China seeks to buy up western companies; Secret January virus meeting reveals more coverup

There's mounting evidence the Chinese regime knew about the virus outbreak long before they alerted the public. Photos from a secret meeting in January, ...


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doorran: this thing did not occure naturally.

Carrina Murphy: u.s., who, u.n. were all aware as well guys

Lynda Coulson: How come the British government don't send out undercover spies who can 'Fit in' with the common people of the country like China, to find out the TRUTH? So, I mean, what is the British government so chicken about? On top of that, they were too slow to learn from other far seriously infected countries to ACT FAST and Furious like they should have done. Now it turns out the government of England is acting crazily again!! I am so glad the Scotish government is NOT going to ease the restrictions on lockdown like B.J. Is apparently going to do. Thankfuly someone has their head screwed on in the right place.

Patricia Palmer: Fuck 'em. Gotta stop them in their tracks !!!

Franz Huber: That was my suspicion since march. Whoever looks at the stock markets can see what’s going on.

Teresita Uy: Radcliff another puppet of trumpt.

justified by faith: It's getting increasingly hard to 'Buy British'. As a child of the 60's and 70's most things in the UK (where I live) were produced in the U.K.

tobyjo57: One problem is People. People want eberything cheaper, cheaper, cheaper but they are the first to complain about poor quality and trash that just does not work. Produce quality stuff in your own country and be prepared to pay for it. Don';t give your money to companies who buy from China so the currency will not filter back to the CCP. And if you own a factory and get offers of a takeover from a Chinese source refuse it. Money only matters when you don't have any and the rate it's going to China that won't be long. This should concern consmers, importers, retailers and the government alike on every level. China will bleed the world dry if they are allowed to and it's down to each and every individual to prevent it.

Jason Parker: Ancient Chinese Secret Huh!

Tom Butthurt: Stop this s*** pass laws denying Chinese to buy anything in the West

Te Manawa: rbg 7 fold ret 10 #ChinaOwesWorld

dat man: You want to bring china down? Convonce every black guy so stop buying Nikes and white kids to stop buying iphones. Simple as that.

Petter: At least CCTV can rely on Google/YouTube to spread CCP propaganda. Now ship Walmart, Nike and other CCP loving companies plus their owners to CCP land.

Mick Bryan: surely all countries wont let that happen if they do their all useless

W. Rusty Lane: I had a dream the other night. I dreamed I went to a Chinese restaurant called Madame Wuhan's. I ate a simple meal which amounted to $10.00 and some change. I paid my bill with a $20.00 U.S. currency. At the checkout Madame Wuhan tried to give me Chinese currency for my change. I told her no I wanted U.S. currency. Then she tried to give me coupons for the change. I firmly stated, "no, I want U.S. currency. I ended up having to call the police to get her to give me U.S. currency for my change. Strange dream to say the least. I already signed the petition against the CCP.

giftbyliz rehsu: what's up with Dr Fauci?

END OF TIMES: Xi JINPING is the Antichrist

kelvin rodgers: Until a solution is found,avoid these Chinese in your countries because most of them are sponsored to act as spies for CCP, including all these investors who come to buy properties,it's CCP's money

Jami Hensley: Where is 3m based?

Clay Norris: F-cK Starbucks!! 130 million are now getting sent to build a giant bean roasting plant in China!! Creating jobs for China not Americans!! Spread the word!!

Jami Hensley: As for me and my house...we will do our best to research where the products we buy come from. Starting with no more Nike shoes or products. If they come home with no investment from china in their stock, then will reconsider. Time to prove where you stand.

jim sunny: This is such double standard, anyone sueing Japan for the Nuclear disaster coverup, 2008 finacial meltdown cause by US?

Jami Hensley: Stop them please!

The Finest Fap: Well that backfired. Japan along with others are offering huge pay outs just for companies to move out of china. Regardless of where they go. Even if not to the location that is paying them. And trump has already moved over 50 companies back to the US. And that was months ago.

william hunter: We don't have to worry in Canada. Under the dictates of Little Potatoe and his progressive minions, China owns most of Canada.

Johnson Wang: 這個婊子媒體又出來造謠,灣灣們就是這樣的,沒有造謠他們就混不下去了!

