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Michael Taylor: It goes to the Judicial Committee & yet there's still NOT been an Impeachment Vote by the whole House!
Crazy, eh?
Dummycrats & RINOs appear more stupid every day...
🇺🇸 Re-Elect President Trump In 2020 🇺🇸
Storm Very Near Now...
🐍🐀 Deep-State Swamp-Critters Out In The Open With No Place To Hide...
Justice To Come Swiftly⚡
(Sealed Indictments To Be Unsealed Before New Year's Day 2020)
Enjoy The Show

Scott Lavell: I'm ready to go to war. Who's with me? When is enough enough? If that makes me a traitor then so be it. So were our founding fathers. Every one of them traitors to the crown. But sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire.

Pam Coker: I wonder how many more DemocRATS are involved with Ukraine

Margaret Schadegg: The do nothing Democrats.... are they actually working now ???? Impeach all these years seems to be the only work they do....Who is collecting salaries..???? Your President and family not taking salaries....Or diverted to humanitarian donations....

Zeke Lugo Santini: It's so good to hear positive News feeds on our economy. That means that president has, and is doing a great job governing!

Thank you BCP and Wife!

Cobra Commander: I would love to suplex Adam Shift on the concrete.

Joseph N. Pollaro: You scumbags can call Barr a liar all you want. It won't alter you sentence one bit. The penalty for treason is death. The penalty for sedition is life in prison. After your sentences are carried out, you are going to hell. Enjoy eternity.

Bo James: Democrats are running scared so lets put them to rest for some nice jail time.

John Doe: Tthe Dems and media are completely insane. They don't have a problem with running phony investigations on President Trump or trying to destroy Kavanaugh and others but when it's the Dems being investigated then the investigators are the criminals. If AG Barr has evidence and provable crimes how can he be the real criminal LOL. I guess anyone that does anything against the Dems is a criminal. The only criminals are the Democrats, Muller and his team, state and intelligence individuals and the media as an accomplice.

Dana Waer: Corrupt Lying, Shifttty Piece of SHIFTTT, NAZI PEEloser, Jerry Nadler And Many Other Crooksd DimTURD Politicians And Corrupt Lying Fake News MSM Should ALL Be Arrested And Taken Out of The House in Handcuffs on Live Television For TREASON Over This ILLEGAL COUP ATTEMPT!!!

Joe Arevalo: Democrats can cry all they want, guilty people almost always claim they're innocent especially if they know they've been caught!!

Jeff Booher: She is a rude bitch better said .....Kalama  a train wreak!!! watch her in any meeting, & stupid, rude

grizzlygrizzle: Harris's resigned staffer, Kelly Mehlenbacher, is 35 and has deep ties with the deep state and Hillary. Where does the left find all these bitter, hateful women and soyboys? It's probably not as much about "finding" them as creating them by means of leftist indoctrination in schools.

Pierre Joubert: Push back - ultimately hard - uproot all this rotten sluice/scum cabal

Carlo Gagliano: Help. I was recently talking about the GDP under President Trump vs President Obama.I'm pretty sure I got information from your channel that may be inaccurate, I get sent a chart that showed the GDP really DIDN'T get better. Tried looking it up myself and (so far) he appears to be correct. Was I dreaming that things are better?


Kimber E: I just had a sick thought what if the primaries were rigged by Hillary because you know she owns the dead vote and they get Joe Biden elected to the primaries and he names her as the vice president and then he dies who would be president then Hillary. Because they're letting him bumble around out there it wouldn't be shocking if he fell over dead

Zeke Lugo Santini: Excellent reporting, as always. Thank you much brother BCP and sister Wife!

Zeke Lugo Santini: Jarry Nadler failed in the Obstruction of Justice claim against Trump on the Bogus Russian Collusion investigation fiasco!

And he's going to try it again...what a fool!
He can't beat Trump!
Trump is unbeatable!

MultiJimmyb: What the heck happened to Drudge? Now I'm glad I don't follow him anyway. The only reason he got big was because he found out, and reported the Monica/Clinton story. Why the heck is he reporting fake news now?

Zeke Lugo Santini: The DemonRats are projecting their criminality onto AG Barr and Trump!

Wthrwse: Funded the WB complaint? Why would that require funding? More grasping at straws by the right. Dems arent worried about the IG report since it says everything they have said all along: Ukraine was not involved in the 2016 Presidential election meddling.

Nita Wealand: Jerry Naylor screw you six ways to Sunday your ass tick tock tick tock

Nancy Rocks: Barr is a good man wanting justice. So do we!!!!

Jim Kubitza: Barr is going to whup ass and take names. Just be patient.

mcw089: The inflation bubble is actually a product of the FED playing their only card. Niether Obama or Trump has much to do with it.

NICKI JO BELL: Just remember Horowitz is deep state! He let Fast and Furious by Obama and Eric Holder go. Found no wrong doing. I don't trust him. He's gonna say there was no wrong doing on the FISA Reports and Ukraine! This crap makes me sick! True Americans are very mad this crap and lies are allowed!!!! I can't wait til Barr and Especially Durham's Report comes out! This Impeachment Sham is pissing people off! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! #TRUMP2020 #STILLWINNING #MAGA #KAG #LOVEMYPRESIDENT #WWC1WCA #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessPresidentTrump

Robert Hendricks: Love you, man!


