Bannon: The Coming Collapse of the Tyrant Regime.

First, Chinese state media attacked Mike Pompeo. Then, it ran a hit piece on Steve Bannon. Why do they target Bannon now? It is reported that Bannon met with ...


Williem & Rebekah MaClutchie-Evans: from NZ this support c c p,they no live organ transplants,is happening but its $$$$$$$$$$$$ trade they no uigar peoples jailed their hearts,lungs,livers,kidneys,ripped out tibetans killed,million stolen land,ok why does the west do 000000000,ue,un,icc,no and do nothing ok.

Shizhong Wang: The black nazis defeated by allies, the red nazis also need world allies, the people of China waiting for first hammer smashing the chains

CapsCow _: Old by chan 100 names ?

Ravedicks: Something seems fishy about Simones choice of words

Gareth Evans: The CCP is definitely on the ropes. That's why they're making mistakes and making themselves look even more guilty.

What I still can't get my head around is the WHO (most people with an interest in China aren't totally surprised the CCP isn't being 100% honest), but I didn't see the WHO taking such a extreem stance. Actually recommending people to visit China, even if this didn't become an pandemic, the risk was never justified when import bans on animals and plants are routine (that should have been the end of Tedros at the WHO). The WHO is currently working hard to change the narrative rather than admit mistakes were made and try to repair its reputation (they recently put out a video painting Tedros as a hero!🀬). The fact that Teddy and Brucey haven't been fired/ made to step down shows how deep the rot goes.

Lastly, I've been quite surprised how the MSM and some experts have behaved/ been manipulated. Right now most of the evidence points towards being leaked from a lab rather than the wet-market. Yet many are calling the lab theory a conspiracy, that it did come from the market when there's no real evidence to support that. I could go on, but you get te idea. Furthermore, they're speaking in absolute terms rather than what is more likely. In probability things are rarely absolute, for example you may say a coin toss will be heads or tails, but there are other options such as landing in its side or a rare mistake at the mint meaning the coin is infact double-sided. A better example would be that you may die tomorrow, [hopefully] the chance is remote, but it is there there. The only certainty is that is will happen one day. I've forgot what my original point was, maybe cabin fever is starting to set in...πŸ€”

FREE VN HK: Free HK now Free China now

Eliyah Yeshua: #Agenda21

S. Rodgers: Excellent interview by Simone and Steve as usual. This one really stands out because there is a sign of joy being expressed in the faces of these two. We are winning the battle against the evil in this world. Step by step, person by person, we will be free all over the world soon, very soon, we will all celebrate peace, love & joy throughout the world.

FREE VN HK: CCP killed DR LI to shut him up

Mona Liza: "The corona Virus came from China" Trump.

Mona Liza: CCP days are numbered!!

Vincent Dubrosa: I think many would agree with Steve's separation of the CCP from the Chinese people. Having spent years there, I loved making friends of so many really decent and intelligent people. And the food! They can make grass taste good. I hope that Chinese that read critical comments understand that we distinctly direct that criticism towards the Party and not the people.

Michael Katcheech: Why is dr. Mikovits saying it's fauci then?

Frank Hartranft: Mr. Bannon, way to speak for thinking people everywhere! One great thing about the CCP virus is that it has opened the eyes of many of us who were taken in by the gloss and glitter of mainland China. I wondered how the Chinese were able to make communism work when it failed so miserably in the Soviet Union. Now I see that it was done on the backs of the Chinese people, not by their ingenuity and diligence (a trait for which they are famous). You're right, the virus has ripped the mask off the CCP. Keep saying it and go get 'em in the court of public opinion. Thanks for what you're doing. One concern: The public part of the CCP is now vulnerable; what about the secret side, the tongs and the underworld? Most of those thugs may be much more difficult to purge.

Cindy Wannamaker: Chinese people stand up for your freedom!!!!!

John Seigo: I heard some places in China are now forcing their employees to have a portion of their "paycheck" paid as a Chinese owned digital currency. They are already starting to move the money around to protect themselves.

persephone Simpson: Just wondering if anybody asked what the NIH, WHO and the CDC know about this because there is so much proof that there were others involved as well with the CCP and Bill Gates and this is not a conspiracy there are to many connections with these other entities. Including Dr fauchi at the George Town University conference and interviews with Gates and Gates is involved with vaccine study's there in China due to his business there. The WHO and UN with proof of corruption. Last even CDC and on and on are involved because where theres smoke there's fire but no one seems to have integrity in journalism to put all this proof out or even ask the questions, why? Even a conference at the Vatican recently has J. Sachs saying that America is the enemy especially with Trump in office and this is on video from there own words. I believe there's a bigger agenda for everyone in the world. Look at what's in front of you and do your research it's all there not conspiracy theories but the truth. May God bless πŸ˜‡ everyone and I πŸ™ for everyone to find repentance and salvation.

