[CCP Virus] US Law Firm Sues China’s Regime for Covid 19 Coverup—Berman Law Group

KEY POINTS OF INTEREST 03:23 How would a lawsuit against the Chinese regime actually work? 10:52 Breaking down the Chinese regime's coverup and ...


MsBluebird777: It is excellent to hear Mr. Alters say this. The CCP's legal culpability has been much in my thoughts in recent weeks.

Kam Lee: You stupid idiot: it has been confirmed over and over, and again and again that the Trump's American Government has been informed at least three months earlier by the Chinese Communist Party as well as World Health Organization that there could be a pandemic even before the first case of COVID-19 appeared in America. The problem was President Trump's refusal to close down the America's economy. President Trump was too being greedy, and he insisted that the America's economy not be shut down. Even today, April 12, 2020, President Trump still insisted that the Americans should return to work by May 7, 2020 which will be too early by any means, according to America's own infectious diseases specialists. President Trump is simply too greedy for the America's own good to be slow down. In conclusion, Americans who have suffered loss of physical and mental health, loss of personal and business income should launch a class action law suit against not the Chinese Communist Party, not against the World Health Organization, but against President Trump's Government because he downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic, and he delayed in taken action to protect the Americans. He should shoulder all the losses suffered by all the countries because he also let the pandemic to be exposed to every corners of the world!

Free Spirit: CCP=CCCP=SSSR=communism = Our Democrats. And why all those fancy collages teach Socialism? CCP must be hold accountable

LiangHuBBB: the world needs to send ccp the bill, and after that ccp and WHO need to be put into prison for the rest of their life

miyosu sugihara: Thanks for this episode. Immediately contacted the law firm and joined the law suit.

Hung Ly: Thank you, Berman Law Group!

Gene Ford: Kissinger and Nixon, in the '70's, promoted and financed China; China said it was promoting an agrarian society. Founding fathers said not to intermingle with foreign countries. Who is going to oversee DC and prosecute the politicians who are being paid off by China?

Ivan Toscano: Did he say “open their eyes” at 37:10 😭😢😂😂🦠🦠

Zalds Lim: No on just pay nstions must retailiate

O AS: CCP의 범죄행위를 법정에서 낱낱히 밝혀주시고, 그 죄가를 치르도록 반드시 승리해주십시오. 미국과 에포크 타임지를 지지합니다.
If China doesn't pay for it this time, it is gonna be China's new business model in the future.

ben morr: All country's should boycott China .. Cut them out and leave them out !!

fred lacroix: W - world
H - helpless
O - organization

Kevin Dang: CCP virus 🦠, dangerous, Big free gift for world and ( one belt, one road) WHO stupid working for money!

Richard Bernardez: I aggree with you mr alters ill support your move... im a filipino citizen my government is blindfolded about the reality of what the ccp china doing to destroy economies of the world ..worst the backstabbing their neighbors and economic partners..this exactly the way of life and cultire of ccp greedy regime... they must pay of what they damaged to all the countries in the world. Also laterally all soveriegn should assert on the deceiptive moves of this regime..

Thanh tam Bui: We made chinese communist party pay for this ccp virus👿👿👿

Ho Chi Wang: American should sue the US government for the small pox that killed millions of them.

Eric Co: Stop it why not settle the pin head problem, lots of........

ll c: This is how the war begins. The world vs ccp.

LoC28C: The fact is that China has announced and informed the WHO and the US on 31st December 2019 after confirming that this is a new virus on the 27th December 2019. How much faster can any other country react ? Is there any other country that reacted as fast on this.

Problem is that since they have informed the world about it no country was taking any precautions other than Myanmar which started taking the necessary precautions since January 2020. So now since the US is facing the brunt of the infection for ignoring the advice from China and the WHO, you are spending a lot of money to come out with Propaganda to put china in a bad light? How spiteful can this get?

LiftTheVeil: And to keep it real. China ONLY DID THIS and the Only REASON. because it's always been known to invade America you can't do it with an army by day, they move in the shadows by night. And they ALSO have the Democrats running interference for them to keep us looking at China whole they do what?

