China Is Using the Coronavirus to Split Europe

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China Uncensored: Go to and use code UNCENSORED to get 83% off a 2-year plan and 1 extra month free.

Rick Morty: the e.u. unlike others is really really bad at doing propaganda

good teammate: China is normal human with high amount of curiosity pretty much about anything. We teaches amongst ourselves. As friendly you look at white people, you actually have insecurities among each other, but we don't really care about that. The fall of Western power is due to too much family interventions. You love social life way too much & you barely even learn & study. That's why we are catching up. From nowhere to now here.

Okay ReadyPlayerOne.: Chinese propaganda!!!

erick chandra: Hug Chinese Day campaign in Italy n New York is more than enough as China vivid manouvre to split its competitors.

riverr: My stupid but still likes China. I like their food (Normal food, not bats,dogs and cats)

Happy Happy Joy Tran:

zitools: my parents told me that china would sell their own mothers.

Libhunter Z: China and the European Union trying to help is like 2 wolves inviting the sheep over for dinner.

Ȟᴇċĸȧĸŷʜ Âɡᴇĸʙȧᴛᴇʜ: This video said ten fakes and no facts in the first minute. How mentally degraded must one be to subscribe to this?

Gungnir: Note to Europe ....Find new friends!!!

Coffee Link: Wow, they claim the mask are a generosity gifts but yet they charged them?

Vixctor13: If it isn't the USA, it's Russia. If it isn't Russia, it's China. European countries are always being used by someone.

dev sharma: european countries are so fucking dumb 🤣🤣

themutantlizard: The EU should collapse anyway

Rickey Robinson: Hay Commie your Being Sprayed with the New Commie 22. We been dropping on you

Onofrio Bacigalupo: Nuke Beijing!

Dont call me Jesus its not my name Yahushua: Bill gates will save us all

Tarun Daga: Huaway go to hell

Tarun Daga: After Corona we spit on china..

Cobra Giant: China is greedy, cruel, sinister, and evil.
America needs to eliminate China on behalf of the world

Yap Sengwing: 💤💤💤💤💤 i recommend you all to eat "char sew" chinese bbq pork 🐽✔


hushpuppykl: White House-led airlift from China of urgently needed medical supplies arrives in New York

Interesting how US needs an airlift whilst Chris condemns everything from China.

Come on Chris. Tell off the US Gov. Do not accept help from the Commie CCP Gov 😂🤣

hushpuppykl: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Praises the Chinese Government for Ventilators

hushpuppykl: US Tariffs On China Hinders US Need For Medical Supplies

Looks like US needs supplies from China. Wow! Come on. Tell Trump not to deal with Commie China.

Why do you guys not petition the US gov to stop purchasing from China? Boycott China. Crash it’s economy! Do It.

Samrat Dey: Chinese drama is over

Boyet Novelero: Never trust your ENEMY!!

BlitsKreeg de Antioch: Thanks for "Luigi was always player 2". I needed a good laugh.

Kathylee Choi: such liar community china,

Nala Nat: Communist China is trash.

Lauren Casapao: Can you cite your sources in the description?

RP Feynman: It is hard to know what is your intent?

All about Gaming: Italy is most affected because they joined one belt road trade deal, please get your head out of your ass

Bruce Wayne: The Chinese created the virus... Think about it. Chinese been eating bats like forever. Why it all suddenly happened now?

Hard working Canadian citizen: Sick lieing bastards the ccp , make em pay for their sneakiness!! Cancel debt we owe them t help us get back on our feet

Rendani N: I will buy Huawei VPN not american

Rendani N: talking too much trash

Sam Ton: Thank you for posting this content.

Jonathan Derenburger: Realses pandemic virus then helps victims? Sounds like the bad guy to me, no? Boycotting is coming back after this hopefully...

Lim Cs:

aids: It's beautiful, people unify around the world. Against china.

Schizoinsomnia: Handing the world over to the antichrist! American superpower vs. China freedom vs. Totalitarianism & oppression! Here's your sign of the Orwellian world to come...
Countries and the people who work in governments all over the world, are selling us out to China's CCP. CCP tactics is to implement the 3 B's, in order to control our elected officials. They buy,bribe &, blackmails them. If that doesn't work they remove them by any means necessary. They also put those they can, into positions of power. They have infected the world educational systems. They use it as a tool, for many reasons. To spread socialism & communism ideology. Help promote the use of drugs to dumb down other countries, even their new best friend Russia. The CCP through their thousand talents program, is promoting & encouraging espionage and the theft of intellectual property.
They are playing the world, mostly Democratic societies, like a Fiddle. While Trump has taken steps to combat them, China can play the long game and wait for another chump president, like quid pro quo Joe Biden Who it has already been proven, has sold out to China's CCP.
The CCP 100 year anniversary is 30 years away. They will go after Taiwan financially. If that doesn't work, they will go to war in the next 15years. China has a vision of expansion and when they have their 100 year anniversary, they desperately want the world to marvel with envy.
I wouldn't put it past them, to have released the coronavirus purposely. Because they want to take over the world as "the superpower". The first country to get it outside China was Taiwan and the second was USA according to
Things will only get worse in the next 15years... As the CCP will continue to oppress & silence anyone in China (soon the world) that doesn't go along with the program. Like the persecution of religious people, that has been underway for years. The CCP has erased recent histor. The Chinese people age 30 and younger, don't even know the CCP massacred millions during the culture revolution. They don't realize the CCP has probably killed over 100million since the government formed. If they take over as "the superpower", you can expect a Orwellian (research George Orwell's book 1984) style world. That's basically what the CCP as already turned China into. It'll be a world that oppresses everyone but, the elite. It will be biblical! It could possibly be the rise of the antichrist system, or very similar in comparison (even if you don't believe it, read the bible revelations).
If this is what you want, then keep buying made in China. Keep sympathizing with the communist dictatorship of China.
Go to and start a petition demanding your country start buying products from other countries and start making, growing and, manufacturing their own products. Let us, we the people determine our future! Not our failed governments who depend upon China knowing they are using forced, slave &, child labor (look up all 3 types). Remember that next time you buy goods made from CCP's China...

DNA is the biological script for all life. A script cannot write itself, can it? The code directs the cells that form life of the organism. Therefore there is an author, a creator. This leading atheist changed his mind after this evidence. For more information on DNA visit The conditions of earth had to be so perfect. The sun and moon just the right distance. Please research scientific and architectural proof for God and you will find it...

Zheng Li: Good job China


Louis Maritz: Europe should split china right down the middle, with a dozen or so ICBM's

bennyz: Let us not make China gain in this CCP virus, let's make China pay for what they did to the world, Stop CCP gain business in all other countries. Europe, US, Canada, Australia, let us boycott made in China..

Rory Lion: Don’t trust communism....they lie and cheat. Don’t do business with them.

rarest pepe: Serbian President Vucic has become a pretty big joke here in ex Yugoslav states. The media regularly berate him for his cooperation with Chinese officals and before the outbreak there were many protests against his presidency

hushpuppykl: Breaking News: Trump Tweets To Fire Dr Fauci, US President Clearly Wants To Suppress Facts

Hey Chris ... Looks like Trump clearly wants truthful facts to be suppressed! LOL