Amid Coronavirus Trump Admin Gives Rare Speech Urging China’s People to Own Their Future—Steve Yates

What is the significance of deputy national security advisor Matthew Pottinger recently giving a speech from the White House in fluent Mandarin? How does this ...


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Stella brown: CHINA SPEAK NOW....did I work with the American deep state...I heard some people made donations to the lab, what was that all about?

Soul: Bottom line, the world put to much good faith in China. That needs to change.

Cynde Phillips Hohbein: To The Censors and Thought Police of Google, FaceBook and YouTube: Please listen to this post carefully. Then, you may explain to the Japanese Administration Officials why you must remove them from your roster of Users. I believe the phrase was "Chinese (not World) Health Organization.... Recent history is not an erasable whiteboard.

Liu 刘Wei Wei 薇薇: Thank you Mr. Yates for sharing your spirits and passion ,giving myself a chance to have
hope of American exceptionalism that has not diminished under the circumstances of globalization, the democracy we human cherished as civilization going forward.

omnymisa: I think the China government knows the different addictions that are the weak points of the west leathers, and that's just how they have been able to get away with so much.


dazeight qfourhundred: Chines Communist Party CCP should be Isolates because CCP is the one who cause the spread of CCP VIRUS-19 to the whole world.......This CCP VIRUS-19 is made in China that cause lots of death to the world and to the world economy. Again, thank you
The American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times.......for exposing the real truth about the Chines Communist Party CCP ‘’PROPAGANDA’’. Therefore the Chines Communist Party CCP should PAY THE WHOLE WORLD FOR SPREADING THIS CCP VIRUS-19.

Luke: I wonder what happens when CCP gets desperate for oil and other resources to keep the lights on?

pasoundman: The Chinese public will never see this speech however.

IsAnything RealAnymore: It's China's fault that this virus leaked out. However the study of this virus happened here in America for years. At a lab in Fort Detrick Maryland. But the lab continually had leaks so it was shut down temporarily. Evidently someone felt it was dangerous enough and unsafe to continue. There are articles about it. So our own government is and has been up to no good for a while. However it was funded largely in part by Bill Gates. This lab also focusses on Making Vaccinations and we just need to stop this from continuing anywhere. But I just remind people that our government isn't very trustworthy either. However I think it's under a strong Influence of D.S. players and the C.C.P. So we need to stand strong for freedom these days because it is under threat once again... We need to be diligent with our head on a swivel. Our government won't protect us, considering it is the main reason it even exists in the first place!

Hona Wikeepa: WWG1WGA! New Zealand. MAGA!

Thomas Harder: China is buying people! It needs investigation in every Country. Countries have been sold out by individuals in each Country, therefore, there are people to blame! I submit there will be laws broken and Treason committed! China was supposed to JOIN the International Community! That means their unethical, illegal, dirty and sole self interest was supposed to be stopped and deal with the world HONESTLY! As many have said, it looks to be, maybe clearly, that the disease is...Communism!

MacCrusher xxx: God forbid the CCP enslave the Chinese people further to pay all the reparation demands...

Lawrence Martin: Recognize Taiwan Now!.

alan roberts: Come you good not commie but real Chinese people stand up and fight back take your country back

Randy Yee: One belt one road has changed into one death one road!

Randy Yee: It time for America to wake up and stop believing CCP , CCP is evil and never intend to convert to democracy! the time now must eradicate CCP from the earth.!

p lr: USA imploding while MORONS keep blaming everybody

joebonsaipoland: Spoiler alert 🚨 #FuckChina bring back the jobs

Jamie Butler: If these people rise up against the ccp. The world cannot let these people live another though another 1989 massacre. The ccp should be destroyed.

Roses Revolvers: The CCP should fall by June.

Ricto Ectol: Wherever debt to China America owes approx: $5.5 Trillion. I think we can call that even and consider it a down payment to the remaining debt China will owe the USA.

T E: You know I and we all should stand with chinese citizens to get out of the oppression of CCP*RULE. IT Will be a win win for all of us, if that can happen

Yi Shi: Firstly I want to clarify that I agree with deleting the CCP is the top priority for the east Asia, and that is absolutely the correct action.
But that's only the first step, then triggered by this, China's existing territory will get changed dramatically or maybe the country of China will be separated into multiple states, which is another good thing to see.
Xi Jinping, he represents CCP, but he also once to be a normal Chinese 'citizen' and he can also represent the quality and nature of many Chinese, maybe even a majority of them. When Xi is not able to keep the bottom line of humanity, do you trust others will be able? Therefore, a period of international military surveillance control need to be made on the east Asia for the post-CCP era, like what was done in Japan for post-WWII. Chinese will behave much better when not having those atom bombs and missiles. Need a period to obtain the maturity of civilization .

J B: We were busy spygating our own. Obama Regime is guilty.