LiftTheVeil: And don't let them get you ALL FOCUSED ON CHINA. We're dealing with OUR OWN GOVERNMENT attempting an coup de ta. And got CAUGHT. China was shady because that is what they were used to. Till Trump showed up. But stay focused, Believe me God will make China pay.

God Judges Nation

LiftTheVeil: Catching up on your content and this guy needs to sue the Deep State. Or is sueing Too Good for Em? You know what I retract my whole comment. Because it is too good for them.

Mona Liza: CCP need to be held accountable.

Notime ForFakeNews: Time for the communist leaders to go, if ever a regime change was needed it's China.

Joe Guo: The title of this video should be "
What Happens If I Don't Pay a Debt Collection".

Agence Artistique: Here's a question for u guys: "Medical supplies" including masks from China have been found to be contaminated. Many reports. So why are some govts including Australian and Canadian govts throwing their own citizens under the bus by accepting planeloads from China? I believe Trump has banned imports from China - if not he probably should have right now as nothing can be trusted. See other channels - China has just announced employing another 10 million computer hacker bots/trolls - also China tourism in its own country is surging - while stupid west is in economic and social lockdown - its disgusting what the west is prepared to do to itself for china - as a former businessman and many others at high levels too have publicly been saying... for some time - its also disgusting what WHO and UN and some extremely unpatriotic american silicon valley and medical-pharmaceutical clowns are doing to their own peoples. While Tedros screams "racism" over Taiwan - black African people are being thrown out of homes in China and the Yegars are permanently persecuted - not to mention how the west is being treated and robbed blind and economically broken right now. And poor people in third world countries are being killed by big pharma experiments.

FLCC: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This exposes the grand fraud of the pandemic!     SEE: The Creation of a False Epidemic by Jon Rappoport Part 2: The Medical CIA, Covert Ops  GO TO:    https://youtu.be/kJACHUVvtYU

K 2: It’s China’s fault !

Jimi O: China must be accountable for cover up on China Virus , by the time news leaked , it was too late !
China government are very cunning and greedy . They steal neighbouring countries fishes , claimed sovereignity on others waters. And now making an island on the sea and trying to claim bigger share on South East China Sea . (They claimed this was their sea )
I can see this as a Biology Warfare after China intentionally did not release the epidemic earlier .It's already against human rights.
China MUST pay for the damages or Must face Sanctions throughout the world and shipments and companies Must be confiscate ,ban sales before paying up damages. Otherwise face International Military Pressure. Nuff said.

Honey Badger: Jan - you are a fabulous interviewer!!!

Khai Sáng Dân Trí: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has mastered the rule of dictatorship and exploited more than one billion of its people based on the taxpayer money. They have censored all information unfavorable to the Communist Party. They have installed surveillance cameras, blocking websites from linking to free information from outside the world so people don't have much information to oppose the government. People under dictatorial communism do not have any basic democratic rights such as freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of protest. They will be brutally suppressed such as the famous crackdown in Tiananmen Square in 1989 if they dared to stand up to protest against the government to protect their legitimate rights.

Externally, the Chinese Communist Party has been, and will continue to implement, the debt trap policy for developing countries, from Asia to Africa, even some European countries. They have a lot of interests in manipulating the governments of many countries, manipulating parliament to create divisions, destabilize to benefit the Chinese Communist Party, and of course the democracies of those countries will decline. Aftermath, and then the dictatorship erected again.

The crimes of the Communist Party are numerous. We cannot tell them in a few lines of language.

Instead, States join hands and unite together to overthrow the authoritarian Chinese communist regime. Especially, G7 group countries have enough military and economic potential. Let's work together for the stable, sustainable and peaceful development for a democratic world that is no longer dictatorial.

Klo Hi: I don’t think they are going to participate

I R: 7:36+👍
My biggest thought form here is, they tell us in a secretive way, but it’s not by voice, they use pictures. They use a secret(hidden) code to let us know but it’s very strenuous to read. They(Computer software engineers?) use it to validate their doings and you’ll never know what will come out of it until it happens and someone in the back ground is the one who chooses from what you chose on your social media page and it’s so messed up. I don’t know if it’s used by people with dual citizenship who have very good paying professional jobs that work in our country in these companies and they’re the one who are manipulating it big time, but where are our American companies and why did they move out of the states for, where is Apple? Did the Apple company get sold to China too? Google is global. Why are all these companies hiring communists for top priority jobs and using the technology to take advantage? Why are there leftists in our governments and who are the ones that are responsible for manipulating everything here to the breaking points?
National Geographic: At let 62 coronavirus vaccine efforts are underway, but it could be more than a year until one’s released. Here’s Why.

