CBS staffer fired over ABC tape says she didn't leak it

CBS staffer fired over ABC News tape leak; Trace Gallagher has the details. #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


PATRICK BRANNEN: Her body language says she is lying. Sorry.

jimmy rivera: alligator tears. she leaked the video.

Repair Man: I am shocked! You're telling me...there's corruption in all News reporting since WWII??? WOW! Back in 1963, I thought the 3 News Channels that never talked about JFK and gave a 90 second report was correct? Trump2020

Joseph Matarese: It's called a wrongful termination lawsuit . Time to burn down the fake news .

masterpd85: Since fox news agrees this should have aired... can yall release the trump affairs and interviews on the women he slept with while married to our first lady? Or are you guys still hiding that one?

Donald H. Tyers: Liberals will always turn on each other when the truth comes out!!! CNN & MSNBC are Corrupt as can be! They will be exposed soon!

You Tuber: Shouldn't she have whistle blowers protection?

iTza TrAVisT: Um yeah that woman is clearly not telling the truth..

George ONeal: I think this girl needs a good lawyer

Jenny Teresia: This is absolutely horrendous. Incredibly corrupt media.

Trump's Brick Layer: Poor little Liberals , funny how they eat their own. She would be helping them spin their lies if she didn't get fired . That's the danger of being a Liberal

OPTIMUSs_JEDI: These me too girls and radical feminists liberal women will always fall on their own sword in the end . No one is on your side , those people don’t care about you . Woke culture is a joke lmao

Larry Woodruff: As long as the media keeps lying, Trump will keep getting elected, his useful idiots.

Jbyrd Texas: These people are covering up for pedophile rings and satanic ritual abuse and the media wants to fire the people for leaking that information. These people are evil they hate America

Arron Roder: Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

Richard Willette: If she’s good at lying and can bring the spin, all with a smug expression of superiority, then that woman has a home at Fox

{// WTF! //}: the whistleblower statute does NOT protect names and the like but DOES make retaliation illegal as this is a PRIME example of....

Dan Brown: this is the life and the world that those leftist are building for us getting fired for no reason but PC BS

AuditTheFed 2018/2020: I don’t feel sad one bit

Douglas H: Anyone that whines as much as this girl belongs at a liberal media outlet. "I'm not the whistle blower...waaaaaaaaaaaa........."

Bear 2003: She had to because the msm said she done it.
Just think she worked for the same news that have treated or President the same way.

John Hendrix: Fox needs to look into this and help her find a job. Why would she want to work with
people like these Globalist.

MrJoey1570: She's still an unemployed liberal twit that's a good thing,watch her mannerisms closely she's lying through her teeth 😂

This is Not The Algorithm: Raise your hand if you think this and the whistle blower is the intelligence community 🙋‍♂️

Anthony M: That’s fake crying for ya

Nick Sealy: Only 4 days? Wow that was fast, she should of went about it differently. That’s why you always think ahead because she didn’t think nothing would happen but big stories like that you have to be careful how you address it, wouldn’t want to anger a certain group of people

Dean Snombers: big lawsuit

Nick Sealy: So it’s true then

Jefe Anson: I'm sorry, I'm sorry I reported leaked the info on the vile evil pedophile ring!!! What have we come to when you are apologizing for exposing disgusting child abusers? This will tell you how much we have fallen from bravery and nobility.

Truth Unite: Can everyone with half a brain see why InfoWars was banned. Reporting on this for 10 years.

brett3140: Wrongful termination suit will hurt CBS

Andrew Banks: all things aside....... is tucker wearing a wig?

Outhouse John: Nothing good about Sniveling Beady Eyed Hell Spawn Communist Liberal Rats!

Greg Van Gaasbeek: When are the people involved in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring going to get arrested?

Greg Van Gaasbeek: Basically mainstream media does not want transparency.

Vanishing Sun: You know that Disney owns ABC right?

ninewolves213: LOL! Is CBS staffed full of pedos? Kinda looks that way. Shhhh... everybody keep quiet and this will just go away.

Ron Froehlich: Not one head will roll. Not even Epstein's

dogi pug: Bruh she is so bad at acting

Malcom S: I hope that Clinton runs again in 2020 and then Trump reveals the truth about Epstein.

Jackson Willbert: She needs to sue CBS & ABC

Don DP: Maybe she was fired because “she didn’t leak the tape”.... why would you wanna hire someone who helps rapists?

Big wheel Adventures: Remember Disney allowed the cover up ! Still want to spend money on their new network ?

Miss Camino: She lying. Fake crying, no tears, no eye contact, making her voice crack....b.s.

Olecranon Rebellion: MSM is disgusting.

Paul Young: Corporate Media is just evil, not necessarily!

David Galloway: Welcome to the discuss of the MSM. These people are mad, because they are not respected by the public.

Magdalena Vela: This is so sad when you get accused and fired for what she said was no reason for it
Wow! I hope she gets her job back or even better a better paying job hmm fox news is a great place to work very balance in reporting.
Rally for Ashley !!
Best of luck to her

A.G. Rich: I almost felt sorry but than realized that she worked for the producer of that company. So she helped create fake news and is upset about being blamed for something she didn't do. How ironic is that🤔

Jonathan Sterling: That's, like, the most beautiful story I have ever heard...
Media bashing à la mode.