[CCP Virus] Gen. Spalding: How China’s Communist Party Uses the Pandemic to Expand Global Influence

KEY POINTS OF INTEREST 02:29 What's “unrestricted warfare”? And how is the Chinese regime's threats to withhold face masks and medical supplies part of ...


Civil_Punk: General Spalding provides one of the most important expert perspectives right now. Thank you for the great interview!

Moon Walker: Why people are not talking about the chinese NAZI Unrestricted Warfare?

Our CORRUPTED CROOKED politicians are really SOLD OUT.

Sometimes Floats: Why can't the judiciary be independent? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.
Why can't the internet be open? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.
Why can't people speak freely? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.
Why can't private ownership grow? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.
Why can't democratic elections take place? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.
Why can't the virus be reported when it first started? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.
Why can't the people mourn the dead caused by the virus? Because that would weaken the CCP's leadership.

It is therefore crystal clear: all are caused by the "CCP’s leadership"! CCP, go to hell!

ZL54JK8: Such insightful questioning of a person with vast experience and insight. We are fortunate indeed to hear such an interview. I liked General Spalding's note of encouraging optimism at the end, also his well-suited terminology, such as for example "hype artists"!

Vladimir Cmero: China has lost the world production protective mask business and other equipment including medicine manufacturing due to this CCP virus. If other industries will follow we are about to see.

Kilowag Magnusson: The world needs to quarantine China, lock them into their territory, end relations with them, no trade, no nothing. 300 million undocumented people used for organs and slave labour, total control and domination of their people and surveillance. Millions and millions murdered for political reasons. A dangerous and sickening state of affairs inflicted on the poor people of China and Tibet.

John Peterson: Time to take out there country's electrical grids

Ann Long: Rebuild our supply chain and economic base while the government is telling business owners they have to pay skyhigh wages here? Not a chance.

Jerry Jones: What is the world going to do about CHYNA?

Fred Peachman: American Thought Leaders: 4 times this morning while watching this 40 minute video I was suddenly switched to other videos.
At first I thought these would be short advertisements that would return quickly to your interview, but each was well over a minute in length. If this is to be the new normal at youtube, I will need to find alternatives. So I'm asking to you to also publish your videos elsewhere (like BitChute). I really like your programs.

Ben Lamprecht: Will you please consider a video about examining the consequences of the USA were to use tariffs to increase the price of Oil inside North America? There are major job losses in the Energy generation sector caused by the price war started by Saudi Arabia and Russia, who can extract oil at prices lower than the USA and Canada for the next 4-5 years. The 1,5+ million people working in the Energy sector could be protected by e.g. erecting financial barriers to oil from outside North America and incentivizing energy using Solar and Wind, where the USA has of the lowest cost resources in the world. Employment in 2019 was Oil 628k, Gas 398k, Solar 248k plus 97k less than half-time, Wind 115k. Higher Oil prices in North America will also protect the USA financial sector from massive defaults of loans to the Energy Sector. Lower Oil prices will help most other countries restart their economies

SF 49ers: Californian will vote for Trump in 2020 go MAGA!!!

Shane Macgregor: Not only that, but we trained China how to manufacture and gave them our blueprints.

Krishna Prasad: Please stop Chaina by all means available. Please aid democratic forces to take hold of their country.

Georgina Whitby: YouTube is censoring people's capacity to see comments

Natasha Romanoff: Why didn’t you hold a global trial of communism in 1991?
Now most of the problems would simply not exist.

Direbear Coat: https://youtu.be/DfuV7K3A08g?t=469 In essence, the general is saying that the Chinese Communist Party used their own people as delivery vehicles for the spread of the Wuhan Flu/Chinese Virus/Chinese Communist Virus world wide....

andrew hager: I love Spadling.
Yes, this is cloak and dagger warfare.
The WHO IS completely useless and they let China tell them what to call the Wuhan V.
Don't even get me started on the hapless WHO

TheOneTrue_Mantra: Threating to withhold facemasks while simultaneously buying up all the local stock and lobbying for our guns to be taken away IS WARFARE! we are under attack by the CCP.

