Cavuto rebukes Trump over attacks on Chris Wallace

Neil's 'Common Sense' breaks down the importance of facts in journalism. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), ...


Little Leo: Mr President you maybe able to shoot someone on 5th av but you cant sell out the American people

Zen Masta: Chris Wallace is the swamp guardian. It's very clear to see each week.

1Drummer: I’m not sure Cavuto realizes that Trump is a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar.

craig nelson: I thought Cavuto was very balanced in his commentary. I don't know where all you people ripping him are coming from. It's time to lay off the orange kool-aid, you are getting as delusional as your hero the oversized oompa loompa Donald Trump.

Emil Jonson: Does anyone really listen to either one of these yahoos

inmyelement4u prepper: Try reporting the truth instead of running with the lies of the left. That should help!

John Smith: Cut him some slack Neil... He may be a little touchy about this whole thing... mostly due to unjustified attacks, and most of those attacks were from the press.
So even though history never repeats in an identical manner, it always seems to rhyme quite a bit. (and sometimes people will, if they are real, have a bad day)
I'll ask ya for it on his behalf. -----> So if ya would please sir... how about a little slack for the man, just this one time?

Tj Mouse: i'm nearly done with fox news due to the liberal essance i'm feeling

Tiffany Tiffeckert: I challenge the "Trump" fans to watch the Jim Jones Documentary. That is a cult! "Trump" fans dont follow suit.....I'm a Republican who appreciates our democracy not a dictatorship

Tammy Gore: Was this necessary??? Can Conservatives not have ONE channel that doesn’t bash Our President but rather sticks to the facts??

I was very displeased with Chris’s interview. He was blatantly biased towards the Congressman. That’s not’s fact.

I’m one step closer to making OAN, Redpill78 and x22 my primary news sources. Perhaps it’s time to pull the plug on my Fox Nation subscription too.

Dylan Davis: Good for Wallace and Cavuto

HELENA KRATOCHVIL: You should leave as well!!!!

sladelefty: As a life long republican, I have had enough of all the trump lies and those of his cult followers. ENOUGH!!! Our party stinks of the most vile corruption.

Luke Fanders: Chris Wallace is a Registered Democrat (look him up). I don't think most of the Fox viewers know that.

Sandro17 A: AHAHA Foxis starting to defect from Trump. That says something about the facts.

Dragon Slayer: How many fingers am I holding up? We're through with your type! disjournalist must pay!

Wolves Can Dance 2: IS THIS CNN channel ? ... you and him should be in CNN ... its your ego pumping once again ???? you darling snow flake , deceiving\opinion is not reporting ... your not a real reporter or journalist ... shame on your behavior ... watching from Portugal and is painful

mozac s: Cuvato way to go honest .

Kim Lewis: Cavuto takes it to a personal feud with prez. Trump just like Judge Nap. Try to be fair cavuto or u becoming fake news every day

SFCRambo60: Shut up Moron. This President has been harassed so much. Now you are part of the problem Fake/False news media

Kenneth Blachly jr: Neil put your big empty head back in your arse!!!! I got rid of fake Fox News and switched to OANN and Breitbart. Pot smokers for Trump 420 to 2020!!!!!

Nez R: Neil Cavuto, Another FAKE MEDIA SHILL!!! GTFO

Trump 2020 Trump 2020: Other bastard parasite pedophile enabler! He is going to have a heart attack soon! Evil mf.

Nat Jac: Reps are saying that Hunter Biden had no experience and should not have been hired on the board of the Ukranian company. All while they defend and turn a blind eye to the countless number of the people that Trump appointed to well paying US goverment positions working with and in multiple foreign countries ( including his own children). Most if not all of these people have no legal, military, National/international, or political experience. Sondland was a college drop out, commercial realtor and realestate developer turned TV production guy and hotel investor who donated money to republican campaigns. He had no business in Ukrain doing anything other than selling hotels much less handling US relations and foreign affairs. Jared Kushner has a backgroynd in realestate and newspaper publishing. Yet he is sitting on boards meeting/dealing in National and International affairs? He had no experience or training in this area and had no business doing so.
Hunter Biden is a Yale graduate (a lawyer) with a background in international consulting, grew up in and around politics all of his life ( hearing, seeing, snd living politics), was involved in political campaigns for his dad,  US dept of commerce, worked under George Bush administration, Naval reserve, board member of other US companies. So what do ppl mean by he had no experience?
If someone takes $10 from their mother's purse with the idea of buying a hamburger and a pack of drugs but later they feel bad about it. So they put the money back before mom finds out. Did they just steal or not? Do they still need help for their drug addiction? Does mom need to hide her purse in the future?  Uhhh yes, yes, and yes! The fact of the act occured does not go away simply because mom didn't find out until she reveiwed the home camera footage 5 wks later. He can not then say " I never took the money because I put it back quickly". What logic!

