China intentionally hid virus evidence: Report; Footage from N95 mask factory raises concerns

A video showing a converted Chinese factory producing #N95masks for medical staff is raising concern. Chinese authorities take issue with a woman's gift of ...


Bobbie Harper: This CRAP from SF. and all of it's librial BS pissis me off. It just goes to show how self centered they really are! They don't give a ratass about other people who have the COVID19 or still has the COVID19 or who have had it, and died from the deadly virus. Maybe if one of these people's Parents or siblings or even a friend died they would think twice about it, but I doubt it being they feel that their rights are being taken away, after all it's all about them and nobody else but them!

pasoundman: I confess that I find sending bibles to combat the virus somewhat puzzling !

Elsie Lomeda: Its time for us not to buy the China products


Jason Frome: The French lawyer interviewed in this video is a bit disingenuous. He states that it's very difficult to sue sovereign nations but no one needs to sue China. A much easier approach is to sue the CCP as they are not a sovereign nation.

Tania Mara:

John B: The CCP hid the stock of masks for the CCP only. While the locals ran out. And many who had masks for sale. marked up the prices.

James Greer: "OKAY" Who stopped the payment on my reality check.?????

peter marshall: CCP will only let China listen to CCP approved news, Not what the Chinese people see in their own eye, all starvation, low paid, substandard, corruption in China its a sin to be expose

Lonny Fuller: The evidence. People coming up missing or dead. Exporting defective equipment and masks that fail quality standards. Threatening other countries LIEING to the world. The blood of every single person that has is and will die is on China's hands. The world already knows yet they continue to lie deceive manipulate the world. They need to pay a steep price for this act of barbarism. They will as most countries have learned that they cannot allow critical supply chains out of their control. It's been a hard lesson but could have been much worse.

wada grace: Yeah california you have the right to catch covid

Wesley Verhaegen: Ursula 😂 the new destroyer of europe 😥

Wesley Verhaegen: Who wants a mask made in china 🙄

Up State Assassin: Holy smoke China cant even be trusted to pack masks.

JuNard Amere: I wonder if the guy on the thumbnail is getting check for Covid or for the herpes underneath his mask. Wtf 🧐, check it out.

Celtic Highlander&AHook: thats disgraceful the area should be medically clean and they should be wearing masks protective suits in sanitary production line to make masks touching the masks with bare hands too

Munna Monk: Tiffeny Mier so sooooo Cute♥️♥️♥️

Michelle Murphy: As an Irish citizen I would rather my government purchase medical equipment from the US, the Chinese sub standards are making the spread worse. There is a difference when a country just wants to make money and a country who wants to make money but also cares about their standards. I have to ask myself is the CCP actually trying to kill more westerners?

The Non Smoker: Move business from China to India, empower India to counter CCP :)

Mr. chips: Stop dealing with China period

Gorshien lew:

Harvey Holloway: I have posted most of this before but have new info. The US was preparing for this as early as 2017. I wonder how they knew and why they did not tell us instead of watching people die. It is the first link and is from RT news.

Link Two: America also had Corona cases in January and did nothing about them. Add to that the fact they have the worst drug based garbage medical system on earth as the map below shows. Now to try do damage control they are trying to inflate Chinese numbers, or do anything else they can to stop you seeing their total incompetence. Here is what is being reported on other channels. How did America have for knowledge of the equipment needed for corona in 2017? What would they have to know to be planning for it then? This is a big question??????

HTTP:// Stating where virus could have been made. Stating openly by a western virologist that China is not the source. Last half min. A Japanese expert states there is no reason to go after China. This one shows us that the US had cases in January and February from people that did not travel. Corona was in the US from that point, much earlier than was told to us. Since this is the case who withheld information and should be boycotted or sued???

I know in other videos I have watched Bill Gates state that if medical in the west is ran properly we could loose 15% of people world wide. This is reality, not blaming China when they had no experience to go on. 15% is about 1,000,000,000 people they wish to kill. At about the 6 to 7 min mark is the quote.

Here are some of China's questions about the US and they are good ones.

The first video link states knowledge in the form of preparation was going on in the US since 2017.

Remember the second video link at the top states that the US is the only country on earth to have all the components to build this virus and should be looked at as possibly doing so.

The January case means that the US hid info for months, ensuring the spread in China. They and not China need to be dealt with for this. A world wide boycott comes to mind. Map of disease spread.

See clearly how Americas garbage medical system has once again led them to first place, with more cases than the next 6 countries combined, and having lapped the field, now with over double the deaths of any other country on earth.

Check the map, then order your medicines from China.

As a footnote Israel wants to force a war between China Russia and the US it has done well. It ensured that the US would have the most deaths and be war angry. Why? They want the largest militaries on earth to destroy each other. Once we are destroyed they will have one of the world s most powerful militaries left on earth.

If they get away with it, we can then look forward to being illegally bombed if we are thought as being to powerful, and our children being slaughtered, just like Palestine.