Upbeat4ever Iluvmycountry: I looked up where Chinese Americans have made their homes and the cities where they are concentrated in communities. These are areas where the CCP Virus is also concentrated. I am in no way saying that our citizens deliberately created this situation but I do believe that the Chinese Communist government is more than capable of using our own citizens of Chinese descent against us during their special New Years celebration. I think that they were exposed unknowingly by visiting and being visited by relatives from China. I think this was a deliberate thing done by the Chinese government. If China was using the same quality of test kits like they sold to Canada and most likely to the rest of the world, who knows how many cases there actually are that were misdiagnosed. In the USA, we are using test kits that we developed and made. That is why our numbers are so high. They are accurate. I hope that we will be using drugs that were developed and made in our own labs and distributed by our own pharmaceutical companies. I just don't trust China and hope we never put our lives in their hands again. I hope we get the chance to realize our mistakes and not repeat our error in judgement by trusting a country or a party who wants to see the destruction of our form of government and the way of life that has made America great. In all our other pandemics, we had a government that was created based on the idea of "In God We Trust". In the last 50 years, we have had people elected/appointed into our government who wants nothing to do with God and have thrown Him out. We are no longer blessed or protected as a country because we have made laws to keep the concept of God out of our government. We can only pray that there are still enough righteous people in the country whose prayers will be strong enough to keep our country from collapsing. Maybe we need to ask God to lead us and protect us again. We may have to experience more dire circumstances before we understand that we are not capable of keeping the soul in a body. Only God can do that and only if we allow Him by free will.

Andy Ellerby: i hope he is correct

Virtual Light: It's hard to sell America to the world when you have a giant cheetoh as a president.

Mike Schwarzman: I have this strange feeling that China is preparing for a war right now. It could turn out to be a civil war or even a world war if things get out of control.

Sometimes Floats: If we do not describe the Nazism accurately, we will be unable to recognize if it or something similar appears again. If the history is not accurately recorded, mankind will repeat its mistakes.

bullshtmeter: And then you have Youtuber Daniel Dumbrill: Don't Panic - Tell Your Politicians To Learn From China . lol

Tomas Borromeo: Aussie former PM Kevin Rudd in an Asia Society interview mentioned an article in China (from Caixin ?) that exposes
this cover-up in China during those early days of this virus that began in Wuhan, China.

Hat Er: US should default on treasury securities owned by China

Ross Campbell: Trump once said that the MSM is the enemy of the people. You can see it now by how they defend China.

D B: We now know the real cost of “Made in China”. Every American can do their part. If it says Made in China, put it back on the shelf. Wherever...Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, Target, online, everywhere. Find an alternative made in the USA or in another country not controlled by an evil communist regime. Nothing from China is cheap.

Alister Edmond: Why don’t companies like Apple pull out off China?

Mao Tengmomsourne: Wow! It is a very clever plan to control the world if China really do this. At the time, it is very evil.
Release the virus and become the hero.
5G: it's a great device but the CCP can monitor and control your life every one around the world. No escape!!! Scary

Mao Tengmomsourne: Communist party is always the dictator...just how it rules. Absolute power!!!

DANIEL WAGNER: From 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8IEtlOVzq4

Robyn Hefferan: No sound

Jose de la Cuadra: With the CCP virus pandemic displacing the world economies, America is in a wake up call of the race to decouple the China supply chain notwithstanding the length of time/cost of bringing back manufacturing. Tax incentive(s) will help. Lobby U.S. allies to do same.

Denise Bilby: Diabolical CCP. My question is was the Deep State involved at all? We did have military games in Wuhan in Fall of last year and some of our military were air lifted out when they got very sick. What really happened?

Kevin Salter: I wish I had the option to NOT buy made in China products. I hope we start manufacturing more products in North America again. I would gladly pay a little more for things made in Canada, USA and Mexico. It is time to put as much distance between China and North America as we possibly can as fast as we can.