Mike Duckwall: China will be a third world starving country within a year. Very sad for the more than billion Chinese people and karma for the CCP. It is possible that China will become a large crater as well.

Thomas Jensen: Bomb 🇨🇳 back to the Stone age

George Robartes: The CCP takes a leaf out of the Rothschild's book . Crash the markets buy shares penny on the dollar . Rothschild's did this on the London Exchange by spreading false news after the Battle of Waterloo that the British had lost . After real news and share recovery Rothschild's made millions . And some are saying this was an accident ! This was an intentional attack on the West by hitting the financial sector . Time to stop the gesturing , the world must now take action and gain support from the Chinese people to destroy the heinous CCP regime .

Fred Flintstone: Everyone should start labeling all products that come from China or a Chinese company in bid bold letters on the front of the package.

Cryptixal YT: The world owes the truth, an investigation as to the origin of the virus. Hiding the truth regarding the severity of the virus is a global concern for the world. The Wuhan Laboratory must be investigated

Sonja Benkert: Sorry, I do not trust Anthony Fauci. He has a lot of investments and doings with a lot of partners. It´s time to strike back, very hard. I am not made in China, I am made in a free and democratic world. Let´s be natioalists at the moment

Lee Gee: Yes!

Curtis Reynolds: Of course Fauci said there's evidence of it occurring naturally instead of a lab. HE DIVED THE VERY LAB IT WAS MADE IN AND LATER LEAKED FROM! Fauci is our own Dr Mengele.

Kim Senior: Sack Fauci & lock him up for life!

TheButcher6969: Slide of hand is what I'm starting to think. They'll all in bed together. Patents dating back to 2006 & as recent as Nov. 2019 leads back to Bill Gates.

MURR DOG: Made in Hitler CCP China = worldwide boycott..think

MURR DOG: Simply, boycott everything Chinese, the country that gave the world their chi-com#19 virus, think vote smart with your monie$ your mainland, read every label never Ever purchase CCP products again! smart think world .

Leech Phillip: Gain of Function Research is what they do at WIV. It's undistiguishable from naturally occuring viruses without labotatory notes. That's why the CCP is blocking outside researchers and suppressing information sharing.

Anthony Quinn: China is going to be in for awakening!!! If they did not destroy the evidence, then we could find out for sure where it came from.

Jeff Simpson: All Chinese students must have background checks (period) Chinese cannot be trusted! Cut them from everything

Mzu5000 Mzu: DOC Fauci is buyed by comunists, another traitor of human kind to kill

Mzu5000 Mzu: China thanks to his virus is on the extinction way , rethink the name of your channel. Until a single Chinese comunist still breath the human kind is at risk
Luckily the Chinese regime is fighting his own bio-weapon with propaganda, corruption , lies , bullying etc. . Every comunist dead is lucky strike for human kind .

David Ellis: China should be stopped in its tracks, stop them buying into any US or British company's or buying anything including properties. If nobody buys goods from China it won't be long before they can't buy anything their economy will crash like the rest of the worlds has. All American and British company's who manufacture in China should be relocated back to their country of origin without delay and if they refuse put 200 per cent import duty on any products they want to import. China should be isolated from the rest of the worlds economy by nobody buying anything off them, if that doesn't teach them to stop their behaviour nothing will apart from war. Trying to get compensation from China for the damage they have caused to worldwide economies is going to be a waste of time, they would be bancrupt and they won't do that they don't care about anything or anybody.

BenWallace 1878: Boycott all goods from China murders lets get there embassies closed and these lying. Scum sent home to crawl under the rocks they came from if you want to piss them of find room in your weekly shop made in Taiwan

KARMA One: The scariest thing is how US and Western Universities all accept briberies to accept Chinese Commies sons and daughters to steal from us. That the Universities, companies, businesses, WTO, UN, WHO, Media, politicians and etc have all been bought by the CCP within a few decades. It may be too late. But the rest of us Good People must still fight and to Execute all Supporters of the CCP Terrorists, domestic and abroad for selling out our nations and humanity.

WarmZinc: They should do what India did. Subject their investment to govt approval.

Grateful 2019: Covid 19 Made in China… Distributed to the world.