'The Five' reacts to Trump and Pelosi trading 'meltdown' insults

Democrats storm out of White House meeting on Syria; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


Eric Callahan: That picture doesn't to the while story but what it clearly doesn't show is Trump having a meltdown

Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy: Pelosi never has added up. I remember her from the watergate years she hasn't changed

Chookie 1: That CNN reporter talking about 'one woman standing up against these men' is pretty much saying that Pelosi is therefore right because she is a woman. How sexist can you get?

Jared Summers: Emily can have my babies

Lisa Holmes: You're ALL children! BOTH SIDES.

Joel Mohr: Juan needs to go to CNN.

Cary Huff: Me Too## Juan Williams - Skip, Skip...   Juan Williams - Skip, Skip...  Juan Williams - Skip, Skip... Juan Williams - Skip, Skip... Juan Williams - Skip, Skip... Juan Williams - Skip, Skip...

Eric Callahan: Surrender to Iran? Didn't Obama give them 1 billion dollars and a deal? Didn't Trump reinstate sanctions?

Pasquale Gelardi: Off with its head !

Jim Bo: Juan ....The hairy left nut..Lol

Mr. Z Pilot: Thank you for saving th1qe Kurds President Trump!

Walter Golston: I agree with the statement that the Dem.s Leadership consider their hubris is more important then their responsibility to their Employers that pay their Salaries- I think there should be recalls elections of all of these fools or Legal action brought against them for FAILING to perform their mandated responsibilities .

Scott Stevenson: "How dare you pull our troops out of a situation that we could condemn you for getting even one of them killed before it could happen and we could condemn you." -Dems October 2019

Jim Bo: What a joke punchy pelosi is she’s gone She has fully blown Trump delusional syndrome....???..Love it....🦍🦍🦍🦍🖕

Terrell Lewis: People like Pelosi have caused me to stop voting for local democrats.

Paul G: "Come along Charles, we're leaving!"

Mike Kelly: I'd like to see the current president buried beside Rep Elijah Cummings.

mark rady: Looks like she was pissing her pants

Michael Smith: Look like we didn't need Pelosi or Schumer at that meeting thanks I got done a lot better without those two

drepachi77: Is Greg on Crack? Eww at dana stand in... Kurd Cease Fire ?????? oh...wink

Robert Burdick: Media a joke poopy Pelosi need go away she a big baby like the liberal when they don’t get there way

Angel oflight: from TV. it seems like they're bowing but in reality they're praying for her bain damage and her soul. God bless the president and prayers for the American people. God bless USA.

Dan dog: Mulvaney, WH: "Admits to quid pro quo!" Trump: "There was never a quid pro quo!"

B G: Again look up the utube California's 4 corrupt families then you will understand Nancy's career it did not come by intelligence . Look it up jesse

N Bach: Nancy looks awful. Witch has no skin left to stretch and stomach ulcers to boot. Great .Got what she deserved. 👌👍

Julia Royce: More sickening quarrelling. Please let our elected President do his job. Nancy you need to fix your own state that is in complete disarray.

1IndependentVoter: Every time I click into a Fox video of The Five, Juan's name is always the first thing I see in the comments. LOL Any wonder why?

Tyler May: Juan is as unhinged as pelosi and Schumer.

Martha Rush: Pelosi is still melting and shaking. Trump makes people so mad they can't think. Great tactic, ask any teenager.

Kelly0518able: Sorry Juan, Pelois is a 3rd rate politician.....faque you & the horse you rode in & rode out on!!

Bruce Razor: I dems don’t deserve any respect, time to PURGE the dems

1IndependentVoter: You can always count on Nancy being a DRAMA QUEEN. Always has to put on a show. In her early life, I bet she was a pole dancer.

Sanni Epstein: He surrendered? When did Congress declare war? Blue Collar Logic has a good piece on the letter.

73challenger5031: Commander In Chief, Baby!!!

I'd rather The President be decisive than be wishy-washy like Pelosi and Schumer!

Art Runningbear: Obama was eliminated by a Military Court Martial at Guantanamo, was buried as a traitor.

o0 RECON 0o: Kind of like the “no fidelity to facts” that the democrats had to have proven to them with the transcript huh Pelosi? It is your party Pelosi that is not comprehending what’s being said in the Trump Republican leadership or the wishes of the American People. Pelosi sure can talk about all the problems to deal with and yet has done nothing about them, expect nothing more if the dems were in control!

Rick Davis: Nancy Pelosi comes from a long line of corrupt politician family members.

Cue 1st Amend: Trump is a disgusting verbal abuser. Anyone would walk out. He's brutal.

anamike: The only meltdown are Democrats mad that President Trump going to win again....

James Lindsay: "It is a great day for civilization"- Trump

Allan Thibodeau: Stop talking Juan , brain washing puppet, pay ack is coming Dems

Patricia: Bla bla bla ..I watched these reporters and I wonder how much they get paid to defend Trump .. ai guessing a lot ..
corruption is everywhere even in this country

Cue 1st Amend: Reporter on the ground in Syria says this " truce " is meaningless. This is a great day for Russia, who has stepped into the void, a win for Iran, and a win for Assad. But a big loss for America. Trump cannot claim credit for putting out a fire that he started. Nobody trusts America anymore.

Angel oflight: That's the way it should be praying for her soul. Payers and God bless the president and the American people . Bless USA

peaberry: If you didn't have family there, you don't get to talk about it.. Bet every parent in the USA thanked God Trump pulled them out.

New Man Enterprise: Wrong Call by The President :/ I've always been a fan but he promised The Kurds, to support them, not to surrender their land and have them all displaced. Part of the 120 hour cease fire is that they have to evacuate their land, They agreed to the ceasefire but are not leaving their land, so fighting will continue in a few days, and what will happen? They can't stand up to Turkey alone.

charles sawallich: Her fixodent wasn't holding her teeth in place an when ya toofers falling, time to bail out an get the fixodent paste out

Allan Thibodeau: Shut up stupid Juan, what a uselessssssssss

For Glory!: 4:30 WARNING!

Jo Joseph: Is it true that Winston Churchill gassed hundreds of thousands of Kurds during world war 2?