Andy Biggs expects 'feisty' impeachment hearings in House Judiciary

There are a 'bunch of brawlers' on the Judiciary Committee, says Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. FOX News ...


mike price: sounds like sniveling to me.

Mr.E.Shoppa: Oh yeah - the House is gonna get serious now. LMFAO.

Connie Jopek: Your FIRED all of the dems. Say it Donald Trump. I Love it and I love you Donald Trump. 2020 mags😘😘

S Barger: Exactly.
You don’t use impeachment as a tactic to try and unseat duly elected POTUS, nor as a means to try distract from investigation of corrupt DNC and intelligence community trying to do same, or for avoiding agreement Mexico and Canada signed with USA. P.S. Tell idgit Hakeem, a king and monarchy are same and that the Founders said no pope, no despot, no king.

Ivory Poet: Its funny, they dont work for this president yet they said nothing when obama passed all of the executive orders that he the whistleblower laws a couple weeks before he left office. Oh sweet irony

Tom Nguyen: Nadler is evil

Jerry Sherman: HAKIM IS A TURD AND FULL OF TURDS. it's not a democracy, it's a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC> BIG difference, Hakim. you should learn the diff

Rikki Hoffecker: Every once in a while I tune in to FOX "NEWS" to gauge how far the easily misled minority (see ya in 2020) have degenerated.
Again, I was taken aback, but not surprised. You loyal viewers are a not so rare breed, persistent, but not too common.
Thank your Imaginary Friend for a place which you can continuously cocoon yourselves in delusion.
Push the (D)...Repent.
Haaahahaa,..... as if.

Fiona Leland: the ones most guilty of high crimes tyranny would be the just us department. can they be impeached or is the law allowed to break itself?

Toontt Toon: Maxine.​And.​ The.​ Democrap.​ Snowhite.​And.​ 7. Dwarf​

Jessie Hamby: If I hear one more member of Congress say that WE are a democracy I may loose it. WE were never a democracy, WE will never be a democracy. WE are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! I guess it just shows how inept, incompetent these idiots really are.

Anthony Simon: Bring back Dueling.

Rust belt American Patriot: This so-called impeachment needs to stop and That IG report needs to come NOW !

Joyce Duke: Is everyone aware CIA whistleblower #1's lawyer tweeted out just days after President Trump's inauguration, "a COUP HAS BEGUN & HE WILL ULTIMATELY BE REMOVED"? & their treason against our President & our nation has not ended to date! It is being continued by deep state establishment congressional member traitors inside the HOUSE, since traitors, Rod Rosenstein & Robert Mueller, lost their blocking & obstructing of congressional committee's investigation of the corruption inside the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ & other areas inside the government,
Their fishing expedition hunting for a crime to remove our President was also treason because everyone involved in it was already aware there was no Trump/Russia collusion before Rosenstein & other deep state establishment members hatched the treasonous plot!

Robert Burgess: Yes that's right you work for the people and the people voted in the president so now you got to work with him to get things done and all you democrats have tried to do is impeach by framing him or any other way you can since he got elected all I think it is that you scared that he will find the dirt on you ones that are dirty the ones who got their hands in the cookie jar and most of Americans are tired of it

Steve Morgan: Adam shift, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry jerrold Nadler all these lowlife Liars should be subpoenaed to this hearing including Hillary Clinton corrupt Obama and the rest of the deep state and by the way bring the documents to prove them wrong when they lie cuz they're going to lie because that's what they do lie time and time again shift is proving a compulsive liar along with Nancy Pelosi they are so corrupt they're hiding the corruption they thought Hillary would be president and everything would be kosher they thought wrong.

Leonard Taylor: Trump supportors , your Daddy will not be removed from office . He will be impeached , and wear the Political Black eye that he has earned . He will resent this , and cry to fox news about it . But if Lickem Lyndsey and crew voted to remove him , then whose balls would they lick ? Your Daddy has nothing to worry about . He will be there for your bed time story .

Richard Shirk: Cris Wallace needs to be impeached from Fox News. He’s got almost as much wisdom as Ed Henry. O%.

