Christine Pelosi on impeachment: Trump's behavior has been divisive

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine Pelosi joins Martha MacCallum for an exclusive interview on 'The Story.' FOX News operates the FOX News ...


CalmChaos: Not gonna waste my time finishing this interview. Anything Pelosi is bullish!t

Light Dancing: Why would you even give this foolish woman airtime. You can educate the ignorant, but ya CAN'T CURE STUPID!

frank rizzo: Democrats are destroying America

studfindingball: Trump has to go because he's a goof. He is not smart enough to make a secure phone call. He's not clever enough to assassinate without killing innocents (security detail). You should have to be good at your job to keep it.

Fred Heigl: Yea...she PREYS all right!

Wild Roses: Eww! Raspy religion talk mixed with politics, how sad.

METAL ROD: The Four families of California?

Harold Gatlin: All these pelosi are an have always been crooks in California for a hundred years

Ken Hunt: Your mom is crazy, she's old, too far left, help create the homeless problem in California

Ripple: did she just release confidential info? wow, isnt that a breach of conduct from nancy?

Justin McClure: FOX what are you doing?

Nicholas Fox: Piglosi produced an idiot just like her... Some people should never reproduce, just check out her family.

Michael Sandell: I seriously don't understand this when the president wants to investigate a former vice p when he openly says that this is exactly what he did to Ukraine once before. I am lost.

Albert Vasquez: Another book sale

A P: “Trump will be impeached forever”. - big deal, so was Clinton. Besides, real Americans know this Impeachment is weak and totally partisan.

jules believer: I have serious doubts Pelosi prays to the same God I pray to.

Janie Ulibarri: She’s an idiot like her mommy 😳🤢

A_Strange Potato: My mom is tougher and more powerful than Nancy Pelosi. Bless you mother, and God Bless America!

David Webb: Your mother and party have divided this country.

Ripple: family koolaid drinker

Jy Byrd: These people are mental. Pelosi has no evidence. The "cover up" is Pelosi covering for Democrat crimes.

Anak Romulen: This is a pig. Like her mommy

Roger Wilco: 😰😂

Roger Pou: Another moronic Cacafornian...

johnny james: Children of the swamp for Biden 2020

Mike G: I simply will not listen to this

J Ki: The next generation is just as stupid, of the Pelosis.

Robert Begin: Omg!!!! there's two of them now?????? Lord help us!!!!!

Mr. Wick: Why would you give her a picosecond of air time Fox? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT...…..

BJH2020: liar like her mommy.

Dennis Nicholson: The way, that I see it, it's the Democrats whose obsession with impeachment is dividing the country. Quite a number of the home districts, that these people represent, are in deplorable shape and yet they rail on about Trump. They really need to wake up and "smell the coffee".

Bob Martini: YOU NEED to take your goofy mentally challenged alzimers crazy mom BACK TO THE NURSING HOME !

Iam N.: Cashing in on mommy dearest. Hey, it's a free country.

Terence Murnane: Racist black and women who don't stand for other women Fox's the traciors of America

deusimperator: Pelosi is as Catholic as Pope Francis is a Catholic. That is all I am sayin... take in any way you wish.

Stephen Hawkins: Didn’t this spawn say “my mother would cut your head off and you wouldn’t even know it” I’m certain she did, now she’s a 💩 with a brother who’s a 💩and probably have their own 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 turd alert

Miles North: Unfortunately for this pig, ugly is hereditary and doesn't skip a generation.

Big Deeper: Pelosi's daughter is every bit the liar the mother is.

Jim Banks: How about that, praying and lying at the same time!!

Slick Willie: The turd didn't fall far from the horses arse.

C.A. Golf: Smug

Kenneth Seeburger: Does Nancy look like Skelator in drag...or is it just me?

Erika Rice: Why does she matter? You don’t have obstruction, or that would have been charged in legal terms. Quick publish a book before mom isn’t famous because you are riding her coat tails like hunter...

Even From Shit Grows Roses: She's an idiot...who taught her to write words? Shame on you.

Kenneth Schauer: OMG we have two of them!!!!!!!!!!!😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

Moca 12: Too bad your mother doesn’t practice what she preaches,

Craig H.: I think her mother has fake knockers.

John Gonsalves: The nut doesn't fall very far from the tree.


Babicka Fantastica: This word "divisive" always seems to be the old copout talking point for Democrats and liberals. It's almost like if you don't agree with them you're somehow innately evil and personally attacking them. It reeks of total narcissism.