Bloomberg preparing for possible 2020 bid: NY Times

The New York Times is reporting that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to file for Alabama's 2020 Democratic primary ballot. Reaction on 'The ...


invisble man: Trump needs to find Mickey Bloomberger a nice name quickly.

C R.: Maybe bloomboy and buttgig can team up together and I welcome them both to try to take my guns. C’mon you two commies, you both flap your pie holes now pretend you’re a man (or whatever gender you feel like for now) and come disarm me. Oh and good luck...

T T: The worst of the worst and it just keeps getting worse.

Dino Merino: ANDREW YANG for POTUS please tell all those old fokies stay away from
the competition they are over the hill and it is time they sit outside and
watch the sunset.

Frepa Gioerne: Please, oh, please, Bloomie, enter this race! With all the clowns we have on the Dem side we BADLY need one more!

300zxdriver: Who’s next ..Hillary?

Pixel Dust: trying to stuff his anti-gun PAC, nothing more; it's a cash grab.

Joel Spring: Great news for Trump if true.

Bill Heathcock: This guy spent all kinds of time with Epstein and made the "island flight" several times, once with Bill Clinton. He's a pervert.

plmvirginiauva: When will Hildabeast and Michael Obunghole join the circus?

Leonard Taylor: God Bless the Democrats , God Bless Bernie Sanders , God Bless Joe Biden , God the Democratic Party . Please Democrats do not ever bring in fake Christian Preachers and say that , they were appointed by God . There is a real God , Jesus Christ is real , and does not approve of the lawless man , Donald Trump .

CottageGarden SMITH: AGAIN??????!!!!!!! TOO LATE ----DARN!

Jeff-nyc: I’m a patriot, and Trump sucks.
Hey you, 🖕

DD Jordan: TRUMP 2020!

Ken Konard: I demand that Bloomberg provide his IRS documents for the past 25 years.

Taube Victor: " you can do it "

Sue Randall: Yeah! Another Communist joins the bid for Dictator. He should do like he said and donate that money to the needy. He should start in his state with the homeless.
Gun grabber and anti-constitutionalist.

Iam N.: The dragging-out of it all. The Dem-Socialists have nothing to run on. What desperation!

SolidRock InclearWater: Doesn’t have the energy nor the “caractère “

Shadow Spirit 56: That's funny Bloomberg he's a fuking traitor he needs to order an orange jumpsuit for Guantanamo

Mani USA: Communist china are worried their lapdog Biden will not win the nomination,so they are bringing in their other lapdog Bloomberg.

Bunker Buster: Spend them stolen Billions None will Beat Trump 2020

eddy McMullen: Bloomberg should remain in his closet

aaron gibson: I miss the old democratic party from about 15 or 20 years ago.

Bill Bailey: When the supreme Court acts to arrest Democrats for acting in a coup, which it is, all that is left is the worst apples at the bottom of the pile.

Joe Carr: When his term of NY Mayor was coming to an end He "joked": Maybe I 'll run for Pres. next- the room went silent, no applause.

GENERAL GRAND SIRE SHOCKDELL: Say what you want , but Bloomberg is formidable !

Justa Witness: One clown gets out of the car, and another is going to get in. I thought the Lunatic Left hated rich white men?

Dawn Masters: He has the personality of a squid.

Mike Kruger: Bloomberg is a jillion times more impressive than Trump, who won’t show us his taxes because he’s not really that rich. Suck it traitor-lovers.


Truther Joe: bb will be crushed and embarrassed

Daryl S: Lmao ...

Sally Portillo: Bloomberg has his eye on solar tech, so he will be pushing Climate Change Tax to force the sales of solar tech.

Sally Portillo: Deep State VS. Deep State VS. Deep State

Joel Sattler: Good man. A real businessman, not like that fake Donald Trump.

impala tmech81: I hope its true! I wanna watch Trump Flambe' this guy!

P. Hamilton: Great ! Maybe the Country rejecting him...would do him some good. I'd love to seem him Fail miserably as he did as Mayor.

Robin Murray: Ummm...wasn't he also a visitor on Epsteins island?

Kenneth Schauer: Sorry but Trump in 2020

EDS Channel: Nobody: "We need Bloomberg as president"

Peter Sorensen: he would win.

David Smith: yang crushes this fool bloomberg

Cata Mccool: He is an example of what I call dummy billionaire that supports socialists so they can come and make him poor.

Lauri Pfeifer: He just wants to save the Fed

Thanks Obama: Hasnt his cousins in the Lying ,Fake, Media ,Hollywood ,Wall St and Congress done enough Harm to the Country?..Guess he thinks Soros needs some help finishing America off...

H Pn: Good God!

Zeb Fross: Don’t worry guys, Warren is going to explain her plan to Bill Gates. He just doesn’t understand economics, lol

Optical Clarity: Lol. Zero chance.

jack meoff: The dnc is scared because they know they can't win against Trump. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q