Thomas Allen: my previous messages off work in Georgia Jim Gordon


Thomas Allen: find out what uncle and knows about Rudy Rudy Uncle Ed Uncle

Thomas Allen: Marco Polo court is also called Rudy Marek Lockhart

Thomas Allen: What does Mark look on have to do with my daughter

Thomas Allen: Jim Jordan check up on Mark Walker corruption correction morgue look hard Mark Hart morgue Lockhart

Ted Manley: Mr. Jeffreys is another yo-yo, he says he works for the people another lie, just another investigator they do nothing for the people. Another Senate that needs to be removed.The Dems are another Bunch do nothing, broken promises, waste of money.

Cheryl Doss: I love how President Trump is able to carry on with the business of our country while it does seem single handedly, given that the Democrats do not a dang thing for us! Go Trump 2Q2Q!

Ken Breaux: Nadler looks like a hobbit. Who knew he was that short?

shelivesforJesus same: Since when??...Mr. Jeffres??...Since when have you and the DEMS AND THE RINO'S been working FOR THE PEOPLE??...I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE BIT OF EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING AT ALL LIKE THAT HAPENING!!...LYING AGAIN...MR.JEFFRIES???

Bettye Lemon: Jerry “Pontificus” Naddy-Nadler.

Jinjerella: The Democrats wanted to distract everyone from the inspector general's report.

Patriot Forever: Maria is so much better than this fool.

Patriot Forever: Wow impeachment is going to take a dive once Schitt has to testify!!😂😂😂😂

lyn5559: Does anyone have an idea who the blowholes are?

Aaron: Fellow Republicans, we must impeach Trump!!!

Elton Holt jr.: There was something he intentional left out, for the people to over throw a TYRANNICAL government. For which they are becoming.

Satan: more dumbness alert… atheist with dictionary… (1st john 1:1…) Lol… (Short bus!) Nurse! Around the clock CT-SCAN for atheist… Lol… still otf… Satan :D

Citizen EU: I suggest all EU countries dig up dirt on all G. aslighting O.P. members and their families, the Republicans are now on record that it is allowed.

sharron smith: Fox pretending to be fair and balanced but just another deep state voice with the few pro Trump sprinkled fool us they are reporters doing due diligence!

Soul Survivor: Wallace acts tough with this guy but falls short of confronting him on one fact: Not one person has said that Trump gave the order to withhold aide until Ukraine investigated the Biden’s....and for that he is a total hack.

Colleen Punt: The Democrats couldn't impeach until they took control of the house....with a full house the democrats can railroad through their wishes.....the whole democrat impeachment is a farce...crooked and dirty...they don't have a leg to stand on  The democrat have proven they do not belong in any office, they should be removed from the halls of the Whitehouse, the senate and the congress.

Satan: Dept. of education dumbness alert… keep god out of school… how dumb can you be…? it’s already there the dictionary… (1st john 1:1…) Lol… (Short bus!) Nurse! Around the clock CT-SCAN for all teacher’s… Lol… still otf… Satan :D


CAPTAIN ANGELO: Schiff Exposed After Report Reveals Disturbing Ties Within His Own Committee

CAPTAIN ANGELO: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is leading the Democrats impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and he's done a great job of proving the president didn't do anything wrong.

CAPTAIN ANGELO: But in recent weeks, we've also learned that Schiff's team has very troubling ties to the alleged "whistleblower" who filed a complaint in August against Trump over his July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Chris Gagnon: Who's ever leaking it to the Press is a traitor is espionage is a criminal should be prosecuted,,,
Just goes to show you that still anti trumper's and or CNN is flat-out lying

Chris Gagnon: Oh you mean the ig's going to expose how corrupt the Democrats are

c103110a: Clown 1 hands the ball to Clown 2. It's still a clown show.

CHRISTIAN GOMEZ: The democrat pink tie guy really looks unsavory... I AM Not Just Saying! 🇺🇸🤝

David Adrian: Witch Hunt must END NOW