{// WTF! //}: in all fairness, AG Barr did say "Epstein hung himself" and he does have hooks to Busch Sr's CIA, post Iran Contra and later during his administration in Mena Arkansas. (research Les Wexner, Evergreen Aviation and a seedy associate "Chip Tattum"). Comey is still walking around and a known criminal. Biden confessed to bribery and nothing happens... Past performance is a very good predictor of future expectations. I pray I'm wrong, but I'm not holding my breath with DOJ....

Melvin Entz: Too many commercials will not be subscribing to this and too greedy

space boy: At first glance I thought it was Tracy Morgan. Great video btw. I love it. It's a damn shame how people show a bias to black conservatives. As if a black man can't decide which side of Politics they would like to be on. Unreal. Dems are the real racists.

Frances Cerrone: Pinocchio you piece of shit KARMA is coming for you and the rest of the Dems along with Obama and Clinton nothing is going to be better than that happy New Year.

Mr Pool Player: What we have going on, is close to SEDITION, if not a downright Card Carrying Conspiracy. Our country is in trouble when the Constitution & the Rule of Law are not the guiding framework of our society. These people have to be arrested & charged with their crimes, otherwise our country's leadership is false & that means we as a Nation are in TROUBLE

lary murray: If anyone would like to know what a person on Woke A.F. looks like, Look at any picture of Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff! Just saying, look for yourself!

Teresa Ashley: Noooo The Demonrats are the ones that did the crimes and they know they are in HOT water🔥🔥

ray marchetta: Dems: Uh Oh, we better attack the IG report before it comes out! Now we need to impeach Barr!

AnonaMousetookmaname: I've got Jerry Nadler and Ruth Bader Ginsburg running neck and neck for the number one spot in my Dead Pool.
Betting on Nadler. This shit show has already almost killed him once. Bader is too ornery to die.
Meet the new boss, nothing like the old boss. Trump wins in 2020 by a record smashing landslide.

Rudy V: How is John Kerry Heinz been able to keep his name out of this fiasco 🤔!!!!????

Maubi Smith: What we need is for Trump to call for an audit of all House and Senate members both parties, to see who have sold out our country and ripping off the taxpayers. As well as all top government officials.

Jeffrey Binder: The whistleblower that is a total secret except everyone knows who he is and is a CIA guy that is friendly with Schiff and Biden

Jeffrey Binder: Nadler, I can't prove anything except I'm a troll so I'm gonna ask Trump to prove he's not guilty. I'm the smartest criminal in DC ; )

Jeffrey Binder: Mueller was the GOD that was going to take Trump down with all his Democrat/Clinton friendly lawyers and intelligence treasonists but he failed. Now a real straight shooter (Barr) comes along and digs into what went on and he's called the bad guy by the criminal Demonrats even before he releases his findings. Hmmm

supermom42 champs4him: Disgusting low life lying demonrat Bloomberg, THE BILLIONAIRE, running Presidential ads during BCP broadcast. Bloomberg is an Anti-American TREASONOUS thief!
This COMMUNIST hypocrite needs to shut up and get out of our country. ALL DEMS ARE DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL DECEITFUL LIARS!

Garrett Taylor: B I love you man and what you are trying to do, but you gotta be honest with the people. Bro NOTHING is going to happen to ANY of these people no matter how much you try to convince us otherwise. If there is any justice, it will have to be brought by the people. The Republicans will do nothing to these people. If you ask me they are all a part of the same thing. The ONLY one fighting for us is our president THAT'S IT.

steve mentzel: Oh! Rep. Adam Schiff you know who is the REAL CRIMINAL. Americans are also looking at YOU crossed eyed!

Richard VanKirk: BCP...really hoping to see you on the 14th, pray things work out that way...Did you catch what Nadler said "...six ways from Sunday" where have I heard that phrase before? the intelligence community...TRUMP would not have been framed and would have achieved soooooo much more!Unfortunately my son doesn't think ANYTHING positive will happen, basically this video is his position:

nits56: 6 min gay soap ads these people are sick

nits56: anyone notice utube a endlessadvert campaign to charge 9.99 to avoid ads?

awumdah: What if you give us one sentence of evidence against any of the mountain of crimes and evidence? This administration is been denying, lying and covering up, through out the whole term to this day. Please give us just one shred of evidence this administration is not in bed with Putin? One sentence please. We already know the Republicans wouldn't vote for impeachment under any evidence so they are attacking the proceedures, and refusing to even allow testimony by any of the accused.

391 million dollars is evidence. Russia benefits for that and Joe Biden has already been investigated and no evidence found. Trump's children are not only employed in the Whitehouse but are not doing too bad making millions. Remember building 666 owned by Kusner? Remember the military rooming in Trump towers and not the secure military base a few miles away?

If hes so innocent why not just man up and testify? If he did the things accused of he should be impeached. If not let his accused testify and clear his name. Stop all the distractions and accusing others of things that have nothing to do with the treasonous, bribery abuses of office he appears to be into up to Gullini and Barr? All I see if a failed grasping at straws. Straws that have nothing to do with the impeachment inquire.


So just come clean and tell the truth, Mr. President. The truth matters to most Americans.