Bongino slams Democrats over planned John Dean hearing

Author and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino claimed Monday that House Democrats are trying to distract the public from the actual conclusions of the Mueller ...


Rayray Rayray: What does Dean have to do with anything?????? What??? Who does this make sense to??

fake conservatives: All Trump supporters are ugly people

fake conservatives: I aint ready to move on ....

Dave Cokewell: Explaining truth to a Trumptard is like throwing money in a sewer. Nothing gonna happen.

fake conservatives: The black token supporter

We The People: Mueller and Weismann had a License To Spy and Lie from Obama and the DOJ. Corrupt Government in play.
The cookie is crumbling.

fake conservatives: Relase the hole report u fuckn cowards

fake conservatives: Bias news hate for profit

fake conservatives: Almost no money ya fuckn right.

E. B.: This will not be over, ever, if no one goes to jail. Either the players in the hoax or trump and everyone around him. Talk about using the judicial system as a weapon. Sadly, it is needed.

fake conservatives: Crooked Pig

Joel Vance: Dan is clearly on steroids!!!

International Harvester: June 10 2019
Fact check: No sign of Trump-Mexico deal on farm goods -
Minnesota Public News

Manoj Jacob: Mueller was planning to run his investigation through 2020 election to help his friends in the DEM party. Thank God, Bill Barr put an end to it. Mueller was able to help dems during the 2018 elections. Mueller is mad because he did not get the FBI job. The weasel Rosenstein disappeared into his burrow.

tigerslear: The Dan Bongino Show is the " BEST " Bongino will be on tonight THE FIVE

Margo Bradley: Dean should feel right at home surrounded by people with similar integrity , Shifty Schiff is quite accurate if one agenda doesn’t fit , try another , eventually one may become acceptable

Dan Rode: Over 11 million more Americans without healthcare since Donnie diaper bone spur cadet coward slithered in. Women, Kids, Vets, the elderly, and already sick. More vets living on the streets than ever before. Redudlicans wrap themselves in the flag. Hypocrisy defined. Enjoy Donnie diapers tax bill after he handed over 2 trillion in corp welfare. You dummy redudlicans vote against yourselves. Pathetic

Dan Rode: Little bitty bong is upset?

Dan Rode: Donnie diapers polled nationally as the worst pres in American history

Dan Rode: Mr. Dean helps digging Donnie diapers grave. How appropriate. Hilarious.

Sandman 123: 40 million dollars were spend under this investigation and trumps golf course vacations tab to mara lago keeps rising to 123 million..this is our tax money

Dave Cokewell: Fox news propaganda

Sandman 123: Oingo boingo doesn't have a clue. I hope John Dean gives light to this investigation. They call everyone a felon including trumps attorney except trump

Deep water: I wish these Trumpers go read the entire Mueller report and the Dems would not have to have these meeting. These meetings are only to educate lazy azz people who don't want to read but believe this bull on Fox.

Dave Dee: Nobody cares what Dan Baloney thinks, says, wants, or does.

Harry Madison: **BONGINO** THE BEST OF LEARNED MEN! Hoorah

Alibaster Crenshaw: This dude lies constantly. Its a shame Anyone would buy into his nonsense.

Bell Ringer: We saw Trump acting the fool in England .
The scene with the Irish PM .. ? Bringing up Christian Terrorism ?
Let's discuss Christian Terrorism in America , shall we ?
White males killing Moslems and Minorities .. the true agenda on film before our eyes ..
that we are being told to ignore or that it's fake .
Our Naked Emperor , named Midas .

spike23 Eagles: Fox News is trash!!! Adolph would be proud!

jonny starsmore: collapsing? you are right no one else heard that if you are listening to reputable sources. only the fox clowns fall for the lies and spin. i heard the voicemail not the transcript and it sounds just like it was, putting pressure on flynn attorney to give him info and reminded him that he is a friend of the president. what was left out or taken out of context? you people are so clueless and lost. the great bongino, lol. sounds like he should appear in a puff of smoke

Harry Madison: Ay hereby charge (FILL IN BLANK) in violation of our nation sovereignty through bias and vulgar acts of treason i.e. continue Corruption of our nation security by political fraud. Anybody know a good solicitor?

Harry Madison: **BONGINO** calling 'They' Bluff brotherman for We The Peoples

David Olson: Imagine if everything that is true in the Mueller report/investigation were true of a Democrat. What would Deep State Dan be saying then? What would Deep State Dan say about a Democrats campaign chair going to jail? What would Deep State Dan say about a Democrats long time lawyer going to jail? What would Deep State Dan be saying about a Democrat firing their appointed AG and replacing the AG with a someone to undermine the investigation and report. What would Deep State Dan say about a Democrat turning down a subpoena like it was a choice? What would Deep State Dan say about a Democrat not releasing their taxes............We could go on and on asking What would Deep State Dan say about a Democrat if.... We know what Deep State Dan would say. We know what Trump protectors would say. One day hopefully sooner than later Trump will be gone. This is truly the beauty of America. There might be morons in this country that will love Trump always. As much as they want to feltch Dirty Donny all day long everyday sooner or later they will have to do it on Dirty Don's own time not on America's.

Arnold Davis: Tariff's tax on the middle class suckers

John Mamo: Dan!! The Man!!!

Spermwhale1000: If it's pissin off the Republicans, you know it's the right thing to do.

Harry Madison: ...---...??? Tell Me True is the United States Congress now the last leg of communism???...---...

J Sim: Democrats are a bunch of immature but old assholes doesn't give two shits about America

tonyspacemanable: Yeah, explain to me and the rest of America what the F does John Dean have to do with any of this?

Harry Madison: BONGINO is the best of Learned men

Race Bannon: Dan is right about police officers going above and beyond the call of duty. I saw a county sheriff's deputy changing a tire on a busy interstate highway for a couple old ladies. Most policemen enter the profession to serve and protect and many go beyond that. I thought about becoming a cop after I got out of the military and I almost wished I had. It has to be very gratifying to help people in such a great way.

jujy fruitz: God bless our Potus, Flotus, and family!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Harry Madison: ...---...L00SH-(COLLECTIVE FEAR) IS THE CURRENCY 0F 'Party in 'THEY' PANT'$ -0f The khazarian-democratic demonology MAFIA in the Washington Area D.C. miscreants militant military IllumiCorp GLOWWORMS Protocols of the elders iguanas industrial project! Hoorah ...---...

Norbert Mongeon Sr: GREAT JOB DAN///THANKS///


KiTT FOXXE: Bozos Flying Circus can be all they want but when it comes to Election Day 2020 it's all about Trump

carmie Benz: Nose this long__________

RL: this clown and the couch full of fools won't even mention Napolitano's break down of Trump's crimes and that he should be indicted ..Because he did commit these crimes and he will be held accountable.

Cr C: Fuccn clowns as much as y'all try to defend trump few words out his mouth n y'all back to step one

hoonerdog: You have to hand it to the Republicans they throw under the bus the people that became felons by protecting a President that was and in this case still is breaking the law.