Coming up on ‘Fox News Sunday’: November 17

Congressmen Steve Scalise and Jim Himes discusses the Trump impeachment inquiry hearings. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


Richard Willette: No ones watching you Wallace because you won’t tow the line and be an echo chamber of pro Trump rhetoric only

Dilli Lee: Chris wallace is atleast honest

Bryan and LaGina Laswell: So man walks in bank.
Man accused of robbing bank.
Man Denise robbing bank.
Bank said man did not rob bank.
He is prosecuted any way?????????
What a Nancy Schiff show.
When Schiff hits the fan. It will be stinky Schifft show every where!!!!!


Tony Whitten: Impeachment update – Trump-et's taxes are about to be exposed. I wonder what these will tell us. The banks know! His businesses are bleeding money. Yet he claims to be wealthy... but we know he is a liar (foot spurs). Deutsche bank maybe waiting to foreclose on him hence his push to claim impunity from prosecution as President. You never know, the Russian mafia maybe going to foreclose, because they seem like trustworthy businessmen.

paul smegal: it is self evident that a room full of liars ,thieves ,womanizers ,bullies ..can see no wrong ..Poor America

dru jonsun: Juan Williams owns space, rent free, in fox viewers minds

dru jonsun: Facts from Chris Wallace triggers trumptards

dru jonsun: The Blue Wave continues, Louisiana has elected a new governor and he's a democrat!!! Trumps rallies obviously didn't work out! Thanks trump, truly draining the swamp because republicans are getting voted out of office

saintsinningsword: Anyone know if Trump is doing NNN?

Gerald Palmer: Wallace is a bottom-feeding Progressive who loves to torpedo
Conservatism every chance he gets. Trump has an extreme charge of duty to root out corruption of US tax $, & crime WHERE EVER IT RESIDES. He'd love to acquire a WHISTLEBLOWER in Ukraine to confirm the Bidens are crooks. Wallace would not be so reviled if he wasnt so skilled at deceit. A serpent on loan from a Swamp.

james sutton: Get rid of that liberal pantywaist Chris Wallace, and I'll start watching the show.

Mae El Delatorre: I don't like Wallace.
I don't like the Impeachment fiasco. It's a sham!
Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi should be forcibly removed and barred from ever stepping foot in Washington DC.

Richard Mercer: Chris Wallace is a deep state pawn.

gene hensley: Down trump is getting everything he Dish Out and 10 times worse

gene hensley: Poor down trump hes gonna be on the hot seat again tomorrow

Shawn Begley: We'll keep it Simple Stupid so these Washington Privlaged Elites Pampered Big Baby Politicians Understand it !!!,,,, NA NA NA NA BOO BOO POO POO HEAD'S !!!?,,,, 😎🔮💀🦉2020

ExplodinCupcake: Trump for treason 2020

Shawn Begley: Their Saying it can't be done On Fox Fake News America but My Faith and My Endeavours for Glory to God an Equality Say Other WISE "!,,,, WHAT SAY YOU AMERICA !!!?,,,, 👑 2020

Shawn Begley: Running Mate Needed $$$?,,,, 👑 2020

Shawn Begley: It's a Real Good Plan for Atonement to American's for Failed Policy and to the American People Born Here at Least Three Generations !!!,,, as Immigrants will Pay for their Education and Home School is a Option for Certain Students !!!,,,, 👑2020

Look at all those cronies.
They belong on ponies.
They just sit collecting taxpayer monies.
Got that?
I'm your President!
I'm here setting new precident.
I'm sitting tall and elegant.
My best friend owns a pet tiger.
Flies on a jet fighter.
Initial MBS.
That's not BS.

MORE ORNERY MULES: Like the loss of the Congress to the Democrats in the 2018 Midterm
Elections, the 2019 United States elections has been a Blue Wave.
Democrats took control of Columbus, Indiana, hometown of Vice President Mike Pence, for the first time since 1981.
Red state Kentucky elected a Democrat as governor despite Trump supporting the Republican.
Red state Virginia elected a Democrat as governor. Another Trump defeat.