Dave Brewer: The only opinion the Left is inclined to agree with is one of their own . Chris Wallace happens to be one of their own on Fox .

Brian Jones: Watch your ratings FALL..!!!😮😳❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Sam Esparza: ...well put...I definitely agree with you....that's the way it should be...

NBT 3: Chris and his holier-than-thou attitude just like that 9 pm "balanced" snothead that left fox a few years back (Orealy.) Anybody buying what Shifty is selling is either woefully ignorant or willfully bliss. Either way, they are believing garbage. Just one piece of hard evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor and I'll throw the switch for the dems myself. Those of us that care about COTUS are watching intently!!! But we just want the facts 'mam!! Real facts not all this bs. You're all losing on this deal. Take the L and move on! There is an election to win. The difference of liberty and freedom for 3 years, beats the hell out of 8 years of hope and change!!!

Marcus Smith: What do you have to hide Neil you look spooked. I think you just don't like to de called fake news Neil. Most of the stuff you covered on Fox news turned out to be inaccurate. Sounds to me Niel you cant distinguish the difference. Everything so far that the Fox news has covered turs out to be a far's. If you're seeking an apology you should start by apologizing To Trump hypocrites that lie about Trump. Neil needs a replay on the hearsay testimonies. Viewers cant make a decision on lies that come from fake news, and because of their brainwashing by fake news. The masses with your fack new will backfire on you all. Don't forget the people are praying for Trump you will all pay. If you hut Trump and don't free the people all the people in power are the cause of the world's problems will all pay. free Jesus our God his people ore pay. Fare warning.

asllc wrecker: Cavuto & Wallace are in my opinion weak sniveling leaches that need to be working at THE COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK !

Simon: Cavuto, you're not fooling anyone. Just losing fox viewers to Steven Crowder. Good job sell out. Take notes from Tucker.

CarmineFragione: First Chris Wallace played a video clip of Ambassador Taylor saying " To withhold aid , without a good cause ,would be crazy' And then after listening to the statement in the clip , Chris Wallace reiterated as a question to Scalise, " To withhold aid ,would be crazy". That was a fallacious quotation , two seconds after Wallace heard the clip, and left out "without a good cause" to reframe the witness statement as a bald faced lie on national television and insulting Scalise.
I think Chris Wallace has sold out , and needs another job. ...

Sheit Destruben: Chris Wallace, not acting like a Wallace.

Horse 69: Common sense on Faux News? WOW!!

Chris James: Trump's golden hair is emaculate! Not one strain out of place. He's infallible. Him and Jesus are side by side in righteousness and strength.

Cold War Jesus: Bread goes in....milk toast come out......


Sharon Enfo: Does kevita have a case of the sads

studfindingball: Cavuto works for a Corporation. Chris Wallace works for a Corporation. ALL (nearly) corporations answer to the Deep State. These two are knocking down enough to be grateful to be owned. Common sense.

Samuel Len: Chris Wallace is a disgrace. Look at how many people agree with you, Cavuto!!!

truthsout: Oh, a neverTrumper. That's why you skew what happened to day.

J G: And Cavuto doesn't recognize his Own opinionated views from Real Unfiltered news.
But then again, what do you expect from being best friends of Shepard Smith and Judge Napolitano who Trump rejected as a Judicial appointment and ever since, he's been raggin on Trump.
We got your number Cavuto and the rest of the ones like you.

Go to One America News or EPOCH Times and hear & read Real journalism.

johnny bravo: Well the viewers have decided. They dont like you.

cool azul: Well shut your pie holes then. Don't start none and there won't be none.

rowdy dowdy: You will burn in hell FOX and any one else who you promote that keeps legitimizing this coup. Keep flying that plane allllllllll the WAY to the crash site.

Christopher: It’s funny that anything but blind loyalty is seen as a negative thing. Good for you Fox. God forbid people having opinions.

Brian Willis: You both belong on CNN. Party line or gtfo.

jakeman0x0: Yeah report garbage like your butt friend Shiff

Larry Adams: I’m just here to read the trumpers cry when someone on fox tells the truth. It brings me joy.