Boris Johnson's persistent fever 'very concerning': Dr. Siegel

British PM Boris Johnson is admitted to the ICU after 10 days of coronavirus symptoms; Dr. Marc Siegel reacts to the coronavirus news of the day. FOX News ...


Gary Gilbert: I hope the people your news stations hurt with wrong advise ......I hope the people hunt yous down in the streets .

Dream!: You have to fight win.. must win it.. We are waiting for you !!

Ricardo Liu: como explica 3 porta avioes americanos sairam no dia 7 de janeiro de 2020 em Sao Diego na Califo. e nao encostou no territorio chines e marinheiros com covid 19 ??? Covid Usa ???as explained by 3 American aircraft carriers left on January 7, 2020 in San Diego, California. and did not touch the Chinese territory and sailors with covid 19 ??? Covid Usa ???

Vernon Brown: Fox News “You should believe both” l

trosen231: To hell with Boris Johnson, to hell with all this phoney bs, and to hell with Fox News for perpetuating the lies

clayann said: Fever can last for days,why do they switch it up,he's not well,just tired of that evil fight

Mr. Wright: Event 201 and Rockefeller Foundation "Lockstep"!

Larry Jhonson aka pjd203's lawyer: I hope Boris gets better

Rick Elia: Killing the anti EU voice by 5G!

Racer- X: Gates donating to help. What’s Soros doing?

Elaniago: A rare voice of sense and reason on Fox. Thanks Dr. Siegel.

William Everyman: Radical leftists are getting what they want. Virus assisted assassinations.

Star Dust: We are Praying for BoJo and we feel so sad over this ...

Glen OstrowskI: RIP Boris

Benjamin Allen: Why hasn't anyone asked if he's tried hydroxychloroquine?

TheAccountant D: Should have gotten him care before hospital. Scenario isn't good once ur there.

Mike Ries: So much hating.
Ppl wishing a virus onto others is pretty sick. My daughter isn't a covid nurse but is a heart monitor however...her ward was converted to c19 isolation because it has negative airflow.
So she's on the front line caring for people on ventilators.
I challenge all of you to find someone like my daughter to talk to about c19 before you spew hatred online. She'll make a believer out of you. It's awful to have to watch ppl struggling for their next breath of air. Pray for Boris and all the caregivers.

Rubber Neck: Surprised the (non Fox) mainstream fake news media hasn't acused Boris Johnson of being a Russian asset. Being called "Boris" would be enough justification for the lefty bottom feeders.

Jolly Green Giant: I will NEVER BUY CHINESE MADE AGAIN - Who's with me?

Elaniago: Boris is obese, he is not an exercising person, even if he has been running once in a while when a camera was near.

Mary J: How can you wait for 2weeks? I've been traveling with 🚕taxi in Australia only looking for toilet paper for 2months still couldn't find any anywhere 🤔

Richard Militello: All media hack journalists should be purged from America and I also mean the fox daytime media the only people you should be trusting is Hannity and Tucker Judge Jeanine

P R: Bill and Melinda Gates? Seriously? No thank you very much. I'd rather be treated by Cherokee medicine man

This Machine Kills Fascists: I assume his "herd immunity" will save him.

Helen Martel: 993 Americans has died as of yesterday. How ignorant some people are. They still believe corona virus is similar to flu virus with absolutely no vaccine or medication to cure it.

on my way: Give him the malaria drug and show the deep state their plan isn't going to work

Jon Workman: Believe in Jesus Christ moron

Richard Militello: The cure is Hydroxychloroquine but the Democrats don’t want that they want people to suffer and die the Democrats are to blame for this coronavirus that was unleashed against the world only to bring down our great President Donald J Trump a surprise coming for them no one can hide from this The deep state cabal is being stopped at every level there will be arrests

Moh Shuvuu: Millennial losers on Twitter will celebrate and think they accomplished something over this in their pathetic lives. Speaking as a Hispanic millennial female who will never vote in favor of said losers. They have yet given me a reason to.
Good luck to this man


Rubber Neck: I voted for Boris's government. BREXIT depends on him pulling though.


paul Roché: Its 15 days incubation, this is the middle.

K Bhogal: Dr. Fauci is Bill Gates shill. Deep state?!

Will to Freedom: Another doctor affirming that chloroqine is a legitimate treatment - not "snake oil" as the Washington Post tried to claim.

Brendo Xd: Remember when CNN said the president was being racist and over reacting when he limited flights back in January! Me too.

Linda Easley: I have a suspicion those in position of power in Britain who side with the left are allowing him to die for political purposes .They could have given him the malaria drug days ago. despite its worldwide known positive effects , they chose not to

Mathew Cooke: Err what a joke bill and Malinda gates hahahaha they both need to be tried for crimes against humanity he must of just liked the view from epstiens Island 🏝

weaverspell: He is likely a goner, i hope he manages to taste one last Easter Egg before his demise

french brit: Wet works?

George Vangordon jr: I’m worried about his health as well.. prayers and well wishes.

GRÖBNÖB: It's in God's hands now. I wouldn't bet my own money on Boris lasting 10 days

sick of liberals: Be glad when all of this his behind us, stay safe everyone

Testing Testing 2020: Vaccinate these 3 immediately.

K Bhogal: We must all start a prayer circle to protect this man. The deep state has a way to take advantage of every crisis and they take people out in strange ways

Bad MoFo: Let's just pray Donny Boy is next. 🙏

Stephen kabya: Any vaccine 'iller gates in involved in is suspicious!!

Rubber Neck: I'm playing BO1 zombies these days rather than any of the so called newer and better games. Boarding up the windows and self isolating from the virus infected zombies, kind of relevant I think. Wish Boris well.

しおりch: ジョンソンさん頑張って😭👊

Michael Allen: We need you Boris to team up with trump and crush the globalist stay alive