Trump campaigned hard for Edward Rispone, making four trips to Louisiana
in the month leading up to the runoff election. Last night the Democrat
John Bel Edwards won.
Trump is not a benefit but a burden. His defeat in 2020 is a sure thing.

Utubefavorites: Fire Chris Wallace

Ralph Boyd: They'll be discussing how Trump lost Louisiana for the Republicans.


Na Na: Adam Schiff code name Toad Man .How will he turn this around to find another excuse to find hard facts that aren't made up yet ? Don't worry the media will stir the people up to more blind facts that have nothing to do with impeachment .

Liann Ramirez: Chris Wallace he's not one of my favorite Fox people kind of like Shepherd

NanNan: Hahaha, Chris Wallace? Another clown show I won't waste my time with.
No thank you, and keep him out of my recommendations. Along with margridiot brenninnie.

Moon Sate: The makings of an impeachment by the Dems, a surfing expedition to the political desert, where no beach can be found and water is scarce. Dead end after dead end accusations, like the Mueller probe.
SURF is the acronym for the impeachment inquiry.
a state of affairs regarded as wrong or reprehensible
and causing general public outrage or anger.
take the place of (someone in a position of power)
illegally; supplant.
deserving censure or condemnation.
obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.

Musique3579: Chris Wallace again? So sorry (not really). I won't tune in.

Dan C.: Save your breath Mr Wallace , you've been impeached by the majority of American people , and I do strongly believe Fox will remove you soon ...


Beckey Girard: Why do we have to have the radical leftist Marie harder than one Williams on Fox. Don't they have enough air time excuse me aren't they sucking up enough air time ABC CBS MSNBC and CNN?

MaryCR: Let me check Fox News vids, Ohhhh it's that lefty Chris Wallace...check the dislike button & keep on going!

Larry Morris: Do republicans or conservatives really subject themselves to an hour of their Sunday with Chris Wallace?

Lady Bug: I cant believe you deny to listen to the real truth about your president, well, like it or not you're going to real soon.

Jim Woodard: Sunday on the Communist Democrat Fox News channel the old man was a conservative then invented this channel when he passed away the two communist Democrats sons took over and now that's what we got the Communist Democrat Fox News goodbye suckers

GoodShepard Film Productions: His show will not even get 50% approval Hint...Hint...Fox News Wake Up! Get rid if this creep. If we want to see someone that hates Trump we can go to CNN.

GoodShepard Film Productions: I will never again listen to another word that slithers out of the forked tongue of Wallace. Fox is making a big mistake keeping him, our level of respect for Fox had dropped considerably as a result.

Fabian Suniga: Fox News has 2 million viewers for the hearing update. There is nothing truthful about Fox News. BORING!

Jerry Tidmore: When I hear Chris Wallace's voice I'm out!

GoodShepard Film Productions: Get rid of Wallace or change name of Fox News to CNN 2.

Elias Farias: ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG. The incumbent has allowed big businesses like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes here. Pass ANDREW YANGS freedom dividend to remind Jeff Bezzos he is still an American citizen.

James S: What did Schiff say to Rep. Stefanik???? Did he refer to her as "the woman" instead of saying Congresswoman Stefanik during Fridays Impeachment hearing???
The Dems are trying to tear Trump up over the same type of thing Schiff just did...She needs a public apology by Schiff on live TV, as Schiff did her wrong in front of 260 million Americans not to mention the millions around the world watching. Schiff should step down.

D Scott: That's a Fox News show I will not watch.

Chuck Reid: Chris said that after hearing the Ambassadors sob story... he had tingling's going up and down his legs while juice was streaming down into a puddle around both feet....! Chris go Phuck yourself.... Gracias....!

Dennis Long: Key dim witnesses testified they know of no crimes that President Trump committed. The illigetamate impeachment is collapsing.

Dr. Dave Doc: Chris Wallace is a total piece of sh--

Hadasi Zhou: I subscribe your channel only for TRUMP.
Trump 2020 🙏✝️🙏

Jimmy Johnson: Chris is a power punk [email protected]%!