CNN's Chris Cuomo Has A Mental Breakdown [FREDO]

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Peter Henden: Fredo Cuomo, I heard of him. He's an asshole.

Howard Hackman: Now would be GOOD time for Chris to get off the airwaves. We’ve had enough of his phony fake news. He did everyone a favor for driving CNN INTO THE GROUND.

bennyboom63: The Revolution will not be televised!!!!!!!

Elenn Vuong: I hope we can draining all cnn swramp

Joe M: Punk

Leah Degraw: His name is Fredo now. I will always think of him that way.

Roger Plazaola: Chris Cuomo AKA Fredo, all talk, no Action..typical coward

Paula Reitan: OMG! Had no idea Fredo was so offensive!! Crazy!! Just lost any morsels of respect I may have for Cuomo.

sofa king smawsome: Classic!!! WWG1WGA!!!

Steven Faults: LOL "Don't ever talk outside the Family (CNN) Fredo". "I know it was you"

Mary Lindsey: Hey something. Ha!

Lisa Lombardi: That was awsome Mike! He is a disgrace to my nationality! !! What a loser! !! Thanks Mike for all that you do.God bless you and your family. #TRUMP 2020

Preston: Falco said he agreed with Cuomo that “Fredo” was directed as an ethnic slur, not just meaning someone weak and incompetent but a weak and incompetent Italian. It sounds close to “guido,” he said, a more prominent insult toward Italian Americans, though he said Cuomo went “overboard” comparing it to the n-word

Eric Chandler: "He is an actor on CNN....."

Cathleen Wheeler: Where I'm from "Wop" was an insulting slur to Italian's. All it means is (W)ith (O)ut (P)apers 🤷 Fredo is a compliment to this unhinged POS 💩

Preston: This should be all over the MSM I wish I was there and he got in my face like that fredo would be sitting down like a dog

Melissa Robertson: He will be remembered as a fool

John anderson: I love your work....
Thank you brother.....

jay stone: yeah that is the song ive been waiting for I`ll by a concert ticket , CNN dose suck , fake news..

Edson Pinas: Cuomo will forever BE called FREDO 😂😂😂

ChriBa 66: F R E D O let's go...
F R E D O let's go...
F R E D O let's go...

Hector BRAVO-NELSON: 😂 😂 😂 so true CNN sucks big time

Suzanne Fronzaglio: Remember, Chris thinks that it's "perfectly fine" for his 12 year old daughter to see a naked boys penis in the locker room in gym class at her school. He called the father who protested against co-ed locker rooms for gym class at his daughter's school, a man livong in the past, not "progressive" & needs to stop protecting his daughter.
And Fredo told his viewer's "Remember, we're Reporters snd WE'LL tell YOU what's in the wikileaks documents. AND it's illegal for YOU to read these wikileaks leaked emails!!" (With the best frowning face and commandeering tone he could muster!!). Telling the sheeple YOU MUST OBEY AND BELIEVE EVERYTHING I SAY!

paul harmer: His name is now and forever Fredo

nastynate.2015: I love that song (CNN sucks ) play it as an outro.

GreenRuled: Only an Fredo would think Fredo is the ethnic slur🤪🤡🌎

Chad D: Fredo is a hypocrite

Victoria Kooyenga: All Hypocrites! 🤮CNN makes me want to Hurl 🤢 !

Romeo Alpha: Why is Fredo acting like old school Robert DeNiro??

4FunRC: As the blacks might say, O Fredonia? Dat dam fool fraid evathin! He nutn but a nasy lyer!

Kcin Enozzoc: love it! love it! love it keep it up.

Brian Underwood: Chris Cuomo is a PUSSY.

Lulu Rodriddle: Hold on did that ugly CNN guy say in the beginning that he is an ACTOR foe CNN or am I hearing things???

Cheryl Baker: He needs the Lord in his life he’s a very cute guy but he’s gotten really weird

Maritza Ortiz: Hey Fredo what do you know?

lazy bums: Who cares about what you nut jobs think Chris Cuomo your all nut jobs telling your lies all day and all night long., we are sick of listening to your lies. No race card we are not listening.

Jeannie Arnett: CNN is hosted by a bunch of poorly potty trained psycho babble freaks

Patriot Prayer Warrioress: Man, I'm so glad Trump changed his mind about banning ice-cream sells . It's hot out side! Thanks POTUS. 🍦🍧🍨 ❤🤣 That was great Mike!

Hyacinth Bucket: Michael, YOU ARE the news NOW!!!

Charlene Howell: He's goin down. Cuomo Fredo. You suck Fredo Cuomo.

Hyacinth Bucket: [Jake Tapper and his wife's] favorite fam restaurant is Comet Pizza...hmmm

lushin burl: What a IDIOT.

Nathan Mark: What a poor excuse for a man. What a joke.

sutlers2day: GREASER=ALL CUOMOS.

Chad S: Get triggered much?😂😂😂

Adam Stanton: Lol

phil jones: he took it so hard because he knows its true lol FREDO!!!!!

Secture Vero: Lol...Mike, When you play that short clip of Cuomo looking surprised....Someone PLEASE make a Meme of him saying..."are farts supposed to be lumpy?" That would make me fall out of my chair...

Helen Casillas: That's right, CNN sucks, n so do u Fredo (Chris)

Secture Vero: OK Fredo...own what you have been saying( a pack of lies for two years), be a man a man.