Abuse Of Power Would Be On You [J.Turley]

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Katy Lox: NOW they are trying to get him fired!

Suziq darlin: Yes a world of hurt is coming for the dems! they will die ,THANK YOU GOD!!!

ValerieW: Professor Turkey is fair and balanced

Bill Haigh: Democrats ...HAVE TO PLAY ...A LOADED GAME ....LOL... they better get ready to lose... And I mean lose .....HUGE !!!!!!!!!!

Fatima Reid: There's definitely a president to impeach and that would be Obama!

Debby Kennett: Watched this witness very knowledgeable, and totally agree. being a citizen that has seen the past 2 impeachments yesterday was a very sad day.

Brian Mccool: Roll on FISA

RepomanPro: Join us for the march for justice
July 4th 2020 stampede Washington DC

Cindy Seymour: these traitors must be brought to Justice

Gambino Joshua: I got hairy legs

Bruce Ingrassia: DemonRATS- It is impossible to pickup a TURD by the clean end and this is an absolute abuse of power on the DemonRATS and Nadler...may they all rot in Gitmo. Β KANGROO COURT at Best. TRUMP WILL PREVAIL- and asses will be kicked. Art of War!

For The Love of Enki777: Hmmm πŸ€” White hat? Like double agent?

Don Sears: planetary process procedural Programed Parakeet Parrot pedigree promoted Pompously Pushed Posh posh Posh process process process to infinity and Beyond ...all this that the USA has become is VOID of Constitutional Brilliance and Tact and offered ~this~ "PROCESS" in Lieu of Truth , Justice , intelligent thought , philosophical pondering , Theological testing , intuition insight , ~this~ " PROCESS" is not A HUMAN Creation ...its built on illusion Lies Lawyers Legislation of Prostitution

Tre Brah: Can you hear truth and reason when it’s spoken? Which of the 4 witnesses brought it forth? Leftist lawyers are like scorned vindictive children.

The Great Chain: Why let all that fecal matter & urine on the streets of San Francisco go to waste ? Dump it on to the Bush's Clinton's Obama's Podesta's Brennan's ilk hellywoods paedophiles CNN'S pedovores CIA FBI's graves after the military tribunal executes all these Satanist

Bonnie Wilson: DEMOCRATES this is not a parliament we are not England ..separation of power is there for just this reason ..our constitution matters..Parliament treason ..

Samantha Davis: Americans need to see just one of these leftist traitors arrested....just the first one. If one of these guys are arrested, they will all quickly turn on each other.

me: The longer this goes on, with their lies and hateful ways, the more angry I get and I know other people that feel the same way.
As has been said before, they are awakening a sleeping giant...I'm joining my local Republican chapter to see what I can do. And I'm making another donation. We need to take action, and not sit back and just watch it happen.
With the help of our Heavenly Father, we can do this.

Brian Weatherman: 00:41 notice how Nadler isn't even paying attention. He's talking! I was taught at a very young age to give people 100% your attention, its respectful.

P.s can someone get him a phonebook to sit on!

Patsy Faulkner: There was no impeachment they got 300 pages: most were hearsay and assuming - that is not proper to impeachment, Nancy and Adam Schiff were panic and they make look like it real things going on in Ukraine. Why Nancy son in Ukraine, what are they hidden and same for Adam Schiff? We all know they were in Ukraine and making money hmmm that very real things, now they are caught. Time to handcuff all those do nothing Democrat. no more games, no more false story , no more fake whistleblower (it was themselves made it up full lies). They are hiding from everything, they are cover things up. To get rich scheme. That all they are doing.

Mark Anderson: U must see sgtreport , no more gas , desirl , propane , nat gas

Scott O,Donahoe: These people are just fighting to keep from getting a slow cruise to GITMO ! Nothing in these hearings have anything to do with making America stronger !

Brian Withrow: Boom!