S. Rodgers: Awesome Mr. Brannon and Ms. Gao - good work for the people of the world. We need you and appreciate you.

David Stemmler: Hillary deletes 30k during an investigation---nothing happens. The Democratic party CREATES a false report and tries to pull a coup on a sitting president-----nothing happens. The most wanted man in America goes to jail (Epstein). The guards play cards, camera goes off and Epstein gets murdered ------ nothing happens. The Chinese damn near destroy the world----What do you think will happen?

JAPPAJ250747: hit the CCP by destroying Redchina products anywhere. Top Bannon

Greg Gibbs: The global nwo is the same organization that did 911, started all wars, created Issis, and they own the DNC in the US. They are the Masonic , Illuminati, they own 80% of the worlds resources. We need to take them down before they kill us off.

Yangcheng Luo: People in China think they already have enough freedom of speech. When you tell them they deserve more freedom, you will understand that you advocate for the freedom of spreading rumors. They will say β€œthank you” to you and think you have some mental health issues.

Yangcheng Luo: β€œIf the Chinese Communist Party collapses today...” You know this is merely a dream, and you also know we know this is merely a dream, but you still wanna say this, because this dream is so beautiful to you.

Yangcheng Luo: In 2030 and you look back at these words, you will feel they are simply somniloquy.

Yangcheng Luo: β€œThe Chinese Communist Party has every opportunity to end this disease early on.” Then why isn’t the much more powerful US government capable of ending this disease in the US?

roman szefler: Love your energy and entusiam
Here comes the BUT there is evidence that Fauci Gates team give money and way more then 3.7M to Wuhan lab for illegal in USA experiments

HKKL: jia yao bannon jia yao !

pietra davenere: I very much like your interviews, Simone, you did many great interviews, you have provided a wonderful insights and indepth. Admire the courage Mr Bannon have and the work he does for humanity, and thank you for sharing with all of us. Keep up the great work, Simone, we do need more people like you in today journalism.

Rhsheeda Russell: It only JUST occurred to me...I wonder if the CCP is so scared to allow ANYONE into the C4 labs because they are terrified the world will discover that they are doing β€œHUMAN TRIALS.” For the majority of ethical human beings around the world, the thought that such abhorrent experiments could even happen is beyond us. But, Just remember they harvest organs from live people why not human trials? Not such a stretch is it?

Mike L: Well done Simone Gao and Steve Bannon. Time for Chinese people to uprise against CCP and all countries need to help Chinese people. Yeah, CCP is a terrorist organization not a country.

η‹ΌδΈ­εœ‹: China CCP never allow failure, never, will go to great extreme both internally and externally first.

kl harrell: Simon, are you trying to get your own people killed? If he says there were scientists who met with him, exactly what do you think the CCP do?

Maha D: Man!
Stephen Bannon, you're a hero!

TWITASIA: She keeps asking the same questions !

JadrankoA: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

FoxHut Den: Great stuff

U A: Finally,someone who makes complete and utter sense.

Pawnee Pleines: I think steve is a bit over zealous about the utter destruction of china,

M4T: I ❀️ Steve Bannon. He never gives up!!!

Muso Snoop: Chinese Folks Good
Communism Kills - always has always will.

Raghuram Swaroop: WHO should also be restructured and remove rogue china influence

Raghuram Swaroop: CCP should be declared as a terrorist organisation by the world and in UN

Raghuram Swaroop: Steve Bannon is the correct person to counter rogue china and rogue CCP

Rohith Hegde: Steve Bannon: MONOLOGUE! MONOLOGUE! MONO MONO MON..... (for 5 minutes). Simone Gao: Hmm.

dejet2: Steve Bannon is the best!

Jay Dee: Put the CCP on trial and sell their organs.

234dilligaf: The deep state is trying their best to label the Epoch Times as conspiracy theorists. Just like they do anyone who exposes the truth.

kl harrell: Thank you, Steve

Jay Dee: Americans are tired of Bill Gates too.....NO Forced Vaccines or death!!!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

kl harrell: Want corrupt US connections charged with crime just like CCP.....