A Traitor's Justice [New Q Drops]

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Kathy O'Connell: Thank you!

kovaxx1: Thanks Michael for being here.

Jimmy Neal: Could Renegade actually be a White Hat ๐Ÿค” 17! This mission has been ongoing for a very long period of time! Did the Communist Infiltrators Hang themselves within the Last decade +? American's want Justice for all Domestic Attacks on American Soil, especially the one in September of 2001! All of those Domestic Attacks were designed to erode American Freedom and Sovereignty. Renegade refuses to support Biden and remember the dirtbag who sold Renegades Senate seat in Illinois, he was on the Apprentice for some odd reason, imagine what the American Public will do when they finally realize that America was hijacked for decade's by Domestic Enemies

American girl: Once the impechement reaches the Senate Barr and Giuliani will release all information. American Military will be waiting outside offices to arrest. Thank You Q and Assange

Roxy Van: Can someone tell me what they r saying to each other with the OK sign

Lois Cashner: There is not another word to use except illegal lynching, because dimrats are trying their best to make up as much bull crap as they can seeing all they have claimed has been proven untrue, thus the lynching illegal with no foundation, just like the lynching from the Dims kkk against the blacks. Not the republicans but the demonrats. Kkk.

Livey Free: Thoughts on Trump signing an EO stopping antisemitism???
1st Amendment violation??

Qtardation ..

Mason Toney: I think it's quite funny how you discuss bs instead of speaking on the real crimes against Americans and the world I'm positive you're aware of such as the quantum physics the us military industrial war complex is using with their secret societies on the masses. Or how the have everyone computer chipped and hooked to the quantum computer. Tell them about the deals your government made with Lucifer the alien to overthrow me and my father. You fuckers will get what you deserve Babylon

mel4stars: If they let even one person walk it will negate any credibility they (Trump) has gained. It is very necessary that they all go down.And we will know if any are let off the hook. It's the FBI, CIA..... gov't, but also media, entertainers,bankers.... fry them.


Tommy Young: Would like to here your thoughts on gun grab in Virginia, and the threats of withholding state funds and sending the national guard to enforce unconstitutional gun grab laws.

Secture Vero: Q up to 3683

Michael Koranda: I thank God for our president and all of you Patriots were winning this war keep posting the truth keep praying keep voting God bless America and all of you๐Ÿ’ช

Angela Leach: POTUS: "Now that the witchhunt is over, when do the trials for treason begin"? Q.:"PAIN COMMING". WWG1WGA!

Don: I wish Q's drops were more obscure.

Holly Taylor: Merry Qmass... Merry Xmass. The X is greek meaning Christ.... What is the Greek meaning of Q? Piercing the Veil...

Jeff Land: You hear nothing about the FISA JUDGE.... Why is that?????

HighCard! 1: Prayers Patriots

Suziq darlin: Facebook is a no go for me!!!!!! Thank you Micheal for your time, God bless

freedom fox: Lions Republic. AMERICA keep YOUR eyes on Mitch

Robbie Maternick: Every stinking traitor walks free.. If nothing happens soon this is all bullcrap. Q will be proved as a deep-state psyop to keep you from preparing and to give you hope when there is none.

Jason Bourne: You're indictments we're not necessary and you know this. These indictments are of you're creation for a selfish cover up.

Erin Schatzi: Did you see the Bill the Democrats passed? Foreign Oligarchs can have U.S visas

DJ FREE SPEECH: tHE sTORM IS Here Bitichhhessss...

spaceboy3101: I still don't have all my eggs in the Trump basket. I still think it could all be an elaborate scam. I just don't know I would encourage people to be cautious. There is still a lot of stuff out there that paints Trump in a different light. This short vid here shows just a tiny bit of it. In part of this vid, he is heaping praise on the Clintons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szoh5sXlrFw

Joyce Laurito: Thank you!!!God bless you greatly.

BB. W: America when do we put democrates up for treason due to attacking our President and our constitution and our right to vote and our bill of rights and abuse of power...all from 2014 till 2019.

freedom fox: Amazing Polly. Free40,000 foot view

Don Sears: https://www.unsilencedvoice.com/posts/10710

Jason Bourne: Do my research? That's not a bad idea.

Jason Bourne: Traitor??? Are you serious?? If I had prior knowledge of a serious criminal act to take place at a certain time and date as well as knowledge of the perpetrators and did nothing to stop it then I would held accountable for not reporting it. Qanon has predicted many shootings and allowed them to happen without stopping them or even so much as attempt to stop them. How many law enforcement officers have been murdered as predicted by Qanon?????????? How many innocent people have fell victims of predicted mass shootings as Qanon has predicted and allowed them to take place?

Darla Tidwell: Have a Merry Christmas.

Jason Bourne: And as far as Q proofs and what have you,the Trump and Q postings being some kind of proof is absurd. Anyone one with a brain can figure out how this is happening. Wow

Jason Bourne: Hey Qanon,while you're reading the future and predicting with deadly accuracy all the mass shootings why don't you give us some lottery numbers. How about the weather seven weeks from now. Let's see a real Q proof. Flat out refusal to act is the best proof you are a fake.
You just can't stop yourself,we were told this and that my friend is real truth. I could go on and on

Mark Sunde: The Office of President of the United States is currently vacant due to the fact that one Donald John Trump has failed to take the proper oath of office thus leaving the office vacant, and The United States Congress is also vacant, having no qualified members https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZik4_41cds

WideAwake: So are we just going to ignore Trump's latest EO attacking the 1st amendment ? College students are now not allowed to have free speech concerning a 'certain' nation. WTH.... ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Jason Bourne: I just simply do not believe this movement anymore. To many inconsistencies and red flags. Far to many very important statements by qanon that tell the real truth when compared to what is known to be fact. Revelations 18,19. Read it. The armys of the world will attack God per say.

Jake Miller: Itโ€™s all a show, what actual good is this? Have someone holding signs that say Q? If it was anything other than slight of hand the video wouldnโ€™t be here. Itโ€™ll maybe be taken off.....again just a way to make ppl feel like they are part of something other than sitting here on your ass doing nothing

Jason Bourne: 20 and 4?

Jason Bourne: The armys of the world? 4D chess?
Revelations 18,19. Why is qanon saying 4D chess?

buford t. justice: scaramucci was spying on trump and feeding the demons everything.

Brian A: who woulb ever bonqte to thib chonnel? holb your money


Yorktown 1781: Still just talk. The left is going for broke in many places. They want a civil war to cover up what they have been doing wrong for decades. When they start arresting people I will believe it. When they arrest soros and all the big dogs I'll believe it. When Michael Bloomberg and others are charged with treason I will believe it. Many people need to go to prison. The are enemies of the constitution and humanity. These animals are sick. Hegalian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution. So far we are still reacting to them and sucking up their solutions. When do they get arrested and start reacting to us and sucking up our solutions? We are extremely far from victory. I am not sold on this yet.

Sendieloo Who: Is anyone else familiar with the channel Area 17(?). He made a video the other day saying heโ€™s proved that Q is a psyop. Comments or opinions?????

lana rice: The Left may not realize what they have done, they brought families back together, different cultures together, they have UNITED US. WWG1WGA. We are awake and a lot stronger thanks into the Left.

karen hennigar: Perhaps the Q Team is in the intro?

Rob S: They still control the distribution of food and goods so stock up while you still can. Thatโ€™s the first thing they will interrupt. Like a kid throwing his toys.


Lazarus Seven: How is it that one party can do all this damage to the President to another party, and to our country, and yet the Demonic Democrats break no known laws?