KetoMan61: @45:00 You don't have the big businesses because they've completely abdicated their fidelity to American workers and America, and have instead sold their proverbial souls to the CCP. Corrupt traitors to USA.

Vivian Garber: We should NEVER be reliant on any country but OUR OWN, TRADING with other countries WHO ARE OUR ALLIES just makes sense and saves our resources for emergencies. We SHOULD NOT be trading with our enemies bor allowing student visas so they can steal from us. Ok weve made our mistakes its time to SLAM THE DOOR ON IT and clean house. Americans who support our enemies have a choice, death for treason and sedition, life in prison, or exile to China with loss of citizenship!


Querious: And meanwhile, while we are down, the Cinese are snapping up American companies...

Roy Gupte: All the US manufacturing was being done in China as it was cheap and no one forced you and then now are dependent on them for everything like now. So don;t blame them as they thought they had a free reign to rule the world and very Commuist Country.


MASTERLOK DEEPAK BAKSHI: These people r only talking on TV... Today at the UNSC everyone was mute... No nation said anything...

456inthemix: Let's sue China for the damages caused by the virus around world.

River Fishing: Suspend work Visas and refugee programs, until the economy is exactly where it was before and all US citizens have jobs.

avib369: USA based manufacturing in China MUST be brought back. Any politician who argues against this is a traitor.

River Fishing: China knew as early as November 2019. Lied and killed people that wanted to warn others.

Shy: They have acted as a Trojan horse and we dance and bought like everyday was Christmas. Well now how much of the products, particularly the food we consume is contaminated. If only by accident by those forced back to work that may be asymptomatic. I try not to find every rabbit hole to jump in but this one does concern me a great deal. We've made a grievous error in judgment that I believe began with a desire to lift the Chinese people, who's fault this is not. Know how do we correct it without destroying them in the process. I'm an America first kinda girl but help where and when we can. Sadly now we are left with our thumbs up our peverbal ass! We're as screwed as the poor Chinese people!

Is this another for of propaganda since WHO is sold out to the CCP?

G R: are you serious ? well what do you think the china govt is going to do. you will lite the fuse to the end of the way of life on this planet if you push too hard. they will fight and then everybody takes sides and when it looks like USA and its allies might lose then they bring out the nuclear subs hidden in the worlds deep oceans said to be 5 of them they can wipe life off this planet in 60 minutes then nuclear fallout afterwards then theres the other countries and their nukes there is no winning the next world war for anybody life after that will be completely destitute. don't forget chinas economy is dependent on world trade and sales of its products worldwide including the USA. unfortunately many years ago the us govt wanted to levy heavy taxation on US corporate manufacturing , so the corporations pulled up their stakes and started up in other parts of the world leaving the USA citizen's without their manufacturing base industries unfortunately and of course there were also a lot of noise coming from the environment groups back then about USA industry pollution which is a concern of course but look what happened to the USA. then the next disaster was the destruction of middle americas prosperous farming industry which some large corporations got a free pass from govt. to take over the multitude of owner operator farms which was the glue of a prospering food industry which could have had the ability to feed way more than just the USA. and it is said that USA citizen's have somewhere around 400 million gun's and trained to us them so there should be no fear of a ground invasion in the USA, that would be suicide for any country to try that can you imagine 400 million gun's pointed at the enemy !! and then all the military ,yikes. so this brings us back to WHO let this virus loose?? it is said that it was developed in a lab in North Carolina then removed or stolen ? could have ended up in china. maybe someone wants war?

Jason McGrath: They need to pay in blood. Only thing these people understand is sheer force, and the world should give it to em, it's to late for apologies that'll never come. The ccp needs to be stopped now while we can get a huge coalition together.

elysian fields: The virus is a warning note from the CCP: mess with Hongkong and/or our economy and we'll send more than a "killer cold".