as a racist bigot.

Persifal 007: She wants to be president!!

Dadofsixsons 6: Stay in Canada. We in America don’t want you here.

Nicole F: This is a joke, a distraction, please there are issues MUCH MORE important ! Whatever the Queen won't never let down his grandson

Planet Bolshevik: Wow you guys can’t stop pushing this garbage

Misty Blue: Harry does not support the wieen.. He blackmails his family

SNA FU: !the limey, the Hollywood mutt, and their zebra, just what we need, another dog and pony show

OH Yeh!: Trigger warning
looks like they wont move to usa

for another 12 Years 🤣