Comey Will Go Down With This Ship [No White Flag No Surrender]

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The Patriot Hour: He's going down with the ship and crew....

proboy1: Please explain why FBI director chris wray SEALED ALL the incriminating
SPYING EVIDENCE for 25 YEARS of who, what and where the spying began on
President TRUMP ? ? Can anyone say "Statue of limitations" ? ?

Nancy St Germain: Great Clip and Music!

Jan Jones: I want to see him being arrested with my popcorn by my side! Lmfao!

Frank Well: Omg! Shannon Bream!
::: drool :::

Sharon Riley: May he hit the bottom and burrough himself into the mud at the bottom. SLIME.

Lori Smith: Think of all of the chances Comey had to do the right thing...and yet he chose not to....

Dan Mccormick: The music sucks

Billy wolsing: Patriots will re elect President Donald Trump

Joy Burton: He will be a Done Every Avenue Dog man, no matter what. We know everything! 😎

Kathy GARBEŔ: Waiting with baited breath for the first big arrest ! POTUS needs to let ALL files and memos out to the people of the U. S. ! I'd bet the indictments and arrests would pick up speed ! I've listened to it being said " the American people would loose it if everything was released at once" ! BS....the patriots of this country would offer assistance...possibly...but we're not sniveling , fainting people ! Give it to us straight up and get it done before 2020 elections !,

free tothink: the FBI should change their name to...the FIB.......

Elizabeth Cooper: Thank you, Michael, for a very informative and outstanding video.

Nonny 2005: Perfect song for Comey. LOL

Amelia Crowley: I can’t wait for justice

Dawn Marie May: The Georgia Guide Stones states in 10 language s the deep state wants 95% of Humanity gone. So any number under that is technically a win. I wonder what number President Trump will agree to.Becouse we will not be unscathed no matter how much President Trump tries. These Satanic Phedophile s have nothing left to loose. Pray everybody. God's will be done. Amen #TRUMP2Q2Q The Great Awakening #MTWGA Makeing the WORLD Great Again. #WWG1WGA

michelle gossett: Q+ hopefully has a plan after 2024......or there will be a war!!!!!!!!!

michelle gossett: I wish I could elect Donald Trump FOR LIFE ♥!!!!!

Sheree Brandon: RE ELECT DONALD J. TRUMP!🔴⚪🔵🔴⚪🔵

Patricia McQuaid: Comey has been tweeting orders activating sleeping agents in his WEIRD tweets. The tweets are weird to us but are very meaningful to sleeper agents awaiting his orders.

Brian Mccool: JC is either delusional or he thinks he has an ace up his sleeve. The thing is, if he has an ace up his sleeve, he would need to remember that Trump has the other 3.

Marcia Wood: He used FBI labeling on my stolen intellectual property from a domestic violence robbery. His FBI was spying on me without a warrant. He is a dirty cop with a penchant for mental torture of human beings.

Tina Archer: We will re-elect Donald Trump 2020.

r Br: The deep state has committed more crimes than all President Trump voters combined. Criminals vote democrat. Senator hoaris should be careful what she asks for.

Joe: I'm working to re-elect Donald Trump again. 2020 KAG!

Spyinthesky 777: Russia had nothing burger of election. GOD people voted TRUMP in. DJT wins 2020. GOD protection is upon DJT and FAMILY.
2024 DJT Jr/ ? Jr though 2033. Then Barron TRUMP be last TRUMP for 8 years.

Cody Rizzi: Trump 2020!

Dana L: We've been hearing this bullshit for how many years now? When the hell are the results going to be produced? I'm sick of the freaking endless games. I'm sick of ALL of these scumbags, white hats, black hats, grey hats, they ALL are asshats with WAY TOO MUCH POWER.

Linda Sheldon: Trump/Jordan 2Q2Q !!!

Julie Sunshine: Get out of the way of the fan !!!

Linda Courson: Yes we will work to re-elect trump. He’s the very best president ever. Who are you Comey , a loser to tell anybody especially president trump how to run the country? You’re all a bunch of losers. Going to rot in jail. Trump
Is honest straight. And a patriot who loves America. You all are jealous of his accomplishments and his intelligence and decency.

nits56: sedition charges a good way to provide instant term limits . shiff a start

mary farnsworth: Another DC Pecker Neck!! Geesh I thought Comey was finidhed!. He LACKS CHARACTER! No morals at all. Finish the wall please do ya can stop these idiots crossing our border. Betcha if any trespassing inside good ole USA.....kaboom!!


pisces pisces pisces: Comeys ship has sank enough of this!! The left want a civil war so there stink don't come out and everybody knows this!!

Fire&Ice909: We will take back the republic from the Establishment. This is war.

Thoughts C: Like your choice of music for your videos.
Little bit of rock, soul, blues nice.

Getting My Life Back: This all can't happen soon enough.

Dennis Jemison: I'm Just Waiting for the Howdy Doody Comey Video with Slick Willie Watching To be RELEASED!!! Hang This Turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Many Pedophiles Going Down with the NXVIM Case Being Tried & When Do BIRDS SING??? JMHO

Natalie Cunningham: I predict we’ll see another live chase on TV with Comey in a white Bronco and the FBI on his tail!😂🤣🇺🇸❤️‼️

Terra Moody: Comey report due out today. I hope it's not delayed.

Mary Lindsey: Your damn straight. Trump will be President again. Theres no stopping it.
Be Our Light
Thanks Mike and God Bless

Wanda Helmer: Down with the demonrats,,,, may they burn in H-e-l-l.

Kevin Jones: you will all be either dead or in FEMA camps before ANY of them are arrest, wake up everyone, they are winning because Trump is on their side not ours. Ray Barr and all the other people that Trump has hired and now with Mr and Mrs T flying the flag for forced Vaxing and five G come on!!!!

Ralph Little: Can't wait to see them go down

caseydog3: When we re-elect trump TDS will be on steroids


John Bittner: Sorry but that's the worst intro ever.

Jesus Christ Is LORD: I love your videos but I hated that music not only does it suck but it was off beat and gave me an actual headache.

Trucker Journal: Awesome