David Morley: The General is so right in effectively criticizing the historic China policy of the US. I will choose to simply stick with calling the “panic-demic” the Wuhan virus. The US cannot particularly blame a Chinese dictatorship for striving for power, when the US continues to choose to not provide an appropriate counterbalance. To provide an appropriate counterbalance, the US should own up to and reverse its disgusting attack on its traditional and proven allies (and more cynically- its spheres of influence, or perhaps even its vassal states). Trumps actions in attacking US allies will eventually be seen to have been just as destructive to the Western way of life as the inactions of his predecessors have been in regards to China. As usual, Trump is half right, but the half that is wrong can be more destructive than the benefits from what he is right on. Historically, ones friends usually prove more important than your enemies. Wake up America. Hello Trump: Get the other half right- but do stick to your common sense instinct to get (the Western world’s) people back to work- at least for the sake of our children’s children. Full disclosure: Obviously, I am not a blinkered American, but many years ago I met Trump and a couple of his kids a couple of times, and I immediately got a passionate distaste for that deeply flawed person. That said, I still support a great many, but certainly not all, of the policies he has championed since he gained office- and I hope for the Western world that he gets reelected- even if he wants to imperialistically colonize it- just like China so obviously wants to.

Lisa Wong: We need to have local made goods even if they are more expensive.
I rather buy less, and have good quality merchandise and not benefit from slave workers in China which give the corporations much more profit.
We all have to stop the greed.

Lisa Wong: WHo should be investigated and charged!!

Lisa Wong: I was stunned to read in the news that Canada sent 16 tons of medical supplies to China in feb.
Now CAnada medical front line doctors and nurses are running out of supplies of face masks, gloves protective gears etc.
Now today in the news, Bank of China donated 30 thousand face masks to Canada.
Ccp let 5 million left Wuhan before the lock down, 50 flights left Wuhan that night I read!!!
General, please advise Donald Trump, dont be niave ccp very cunning and cold blooded!!

Lisa Wong: I am really worried about the West, cvp is very deceitful and scheming. I am also worried about the backlash on all Asian Americans when we have nothing to do with the cause of the virus.
I hope the West will wake up to see ccp for what it is.
My parents escaped communism in 1949, we escaped take over of Hong Kong 1997 by ccp.
Now ccp is unleashing it's very destructive tactics to the whole world, we will have no where to escape ccp claws

louth1770: We are glad to have sharp minds like General Spalding, Steve Bannon to give us a viewpoint we will never know.

louth1770: What's the real smoking gun here? Don't you think the meltdown on US Wall Street is part of a coordinated sinister act to destroy the American financial system, using the CCP viruses on its own population as part of necessary collateral damage, to inflict the devastation on rest of the world? As we speak, vaccines are being made by Chinese pharmaceutical companies (go find the facts).

Russell Cearley: Corporate executives hane got us here. I want to beleive in Spalding's ending statement. But where the rubber meets the road is that, the head exec's need there spreadsheets to pay them and not anyone else. China provided and continues to provide basically slave labor. For all the talk of Spalding and others like him I wanna see how the business model to show their premise.
Today's economy essentially has parallels to the economy of the United states during slavery, the slavery has essentially just moved offshore.
China over all these decades has now flipped the tables and have innovations of their own and still are stealing ours.

mark owdeesh: I live in Canada. The country is basically a satellite state for the Chinese.

paul sutton: I absolutely agree. But China has got to its monopolistic position simply by using price differentials. China can always sell us our own technology cheaper than we can produce it ourselves. This is still going to be the case post the virus. And the more they control a sector of the market by undercutting us on price, the easier it will be for them to do it again.

Fortunately they came up against an obstacle to this plan. The obstacle was called: Donald Trump. But look how all the people who sell the US short, are also the same people who will stop at nothing to undermine Trump. We must find a new model other than price upon which to base future trade. Yet freedom to buy and sell whatever, is a cornerstone of our free-trade instinct, and therefore even of our democracies.
So I don't know that we can defeat China (the CCP), without introducing barriers to "free trade".
Donald Trump has been slightly successful at finding an alternative regime. But in four years time the US government could again be in the hands of the traitors, profiting from the margins which arise in the sale of US intellectual assets, to the sneakiest enemy in history.

Shasta Graff: Gee. Why didn't we just have Nazi Germany building all our fighter planes?

macc240038: Without federal government action to reign in American businessmens' outsourcing production to China, after this pandemic runs its course, their greed will lead them to repeat the same mistakes that got us into this mess in the first place.

Uruguay y Nigeria: China always wants war and that's it.