Armed police patrol 24/7 in Chinese city; China refuses investigation of virus origin

Parts of China see increased security presence: armed police patrolling 24-hrs a day. Many wonder why. China's official unemployment figure is raising doubts ...


Mark Honea: Poor 'little pinks'. Isn't it ironic. But the ccp is good at brainwashing the young into submission. I wonder if there is a lesson being learned by other 'little pinks' over there and abroad from his abrupt reality check. Kind of doubtful but not impossible.

Milrok Seeks: It's funny how he defends the CCP and they screwed him too, wake up boy the CCP is evil

James T: Over 1 billion sheep in China. Eat, sleep, go places, even f*** when owners allow

Beero Tiroba: This arm police officers from CCP, only to destroy Chinese innocent people.

Sherry Saunders: I don't think american's even know how bad this really is Chinese Communist Government has gotten unto large colleges also and put programs into other countries colleges. China pay these University big bucks. So China has taken over many areas. If we and other countries are not careful; China will just keep on until they can take over a countries and pull their CCP right in.

Tsetan Wangchuk: Communist China should be taking the responsible of Covid 19

Mathew Davies: I hate to be the one to say 'IT BUT IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS WAR CLOUDS ARE GATHERING, GOD HELP US,

Juan Batista: If the virus did in fact start in the wet market naturally , then why Is China resisting and investigation so much . If they have nothing to hide then an investigation would reveal that it happened naturally . The more they resist the more I think they are covering up something .

DWE S: You guys have a GREAT news cast - please keep up the good work - America needs you - good luck to us all8

Levi Gabri3l: China should compensate pAy us and isolate that nation.

guy minthorne: China has been for years a breeding ground for virus of all kinds. Go back to your country. We do not need you.

guy minthorne: Thanks again China for the China virus.

guy minthorne: Boycott China.

guy minthorne: China! You are the enemy of the world. Congratulations 🎉

debrainwasher: Asking insulting questions about the origins of SARS CoV-2 is clearly a violent, or even racist action against the great leadership of the CCP and its emperor, his Highness, President Xi Jin-Ping. Additionally, transparency means dangerous infodemic misinformation, according to Dr. Tedros WHO. Therefore, people should never question the official version, that says, the virus came from a US-military bat on the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan.

Anthony Grainger: Massive snow and floods causing crop failure- even nature is angry at China.

Marie Slabbert: Tiffany always looks so smart and well groomed. Lovely girl.

pinch mesh: In China, EVERYTHING belongs to the CCP. The guy didn't lose his personals, he didn't have any when he returned.

sacred squirrel: Whether you love or hate Trump he was right about the trade deal with China and other countries.

Sarge Kowalkowski: Time to take CHINA to the woodshed.

constellation 4: Tiffany mier is hot

prof smart:

prof smart: Very interesting !

Hemanta Pegu105: Throw out Xi Zingping's govt out of china to save the country or will face severe consequences for the Chinese all over the world due to coronavirus pandamic.

tr331 trec: And still those politicians and decisions maker taking those faulty equipment like nothing wrong.....

i S a y: 🖕CCP!!!

Mezza: C'mon my heart goes out to the poor Chinese people uprise agaisnt your cruel rulers

Trung Duong Thanh: Those " little pinks " got what they deserve ;) And the CCP even closed its border with its own citizens , not allowed them to come back to China :/

bummers: Exactly! Unlike in US where police patrol the streets unarmed, warning citizens with flowers, kind words and hello kitties.

In other news, US Democratic police kills non-white guy on the street.

Justin Thompson: I found a dead rat in a bucket of water. I poured bleach in the water. So now the dead rat is clean ready to eat.

Jason Rees: In case anyone missed it was Bill Clinton that created the over dependance on China. The Democrats created this perfect storm by trusting COMMIES .!!!!

Justin Thompson: These mass produced things like masks would not even really increase in price if produced domestically.

If necessary the U.S. could give tax breaks to U.S. manufacturing.

Justin Thompson: The United States must recognize Taiwan.
China goes around on the U.S. dime screwing the U.S. over.
We built up China. We can stop dealing with them all together. Clearly they are not our friend.
We created all these things here. We can build them here & sell them here=lots of good jobs for Americans.

Justin Thompson: They never lowered the price on the stuff that they made there when it ships over here.
Basically by the facts. Not an opinion. The top Democrats did the bidding of the billionaire business interests. Further, The Democrats have clearly proven that they are not for the American working middle class.

Phil Zappa: PRISON STATE.....YUK

pj Julian: According to china and the demonrats, it was trump that causes the outbreak 😪. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully all the countries learned a lesson here!!!!!!!

Nori Chesney: The Clintons....again! At a HUGE COST to US

robert retka: I just don't understand. Every inaction and action the C.C.P. lays down in history of recent is not in the promotion of cooperative friendship. I sort of think the C.C.P. wants a war to burst upon the world.

Sylvia Street: China always made faulty goods!

Randy N: The Communist Virus instead of the Chinese Virus. I like that

Sylvia Street: I said it before, you don’t pet a rabid dog, you put it down!

Sylvia Street: Good, all the other countries should stop getting anything from China! China is a virus!

Chester Kurt Lim: China with it's top leaders should pay the world with their lives. Hang Xi Jinping!

popeye003: The world is turning their back on China and the deadly Xi Pinging communist regime...

T K: Deport the little pinks. That is all.

Valerie Vallonga: I shouldn’t be surprised 🤭 although ....I am just a bit curious to know who voted CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY👹 IN TO ANYTHING, let alone WHO🧐

Thomas Sterling: "Urging China" - I'm pretty sure this is a hopeless request. China never complies out of good intentions. Chairman Mao said it himself: "Power comes from the barrel of a gun." China will have to be made to comply by their own methods. I'm predicting there will be a massive food shortage in China.

Mario Hinsche: Investigate by force , look at what they have done to the world

Kathryn Brody: It's too late to stop China .Almost everything we Use as consumers comes from China .

Cayden 77: It was so cool when you were a innocent child and didn't understand anything about politics