Look out America, Russia, and China and see your real enemy, then do something about it.

Jeff Haskins: China commies have more billionaires than capitalist? They get best of both worlds and still criminal!

Michael Taddia: Boycott China

Tex Avery: unfortunatetly most world leaders are crooks and they will sell to ccp as soon as the pandemic fades away ... and all will come to square 1 as nothing happened ...thats the reality

Troy White: China must fall after this!!!people don't realize they started world war Three without engaging human lives in battle.The more i learn,the more i realize we in the end Times.

David Andrew Burrows: It’s time to overturn President Richard Nixon‘s decision to remove the security council vote from Taiwan when he gave it to the CCP. I think in my opinion that that was an error in the judgment and just like Taiwan did not have a vote when we took away the security council video from them and give it to the CCP we need to remove it from the CCP and return it back to Taiwan. After 01 try to always get a policy we just choose to work with Taiwan and should’ve never work with the CCP. This will give more freedom to all the occupied territories that a CCP controls.

GmailUser1b: Ousted vaccine director says pandemic warnings were ignored.  Dr. Rick Bright, the ousted director of the office involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, formally filed an extensive whistleblower complaint Tuesday alleging his early warnings about the coronavirus were ignored and that his caution at a treatment favored by President Donald Trump led to his removal. Bright said in the complaint he raised urgent concerns about shortages of critical supplies, including masks, to his superiors in the Trump administration but was met with skepticism and surprise. While Bright said some officials shared his concerns -- including top White House trade adviser Peter Navarro -- he describes an overall lack of action at the top of the administration even as the virus was spreading outside of China. Bright had led the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority since 2016 when he was reassigned last month to a narrower position at the National Institutes of Health.

Joe Kerr: This is a Falungong channel. Obviously they hated China but their propaganda actually hurt all Chinese !

Nguyen南無阿彌陀佛: Many other countries still have not totally woken up yet about CCP intentional and motive behind all Virus cost the lost souls and lockdown around the world.  Secondly, who is this lady donating medical supplies?  Is she a US citizen or in the process of getting a green card?  

The West already went through many wars, they must know how badly to live in a centralized communist party.  Hong Kong is an example right in-front  of our faces.  Don't forget why many people are dying just to obtain a visa entering the Wests' countries around the world. 

For many of immigrants, migrants, refugees, etc. Only the west open arms for many.  China doesn't have immigrants, migrants or refugees, etc.  Look at your original origin, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents.   Before many of you’ve bad mouths about the US or UK, Canada and Australia.  The west will not fall for communist party.

Be grateful for the US, Australia, Canada, UK, and some EU let many of your families be resettled away from communist party.

Luc Traonvouez: What can we expect from a country that executes Falung Gong and other people just to recover and sell their organs for transplant??

Steven Fletcher: The China people need to stick together and stand up to ccp and finally get rid of all there lies and bullshit. They still operate on murder and gangster tactics. They need doing the same to them as wot they do to there own people. And see how they like it. Live organ donation and killing people after they take there organs. Thats unforgivable. Dictatorship rule has no place in this world no more. So get rid of the wankers

IslamoFascism: Yes, the USAnul retentive fools have the right to assemble, congregate, and choose revolt and death rather than lockdown and living. It is their moronic right.

Frederick Nichols: don't sue china just stop doing business with them


Jackson Brown: Stop purchasing Chinese made products and the CCP gets its payback!

James Greer: I don't see where Donald Trump is at fault, when the whole world was taken by shock and awe. over the virus.

just do it: you can pursue happiness if u stay alive 10:56

MyNameJeff: Damn the asian people

汏齜埖: China produces masks, disposable civilian masks and civilian KN95 masks at preferential prices. You can go to the company to check it, or you can watch it through the video, with complete qualifications. Medical masks are temporarily unavailable and there are too many orders. Welcome to chat with me privately

Becky Coty: Why do free countries allow the CCP to run what we will and won't have on our internet. The CCP made a trip to Silicon Valley and that's when we all started getting censored. Perhaps these people in Silicon Valley need to be looked into for being communist sympathizers.

Peaceful and sensation World:

A P420: Death to XI JINPING!

Exodus Jarvis: They are trying to get rid of us but it's working in reverse . Tek dat!!!

Tapoon Kim: US has so many labs in so many countries, local residents are complaining about leaks and other issues. So should close all US labs in others countries.

Ford Fanatic: China should be held accountable! If not now then when!? They will only get worse. Its time to F the ccp up the A without KY jelly!!

Travis Scott: China is shipping junk masks because they are trying to kill us all

bouy Mel: world unite together,you run after China!!!This country need to be punished!!!

Mathew Lewis: By the way can we have irvines camera back so we can see if he and Mallory SUMMITED...bloody thieves.

Mathew Lewis: These people are disgusting I don't care what anybody says.