Glenn: for those with interest - the unnamed senior W.H.O ADVISER at 41:45 is CANADIAN DOCTOR BRUCE "ASSHOLE" AYLWARD - you can find more at

Kat Lur: I took one semester of Mandarin, on a whim, way back in the 70s. We learned that the Chinese word for pretty translated to the English word for “white”. Give you any notion of how they see things?

Glenn: ahhh we can't let that weasel out of his RAT TRAP that easy now can we ? - the unnamed weasely-looking pathetic moron senior W.H.O adviser discussed at 41:45 is named BRUCE "ASSHOLE" AYLWARD - a Canadian "doctor" - LET'S NOT FORGET THAT NAME - the COWARD OF THE MOMENT - A PAID CCP-OPERATIVE FOR CERTAIN - YO BRUCE AYLWARD YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION AND TREASON - DON'T WORRY BRUCE AYLWARD YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN BY THE POLICE

Leslie H Lopez: Master lecture on state of affairs regarding China World relations after the COVS19 (Wuhan Virus)


中Zionist: The significance is that he speaks Mandarin better than me as a ethnic Chinese. Ha ha. He driven the message clear into the mind of the average Chinese.

Glenn: you cannot allow a foreign government to EVER direct a THREAT against the SECURITY OF STATE of ANY NATION - CHINA has gone too far and MUST PAY WITHOUT BOUND IN FULL REPARATIONS FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

Glenn: it is the moment in time when - after having been stopped for a minor rear tail light infraction - the police discover some "unusual behaviour" from the driver - upon investigating further and searching the drivers home - the police open the door of the house and smell "unusual odours" - as they step inside the REAL HORROR becomes apparent - the "exceptional" citizen down the road is actually a MASS SERIAL KILLER with uncountable number of decomposed and half-eaten bodies scattered throughout the house - basement - attic and yard - in this case the driver is CHINA
CHINAPOCALYPSE NOW - THE HORROR - THE HORROR - THE HORROR - "Big Duke Six this is Eagle Thrust do you copy over" - "Eagle Thrust bravo pappa whiskey warrior this is Big Duke Six we copy over" - "Eagle Thrust to Big Duke Six - send in the AIR STRIKE - I repeat - send in the AIR STRIKE - do you copy over" - " Eagle Thrust this is Big Duke Six - we copy over - we are sending in the AIR STRIKE over"

Dodd Garger: These poor people are captives of their government

They are smart, strong, and work harder than many other people for less reward than many

They deserve better and I hope they find freedom from the CCP controlling grip

Steve Chandler: the CCP is a disease


MURR DOG: Made in Hitler CCP China = worldwide boycott... never again

MURR DOG: Simply, boycott everything Chinese, the country that gave the world their chi-com#19 virus, think vote smart with your monie$ your own mainland, read every label never Ever purchase CCP products again... smart think world

SA ME: Love American Thought Leaders!

Paul Mukherjee: Chinese scientists secretly developed the Corona Virus at the Wuhan Lab to be used as a biological weapon of mass destruction against the World nation for economic and political gains. CCP discretely allowed their infected citizens (As their soldiers of mass destruction) to travel Worldwide via Intl. flights from China and spread the virus while banning internal flights. China used delay tactics throigh WHO like preventing international flight shutdown to withhold information and put a clamp on the media, silence whistleblowers to stop information leak about this bio-weapon Corona virus in connivance with WHO Director and Terrorist Tedros Adhanom to ensure maximum damage, mass death worldwide and financial crisis. China needs to ba taught a lesson soon under any circumstances... China needs to pay for conspiracy and crimes against humanity..

SA ME: The fact is, foreigners need to stay home and take care if their own problems and not be allowed to bring them here to the US. American citizens and our Republic first!

Sofronis Nicolaou: Ccp are a power hungry. rasist. Regime

TimTimKitty00: Good job u guys
Well said

New Hope Rising: Is Steve Yates related to Sally Yates?

Maitland Moore: The C.C.P. Virus is a bad element coming from China but worse is how our government reacted and our ignorant citizens panicked . It was pathetic how we resorted back to dark age technology .

Thomas Knox: This was and is a great summary of the US Chinese relationship. The Chinese Communist Party has been bribing stealing and telling lies as a matter of course and political and geographical rape of the world. They are of curse aided and abetted by elements I this Country the rest of the world. Coronavirus May have become the undoing of this heinous attack by the Chinese communist rulers on the US and their own people. Let awake !

Colleen McGrady: Soppy thinking to rely on China for our own wellbeing .. Americans are better than .. that .. think groups can get together and figure it out ..and local groups can grow our
own food . And figure out how to re-establish businesses here .! Back to work again .. ASAP . Kudos to the Trump team .. we would be all dead without them ! That’s what the democrats wanted and they had the vaccinations all along but didn’t tell us ( Dr Fauci).. for themselves .. go figure !

akshay shah: CCP Criminal corrupt party

Doug Lawrence: The Chinese people need to rise up against the CCP NOW! We can support their effort for the good of all mankind!