Erin Schatzi: He proved their projection. " you are doing exactly what you're criticizing the president of doing" and that's abuse of power by you.

Erin Schatzi: Notice how when Turley was talking the DEMOCRATS were talking amongst each other

vipanda66: Hey everyone, got a bit of a surprise moment today. Netflix/salvation/
season 2/ episode 8/ 21:15....... both my eyebrows hit the ceiling. please check it if you can. It cannot be coincidence.

vipanda66: Hey everyone, got a bit of a surprise moment today. Netflix/salvation/
season 2/ episode 8/ 21:15....... both my eyebrows hit the ceiling. please check it if you can. It cannot be coincidence.

vipanda66: Hey everyone, got a bit of a surprise moment today. Netflix/salvation/
season 2/ episode 8/ 21:15....... both my eyebrows hit the ceiling. please check it if you can. It cannot be coincidence.

sheri frushay: ! Precisely! πŸ’– GREAT VID!

Susan Jefferson: Pray for Turley!

NexusBeyondThe Moon: Q,What i am getting from all the hearings and with some top DEMS .ARE NOW PART OF THE PLAN ,WITH OUT A CHOICE,and to move this up to the senate.for more education purposes,So we the people of America and the world can see it all FINALLY ending the corruption with in our government and give it back to the people , if your cleaning house ?and moving what do you do,? we must trust the plan,

Adam Nix: I am wandering if you know of this? https://washingtondailynews.today/bill-barr-indicts-8-for-illegally-funneling-foreign-money-to-adam-schiff-and-multiple-dem-senators/

nits56: charge all the coup participants with sedition remove from office .

nits56: these sick congresspeople deserve PRISON lock them lock or lynch the traitors and move on

Bradley Lomas: The rath of the Paysuer family is through the top elite positioned democrats. They paid the democrats, the media, the highest levels of judges and it has a trickle effect on unsuspecting Americans.

Ken Sod: WWG1WGA...
God bless our Potus...
God bless our veterans...
God bless our Patriots...
1-4-all -all for 1

Tami Wilcox: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/convicted-sex-offender-and-mueller-witness-george-nader-indicted-for-illegal-contributions-to-boost-hillary-clinton

Jea S: Where did the "Biblical" vid go??? I was just going to show it to my husband. 😞

Joyce Genho: it is going to be Biblical....definition: very great; on a large scale.
"we need rainfall of biblical proportions to bring us back to normal" so large very great....indeed it will be.

Anthony Hodges: Boom

Joe Masse: Turly used to be a favorite of Rachael Maddow, I doubt you’ll be seeing him on her show ever again?

Lisa T.: Oh I pray Angels around this man. I speak God's protection around him. They just got served truth!!!


MelIssa G: The MSM, 1/2 of Congress Hillary, Obama & Hollywood are complicit in the crimes!

Diane Phillips: I saw this earlier today and it was by far best thing in president's favor.

David Ludwig: Dear Heavenly Father I pray for justice for our children. Justice for humanity. Justice for all the ones that have done terrible things to humanity. Protect our hearts Lord and keep us strong in the coming days. Protect our POTUS and all Patriots around the world. We need you Lord. Amen.

Casey P: The dems are abusing their powers all away around, now whats going at happen to them? This shit needed to stop 3 years ago. Who runs this Schitt show?

Renee. Wilkins: Micheal this video is so right on and you are brilliant but i want to talk to you 😞and everyone 😞

line belanger: Abuse of power .....kill the enemies πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

patricia serdahl: The Patriot Hour, Wow Michael as I watch this Sham Hearing today those 4 Professors are all Democrats and are againist President Trump I dont give a crap how many degrees they have that Noah Feldman one thinks his all that and a bag of chips and the woman Pamela S Karlan getting all pissy the Dems on the Committee are all a joke The Republicans did well especially Greg Steube of FL and Mr Collins also gotta Love Jim Jordan WWG1WGA